Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review

We offer you a guided tour through the rooms of the Australian private house located at the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Bright sun, clear sky, light sand and azure ocean waves are reflected in the interior of the mansion.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Exterior in the trees

The facade is painted in white color. dark design of the windows and doors, gray roof lining appear in contrast to it. Enough large roof overhang provides a kind of canopy on the ground floor. So we have several areas for outdoor recreation in the shadow of the resulting terrace.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Side view of the snow white two storey mansion on the hill Entrance to the Australian white house at the ocean

Upholstered seating area under a canopy was made up of wooden garden furniture with soft removable seats and backs. The combination of the deep blue shade upholstery and light wood creates a kind of allusion to the maritime style, reminding the unusual location of the mansion and the proximity of the ocean.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Backyard veranda with bright blue upholstered furniture at athe open air for chatting and croud rest

The original stands-tables and green plants in large rectangular tubs along with cozy patio outdoor furniture have completed image of friendly, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space for outdoor recreation.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Nice relaxing area at the porch with upholstered furniture

In addition to the recreation area with soft couches, there is also a dining group, composed of oval wooden table and dark blue chairs on a metal frame, located on this wooden platform. What could be better than a meal in the fresh air? Only a family lunch or dinner in the sound of the surf and the ocean view.

Another dining group, which included a wicker table and dark gray chairs, is located in the backyard. And though we can`t see the ocean from this point, but a lot of green plants, attractive landscaping of the patio compensate this deficiency by creating a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Another beautiful resting zone in the yard with wicker furniture

But let`s get back to our main goal of Australian ocean shore private house design review.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Backyard entrance and the living fence

Once we get to the spacious premises of homeownership on the ocean shore, we plunge into the cool atmosphere of a respectable home. When the weather is predominantly hot in most of the year, it is desirable to home furnishings emit not only coziness, comfort and peace but also coolness and freshness. A white trim of the spacious rooms and the use of some shades of blue for the furniture helps to cope with this task. For example, we will often meet open shelves with original decor and not just in the marine theme throughout the house.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Perspective view from the studio living to the dinig zone

Almost simultaneously with coming into the house, we can see a dining area fenced by glass screen from the hallway area. Round table of light wood and wooden chairs painted in gray-blue hue with soft seats set up a dining group.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Dining zone of the minimalistic dining room with glass screen

Picture with sea view and an original composition of hanging lamps with clear shades, located at different levels have complemented a simple, but elegant setting of the dining room.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Dining zone and the dining in the successful alloy of the minimalistic and rustic styles

If there is a dining room, so the kitchen should be nearby. The spacious room of the kitchen is dominated by the snow-white wall decoration. Only one vertical surface became the accent and was faced with wooden wall panels. The same finishing material was continued by the design of kitchen set, which has the white open shelves at the top tier. Typically, these storage systems serve to demonstrate the most favorable and beautiful kitchen accessories, dishes and other utensils. The kitchen corner, which has become an extension of the built-in kitchen cabinets system, can simultaneously serve as recreation area and be part of the dining segment. Simple dining table made of light wood and a pair of gray chairs made it a company. For short meals like breakfast, you can use the projecting kitchen island`s countertop and original bar stools.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Nice homey living room interior arrangement with hi-tech and Scandinavian elements of decor

The ground floor also houses a spacious living room, which includes several seating areas and a reading corner. Again, we see a snow-white walls, wooden floor in bright colors, open shelves, placed in special niches on the both sides of the fireplace. The soft zone living room is spacious snow-white sofa corner version with lots of large pillows. It is paired by convenient low table dark. Its round shape creates a kind of conditional center of the recreation area.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Blue riveted gold armchairs create special relaxing atmosphere in the spacious living

Here is a cozy reading area, consisting of a pair of armchairs upholstered with deep blue velvet, white wicker table-stand and functional floor lamp for local illumination. Large indoor plants not only dilute the color palette of the living room with their rich green shades, but also bring a touch of nature, freshness and lightness to the atmosphere of the room.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Black wooden furniture for the library

The Australian housing estate has another small living room, performing, among other things, the functions of the home office. The atmosphere of the room turned sharper, rich, colorful due to extensive use of dark wood in the manufacture of built-in furniture. It is obvious that there are lot of book lovers among Australian dwelling households. We know that because the small, secluded places for reading, furnished with comfort and practicality are present throughout the house.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Big mirror in the bathroom Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Minimalistic style in the bathroom for two and touches of eco design in the form of flower pots

Next, let`s review the utilitarian interior spaces, including bathrooms and toilets. In the design of the first snow-white bathroom “Metro” tiles and the use of marble surfaces for the top finish and spaces with the highest level of moisture is dominating. Storage systems made of light wood have brought a little bit of natural heat into a snow-white and chilly atmosphere bathroom.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Shower area separated with glass partition

Another bathroom has more contrasting interior and  a shower cabin. The combination of snow-white “Metro” tiles  and black mosaic tile on the floor, storage and bathroom accessories have created a really interesting alliance. We can see the dynamic image of the room for water procedures.

Australian Ocean Shore Private House Design Review. Another shower with rustic Oriental tub for face and hand washing

Decorating the space around the original stone sink in the bathroom is also worthy of attention. Non-trivial color combinations of calm color palette create an interesting, aesthetically pleasing way of utilitarian space.