Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017

Fashion gets into all areas of our lives. Current trends dictate us trends in selection of clothing and footwear, food preferences and cultural life. Fashion for music and theater performances, for the choice of vehicle and even breed of pets. It is not surprising that such an important sphere of our lives as home design is constantly changing. Fashion stylistic directions and features of premises’ arrangement depends on many factors – the emergence of new finishing materials, progress in the field of home appliances and furniture production, changing the architectural particularities of modern cities, the economic and demographic situation in the world and in individual countries. If the fashion for clothes changes every season and new trends often completely negate previous motifs (known brands because need to sell as much of their production as possible), the mainstream in interior design is a constant. After all, designers and their customers are well aware that the home design is not created for one year. Nevertheless, we can pick out some distinct of most bright creating living room interior inspiration design ideas 2017 that will form the basis of design for years to come and have formed under stylistics known from Antiquity.

Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017. Orange accent wall and handful of colors Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017. Classic Scandinavian design with white color palette

Any owner of an apartment or house comes up to the space design with the utmost seriousness. Because housing is not only expensive property but, first of all, it is a place where we can relax, rejuvenate, get a charge of vivacity and energy, so necessary to modern people. About what are the main motives of modern design rooms, we suggest you to look at the examples of the living room inspiration design project creation 2017 as the most popular and important room of any house.

Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017. Nice gray tones of wall decoration for bright and fresh space Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017. Classic arrangement and fireplace for private house living

Key trends in 2017 living room interior

If we list modern trends in interior design as theses, we’ll have not so much in the result:

  • spacious and bright rooms with large windows are priority. That is why experts increasingly recommend to combine the space of small dwellings in order to create multipurpose studios;
  • simple and concise decisions apply to everything – starting from the choice of finishing materials and furniture to the room decorate;
  • space should not be overloaded nor with bulky furniture neither with an abundance of decorative elements. Every piece of furniture carries the function and purpose;
  • use of safe, eco-friendly materials are not just welcome, but strongly recommended by all experts. The raw for decoration materials, furniture and accessories should not cause harm to the environment human health;
  • natural motifs are also favored in the choice of the color palette – calm natural shades are ideal to create a background. deeper and more vivid colors can be used as an accent. But this should be dosed;
  • modern style involves some mix of motifs of different stylistic directions – partial integration allows not only to diversify the interior, but also to create a design that reflects the character of the owners, their rhythm and way of life, taste preferences;
  • but creation of the most comfortable and practical democratic design projects, which price category is available to most people can be boldly called the main trends of modern style 2017.

Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017. Black accentual corner for multifunctional space Scandi living room design with white surfaces and wooden frames of furniture Classic tranquility in the modern design with Asian motiffs Creating Living Room Interior Inspiration Design Ideas 2017. White open beams of the ceiling in loft whitewashed interior

Materials for the living room of the new season

The use of natural stone and its high-quality imitations becomes one of the trends of the coming season. Even stone photoprint on some surfaces can be a spectacular part of the modern interior. Stone is most often used as a dosed trim for the space around the fireplace in the living (it does not matter – the real or artificial hearth). But it is not important not to overdo such “rocky” finish, especially within the area of ​​modest premises.

Open living room layout of the cottage with noble oak ceiling beams Modern design in the tight living room with blue painted walls

The method of using natural materials as feedstock for the production of wall and ceiling panels does not lose its popularity. Partial decoration of wood panels (or its quality alternatives) allows you to create not just comfortable atmosphere of the room, but to fill the interior of the living room with the natural warmth. Of course, the color palette (type of wood) will depend on the size and layout of the space – you can choose a deep chocolate tones for spacious rooms; for small rooms, it is better to stay on a light wood with a barely noticeable natural pattern.

Unusual geometry of the wooden trimmed accent wall in the living Suburban private house's living room with panoramic windows and wooden inside walls trimming Natural breathing interior with wide windows and wooden slanted ceiling decoration HI-tech interior of the living with bright wooden storage shelves Unusual cosmic design in futuristic style for living zone of the first floor of the large mansion Glossy brown wall and whitewashed brickwork of the fireplace Wooden planked wall for the classic living with angular fireplace

Wood is also possible to use for ceilings’ decoration. Wooden beams bring notes of natural warmth and comfort of rural dwellings even to ultra-modern living room design. A bit of rustic (beams as if not handled with the help of special tools) on the background of the modern appliances and furniture allow you to create an original image of the room.

Unusual Classic interior of the living room with dark accent wall with artistic pattern Nice loft design for modern house Wooden Classicism in the suburb house

The desire to surround themselves with objects of the interior of natural materials pushes people to the use of wood in non-standard variations. Not only partially finished living surfaces can please the eye beautiful natural pattern. Often the use of rustic wood can be seen in modern design projects – stands of polished stumps, the base of the coffee table out of weaved twigs together, the use of different parts of the tree for the execution of lighting fixtures, frames for mirrors and other wall decor.

Light pastel color palette for classic interior with firplace and TV at the mantelshelf Dark blue Marine touch at the top of the walls Wooden motiff in decorating of modern interior Simnple and effective modern design Harsh material for rug and dark floor trimming in the modern living room with chrome arched floor lamp Gray spots in the interior: sofa and accent wall

Glass as a material for the manufacture of interior items, takes place of honor in the modern design projects. If we talk about the interior of the living room, within the limits of the space for the whole family rest and taking guests, the glass is most often seen as a material for countertop (and sometimes frame) of coffee tables and a variety of supports. Due to its properties, glass perfectly fits into any room’s color scheme, accompanying the creation of a light and fresh perception. Transparent pieces of furniture seem to dissolve in space and, therefore, are ideal backdrop for small living rooms.

Gray interior decoration with nice loung chair in the middle Marble textured wall in the classic spacious living room Green accent wall with modern LCD TV set Classic living room decoration in pastel colors

Not only the large windows in modern living can appear as sources of massive glass surfaces. Most interior doors (hinged or sliding) are made of frosted glass. Such designs allow the flow of the sun to penetrate into the room and preserve the intimacy of the space effect at the same time. Glass doors are safe thanks to modern technology (hardening and coating of a special film that prevents fragmentation) and at the same time look amazing.

Absolutely unexpected design for the living room in the spacious apartment Greenish design for the modern zoned living room

The actual living room interior: form

Sticking to minimalist characteristics is the most difficult thing in the formation of the living room interior. For any host wants to see the common room for relax of all the households and guests not only modern but also a cozy, comfortable, home-like warm. And minimalist theme can barely be called “cozy”. That is why the modern style stands for a mixture of stylistic directions subordinated by one purpose – to create the most comfortable, convenient and easy to care for interior with auspicious, relaxed atmosphere.

Modern design of the living room in the private house with textured accent wall in light brown colorYellow ottoman in the middle of minimalistic styled living roomTextbook concept of the Classic interior in the living room with yellow upholstered armchairsVintage decorated room with white shelves for storage

In forming the interior of the living room, which will be actual for at least a few years, the host has three main pillars which can be used – light, color and shape. If we talk about the form, as a way of expressing the concept of contemporary style, the basic idea in this case is reflected in the simplicity. Concise version of the furniture, its planning, the use of additional components or accessories – always the best ways to reflect the comfort of simple things.

Yet another classic setting in the light lit living room Two-floor apartment with studio zone at the first level Creamy cacao-with-milk interior decoration with artificial fireplace in the form of picture Pastel color theme for the calming atmosphere of the modern living room in the house

Furniture for living room 2017 appears as simple geometric solutions in an attractive appearance and pleasant to the touch upholstery. The compact design of sofas and armchairs are very comfortable and roomy herewith. Many of them equipped with folding mechanisms allowing to get an extra bed for someone from the household or guests.

Pastel color set for the modern living room with nice plastic coffee table Light leather upholstered sofa at the small but neat classic decorated living Eastern pattern on the rug under the glass coffee table Classic style for the interior design of nice living room Colorful interior decoration style of the modern living with fireplace

There is nothing pretentious and screaming in the design of upholstered furniture for the living room – just strict geometric forms and neutral color palette. Even if seating area with sofa and a couple of chairs act as a color accent, furniture execution itself can be called rather restrained. Most often coffee tables are selected to match these sofas and armchairs – square or rectangular form (often with rounded corners for safety), without decor, with laconic execution of frame and countertops.

Oceanside apartment with modeular sofa and white trimming HI-tech style for the modern living with unusual geometry and decorative elements Modern desogn of the cottage's living room with built-in head light

With all the same geometric shape and location of objects in space, you can create the effect of order and harmony of all elements of the interior. The easiest way to maintain symmetry is with the setting of large pieces of furniture, such a sofa, chairs or their alternatives (benches, ottomans). You can also visually delineate the boundaries of recreation segment in the combined spaces, where the living room is adjacent to the dining area and kitchen, by using furniture and managing the room zoning.

modern cottage library at the first floor with the living area in hi-tech style Classic set for living room full of cushions at the sofa Slanted ceiling at the modern suburb forest mansion with panoramic door White modern minimalism and brick colored sofa

If we talk about the storage systems of the coming season for the living room, the memories of the massive “furniture set” and other variations of bulky cabinets completely left the minds of designers. Only lightweight construction of shelves (racks), and more often open shelves at eye level or higher in separate locations or just chests of simple and concise form with facades deprived of decorations.

Evening setting of the nocely looking design in the gorgeous living room with pastel colored interior Brown luxurious quilted coffee table in the center of the pastel colored modern living room White desogn for the modern living room with the touch of Scandinavian motifs, fireplace, TV-set and airy coffee table

We can increasingly found the use of open shelves as an alternative to hanging cabinets in the interior of a modern living room, as well as in the design projects of kitchen spaces. There is no need to store such a large amount of household items in the living room such as in the kitchen, of course, but the storage systems are still needed. Open shelves help to create a light image of the space, not to burden it with cabinet fronts and even the carcass shelves.

LCD TV as the central element of the minimalsitic designed atmosphere Blue accentual sofa in the middle of the spectacular seaside cottage Blue setting of the living room with the sofa of silver color

Design living room 2017: color

As it was already mentioned, all the new trends in the design of living spaces are associated with the use of natural colors. Calm, natural tones help to create a peaceful atmosphere where it will be comfortable to every household or a guest of the living space. Neutral, light colors, which serve the perfect backdrop for any furniture and wall décor are often chosen for decoration of modern living room. Wall finishing with printed wallpaper can be found less and less often in recent design projects. The top of variety, which allowed in the new trends of the living room design is the use of accentual (other than the base color) and textured surfaces.

Orange accents in the spacious living room with oak laminated floor Panoramic window to the ocean in the minimalistic modern living room with round island-chair Classic gray atmosphere in the private house's living room

The white shades for the walls in the living room are trend at all times. In small rooms with small windows, a choice of colors may be the only goal. But under such a design specialists recommend the use of one bright, but major focus – it may be a sofa or large chair, the original storage system or a designer coffee table, or carpet as an option. Our eyes need focus sources and their significance can hardly be overestimated in the white room.

Antlers and TV for the modernly decorated living room Classic atmosphere of the modern living room with blue accent of the furniture Blue fluffy capret in the living room sets the mood Pastel colored classic atmophere of the cottage's living with the decorative fireplace Classic setting for the room with open ceiling beams and blue chairs

Beige palette will never go out of style. Calm warm tones help to create cozy interiors and design for the living room. This aspect is one of the most important. In addition, beige color scheme contains a whole spectrum of colors, which is easy to handle with for even laymen. These shades are perfect for modest-sized rooms, located on the north side of the building where natural light is always lacks.

Creamy feminine design for the modern room with turquoise painted fireplace Nice light burgundy painted wall for the modern living Neat leather for modern living room and dark wooden furniture Triangle round-edged coffee table at the wooden basis and quilted upholstered sofa Wide and high spacious light-sinked living room in the studio apartment with reading zone

No less popular are the contrasting combinations in the interior of the living room. You can not just alternate between bright and dark surfaces in the spacious and bright spaces (and this is which, according to experts, modern living room should be), but also to dilute them with inclusions of neutral color scheme. Combination of white and dark chocolate looks harmoniously; almost all shades of Wenge luxuriously harmonize with the light tones.

Fireplace and the contrast picture Noble dark wooden materials for the Classic design of the living room Dark gray accent wall at the modern designed living room with dark upholstered furniture Spectacular ultramodern white quilted sofa on the steel frame Modern zoned living room near the book shelve

The whole palette of gray shades is relevant in the new season. The popularity of this color range is easily explained by the practicality, versatility and neutrality of colors. The gray shades are really easy to combine with other colors. With bright ones to create accent and glamor. With light ones for bringing peace and tranquility to the interior. But almost all the shades of gray related to cool color group – they must be diluted with warm colors and the easiest way to do this is with the help of the surfaces and elements of wood.

Modern gray designed living room with wooden storageUpholstered backrest chair with the ball for legs and other futuristic details of the living room gray herringbone carpet and the functional window sill of the panoramic screen Modeular gray sofa with cushions and colorful coffee table

Modern style – a harmonious mix of ideas

If you want to be inspired by the ideas to create a contemporary living room’s design, check out design projects in a Scandinavian style. Many of the motifs of the Nordic countries have been successfully integrated into the style of the current and coming season. The simplicity and conciseness coexist comfortably. The interior is simple and not boring. All the furniture is practical, but also comfortable and visually attractive. Its upholstery is simple in neutral light tones. Lots of light and space, but there is no oppressive feeling of emptiness, which is often inherent in the minimalist interior.

Lounge black chair in the pastel colored calming house's living room Gray toned living room with the pictures at the walls and darker gray modular angle sofa Folding lounge leather chair in the middle of modern styled living room Modern styled living room in the private house in white color palette and fireplace Simple tone wall paint for the Scandi decorated room

Of course, there are many minimalistic trends in the modern style. The basic idea of ​​style is to achieve simplicity and interior comfort with the minimum number of subjects. Modern and minimalist styles are in solidarity in their aspiration for the use of natural materials and creating a soothing atmosphere where nothing one’s eyes. But, in contrast to the minimalism, contemporary style allows decorating the room, so necessary for bringing comfort and convenience in terms of the emotional state of a person present in the room. The picture or mirror on the wall, family pictures on the table, carpet underfoot, comfortable cushions and even a palm tree in a tub – all these elements are not mandatory in terms of creating a functional interior, but are necessary to preserve the heat of the hearth.

Compelling interior design in hi-tech and loft style for spacious apartment with Leather lounge chair near the window Modern light wooden design for living room Gray designed beachside house's living rom with African motifs Two leveled large house with modern styled open layout of the living zone Inimitable design of the light hall living room with dark upholstered furniture

Loft style also influenced the formation of the modern style. Designers and their customers like contradictory connection of industrial motifs in the design of a living room with classic design furniture and cutting edge technology. When brickwork, open communication system and designer’s furniture or avant-garde lighting located side by side in the same room, high level of originality is guaranteed to the interior.

Classic setting of the nice living room full of furniture Brightly expressed loft style with suspended lamps and brickwork Brown wooden accent zone at the wall with TV-set

There are classic motifs in a modern style. Most often, their manifestation is reflected in furniture design. Bent legs or high back seats, armrests’ bends or decorative inlays (in the most modest performance) give a touch of luxury to the modern interior. A faint loyalty to the traditions of the classical style is reflected in maintaining symmetry in the placement of furniture and related items. If there is a fireplace in the living room (no matter it is real or only its electric imitation), then all planning premises surely builds around this coordinating center. A pair of chairs with table-stand next to them, or exactly the same floor lamps help to create symmetrical compositions that add not only ordering, but also harmony in the way of facilities.

Vintage design for the dark living room Pastel colored living room for the modern forest cottage Dark wooden fireplace and mantelshelf for the light decorated living room

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