Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice

The ambience where a person remains at rest is of paramount importance for complete relaxation. Therefore, everything is important in the interior of the bedroom: the colors, the sounds, the lights, even the smells. Bed location and its surrounding is also crucial.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Totally white ambience with contrasting pair of pictures

Most often bed is placed with its headboard to the wall in the bedroom. It gives a sense of. But there are other options for its possible location, so the methods of design space around the bed are different too.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. white finish with contrasting turquoise elements Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Lightweight and white trimming with contrasting elements

The designers paid great importance to the space of the wall, which is adjacent to the bed. This is a huge field for creativity and implementation of innovative solutions. Using the picture as a decorative element is the classic way to decorate the walls.


Headboard wall bedroom interior picture placement advice

Before we start talking about the choice of the picture, you need to pay attention to other techniques of the space above the bed arrangement. There are many techniques and you can used them both in mix with a picture as well as separately. The most common are:

  • Mural (photo wallpaper);
  • textiles;
  • mirrors;
  • constructions of furniture and drywall;
  • leather;
  • 3D wall panels and more.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. fluffy blanket of the light bedroom Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. wooden furnishings of the bluish ambience

Using of photo wallpaper is the technique used by designers for many decades yet. Such popularity is explained by the versatility of the wall covering. The advantage of photo wallpapers can be reduced to:

  • a variety of patterns;
  • the possibility of applying the image n order;
  • masking of joints;
  • easy gluing


The disadvantage is the high cost of some types of photo wallpapers.

Using textiles as a decorative element also remains relevant for many years. Drapery with several kinds of cloth for bedside wall will looks stylish and gives a mysterious kind of alcove.

Decoration by means of mirrors is not very popular. However, some design solutions require the presence of this element above the bed. This can be a big mirror plane, both as small pieces used for decorative purposes.

Construction of the drywall and furniture will be relevant above the bed if the room doesn`t have enough space for storage. They should be less cumbersome as the feeling of overhanging of something heavy over the head during sleep is not conducive to complete relaxation.

3D-panels allow the designer to implement any idea. They can be made of soft materials, drywall, leather and many other materials. This diversity allows to combine the bedside wall with the rest of the interior in the best way.

The easiest possible method can be considered the highlighting of the wall with bright colored wallpaper or laminate. Leather can be used for the same purpose. It will be suitable to hang a picture on any smooth surface, which will balance all the elements of decor.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Contrasting painting in the room Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Low ceiling and royal bed in the youth atmosphere Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. unique Marine styled picture for the soothing design of the bedroom

How to pick up and hang a picture

Paintings and panels are commonly used way to decorate the bedside wall. This is due to a huge selection of colors, patterns, sizes and a large price range. Blank space at the head of the bed gives a feeling of incompleteness of the overall arrangement.

You can hang one large picture or create a whole gallery, united by common theme. It is important that the frames of the pictures should not stand out of the overall style and tone.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Dark notes in the modern atmosphere and matrix of small bright paintings Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Naturalistic paintings in the ambience full of fabric Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Installation of paintings which continue the overall theme

It is also important to choose a picture which blends with the existing wall decor, wallpaper, plasterboard constructions and other.

You have to highlight the selected panels properly. The experimental method will help here. The lighting will determine whether the picture make a dismal impression or will radiate a good mood.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Dark notes in the modern atmosphere and matrix of small bright paintings

Believed that it is not necessary to select a picture to the interior, as it is a unique work of art, which should occupy a central place in the ambience of the room. But not everyone can afford the real creation of the master and are content with reproductions. And this is not art but decoration. Therefore, we can look exactly what will suit a particular room with peace of mind.

You should choose the size of the picture based on the size of the bed. It is believed that the distance for pictures above the bed should be no less than half the width of the bed itself. The size of the area occupied by the paintings should be in direct proportion to the size of the bed.

Dark creamy bedroom interior Light interior of the modern bedroom in the cozy variant of classic style with small painting at the bedside wall

Stores are trying to provide customers with the most versatile pictures in color and subject . Most popular themes are:

  • marine;
  • flowers;
  • abstraction;
  • geometric and many others.

To fit the picture into the interior you should bind the color scheme of the room with the shades of the painting. This technique is the most common because of its effectiveness. The main colors of the canvas can match the color of the cushions, carpets, curtains and other things. Such picture blends harmoniously with the interior.

Unusual naturalistic picture installation in dark tones

Another way to blend the reproduction of the interior – it’s to make it the main accent of the whole furnishing. In this situation, the main purpose of this element is to attract attention. The brighter and contrasting accent, the more attention it attracts. When purchasing such a picture it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of performance and design.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Wall lamp to highlight abstract painting

In addition, you can now blend the painting into the interior by stylistic features. In this case, the canvas will accentuate the general idea of ​​design. Picture with several major elements made in two or three colors would look perfect in the room with a minimalist style. Country-style bedroom will be complemented by the image of the rural landscape.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Abstract painting in the abstract eclectic interior

The picture above the bed and the practice of Feng Shui

According to the practice of Feng Shui paintings for bedroom should be selected with extreme care. It is believed that in the bedroom people are the least protected from the energetic point of view. Women are not recommended to hang over the bed canvases in bright,  colors of red, yellow, blue and green tones. If you can’t succeed in search for a life partner, then the picture above the bed should not depict a single human images. If the canvas apparently depicts the unfortunate people, there is no need in hanging of such picture in the house at all.

The best plot for a picture above the bed will be paired objects. It may be two trees, two mountain peaks, couple or cute animals. It is good if the picture allows you to visualize your images: child, an expensive car, a trip to the mountains.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Animalistic theme of the painting at the accent part

The water symbolizes money. But if it will be painted in the bedroom, it would make money “leak” out of the house. Portraits of already dead people should be removed from the bedroom to the other rooms too, as the power of these images are not suitable for this room.


The impact on the psychological state of the picture

Any image is able to affect the mood and psychological state. Depressive and aggressive scenes are inappropriate for the bedroom as contemplating them you can`t relax. Image bulky items above the bed acts overwhelmingly on someone who is trying to sleep in the room with such a picture. It is better if the imaged objects to be easy and graceful.

Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. Unique abstraction in the minimalistic room Headboard Wall Bedroom Interior Picture Placement Advice. bedside ottoman in the tone with painting installation making the overall design

Volcanoes and waterfalls on the canvas are too dynamic mood. They are rather energizing than relaxing. The plot has to be calm and peaceful. Personal perception of the picture is important. The same story can simultaneously evoke peace and stimulation of two different people. So, before you choose a painting for decoration bedrooms, you should listen to your inner state and perception.


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