Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas

Any homeowner tends for profound approach in designing any of his/her home zones. Space distribution is basic and not so easy task, especially in small premises. Living room, as the most common and essential part of any living space, of course has the biggest number of possible styling, decorating and layout options. Individual approach to every single room is mandatory. Because successful solution within narrow small living room in the apartment might look goofy and unappropriate in large living zone of the private house. Fortunately, there is no thermonuclear complexity in designing techniques of living rooms. We will try to explore and systematize the most winning living room layout design & decoration ideas in order to make your home cozy and relaxing for your family and gusts.

Many designers begin their approach from archtectural characteristics of the room. Kind of, if the room is small and rectangular, we will apply this or that layout and furniture. This is correct way of designing. But not the universal one. Because there are lots of complex architectural forms or open layouts. In the modern apartments, we can more often see the trend to combine kitchen with living hall. That’s why we propose slightly different way of furnishing and living room layout.

Classic living room layout

The subheading speaks for itself. In this case, living room is a separate room with all common set of characteristics. It can be of any shape, but it will probably have all classic attributes of the living zone: textile or leather upholstered furniture, coffee table, maybe rug, fireplace and mantelshelf. But the living room is the space to relax and have some fun. It should have some zest or special element of attraction. It can be some specially decorated decor item, which can appear an accent. Or it can be accentually colored or finished wall. The main thing is to remain in frame of chosen design style.

Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Classic living with artificial fireplace and low white ceiling  Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Classic style in the small room with many windows, fierplace and TV-set Relaxing Classic living room atmosphere in the typical Classic styled living roomLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Genuine Classic in the light finished roomSunburst mirror in the mild brown colored atmosphere of the Classic decorated living room

And why we can’t be more creative even within classic living room? We can surely add some adorning elements or look in the favor of angular sofa, Eames armchair, unusual forms and materials of manufacturing the coffee table etc. Also, it can be unusual furniture. Modular cabinets, minimalistic and functional at the same time, ceiling with complex artificial lighting can be also an option.

Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Angular gray sofa, relaxing armchair and complex decorated panoramic windowLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Unexpected mix of styles, colors and interior elements Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Bright yellow armchairs as accents in the Classic setting of the room Light finished living room with the metal framed table and grand piano at the window  Absolutely unique approach for decorating of the living room with modular furniture

Living room layout design & decoration ideas. Combined rooms

All modern apartments are tending to unification fo living space and we can see less and less classic separate living rooms. Instead, they are effectively conjoined with other functional spaces. Most often, it is just studio apartments, where all the available space in common, except of the bathroom. You can arrange the living zone wherever you want. Usually people locate living zones at the windows, in the most lighted part of the studio. The center of the common space is also a frequent place to put the living. It can be additionally combined with other functional spaces as library, kitchen or dining. Such symbiosis is organic mix, but we should not overdo with decorations or the overall solution can be cluttered.

Library living room atmosphereLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Round dark coffee table in the room decorated with picturesLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Open ceiling beams and the relaxing zone on white fluffy rugLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Gray decorated zone in front of panoramic window full of seats and with quilted coffee table in center

Living room in private houses

Mentioned before layouts and design techniques equally relate to the living rooms in private houses, cottages or mansions. But the private living quarters can have different architecture. If the bay windows can appear in block of flats, so the double-height ceilings and mezzanines are prerogative of the penthouses or two-leveled apartments. Such architectural possibilities open almost endless creativity. The living room can appear as boxed hall, can comprise two levels at once. First level may be the common opem layout space with the stairs to the second floor with bedrooms.

Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Double-height ceiling and Contemporary style for the large living hallLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Double-height ceiling with panoramic windows and large living zone at the ground level of the mansionDouble-height ceiling and the double-height mantelshelf finished with mosaicLarge double-height ceiling space of the modern light minimalistic atmosphereLight finishing of the living room with slight Marine stylistic touch and bay window

Single floor cottage has the possibility of creating panoramic living rooms. It is usually a narrow separate building with two or three sides of which are panoramic windows. This gives unprecedented quantity of natural light during the daylight hours and can be isolated by black-out curtains at night. These living rooms have many advantages. For example, the panoramic view to the nature around the house. In addition, the windows take the big part of the walls. That means you should not bother of wall finishing a lot. It will be enough of monolithic wall paint. The rest of the inner image relies on the furnishing. It will be decisive in forming style and atmosphere in the room.

Living Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Narrow long white painted ambience with panoramic windowsMinimalsitic but functional setting of the living zone in the open layout first floor of the private houseLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Modern stylistic in the cottage open layout space

Living room zoning in the open space

For the rest of private houses’ living rooms we can apply the well-known design techniques. For open space, it can be zoning partitions, special furniture selection which aparently shows the bound of the living zone. But the most widespread way to zone the living space in the open layout are rugs and carpets. The role of rug can play combined flooring. However, it is more rare variant. The carpet makes the living zone more comfortable and warm, not to mention that it distinctly separates it from all other living space.

Classic furnished living room in the private houseLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. open common space in the private house with gray upholstered furniture for relaxing zoneLiving Room Layout Design & Decoration Ideas. Grandeur scale of the minimalistic atmosphere in the private house trimmed with wood