Milan Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

We invite you to visit the apartment in Milan with a very interesting, colorful and even “juicy” design. Despite the fact that most of the rooms of the apartments have a snow-white trim, the flat looks bright, original, attractive and very positive. The contrasting combination of white tones with bright, saturated colors, creating interesting to the view mixing and brings a festive mood to the interior space. It seems there should not be a bad mood or bad thoughts here. But let’s move on to more photo-examination of some rooms in this nontrivial Italian flat.

Long enfilade hall шт the fresh modern Milan apartment with eclectic and vintage mix of styles

Let`s start the review of Milan apartment interior decorating ideas with the most spacious, roomy and very colorful room of this dwelling, the living room. Against the backdrop of snow-white finish bright decor items, original furniture of saturated color are looking particularly advantageous, Makeshift fireplace, used mainly as decoration became the center focus of attention, thanks to the bright surroundings.

Makeshift fireplace in the modern Italian apartment full of bright elements in the light interior

There are lots of the furniture and decor with shiny surface in the living room. Carcasses of modern shelving units on wheels, designer furniture, chrome surfaces of arched floor lamp: on a white background filled with sunlight, metallic sheen looks particularly noticeable. Typically, in the white design of the walls and mirrored surfaces, the room has cool enough atmosphere to make efficient use of the natural warmth of wood flooring

Living room with the rest zone in the Milan apartment with plants

Area for reading is located near roomy bookshelves with open shelves. it was constructed by the original pair of chairs and footrest with a metal frame and soft seats with purple upholstery.

Unusual library with chrome lamp and purple chairs. Eclectic decoration

Original plastic chair in red can become a focal center of any room. But this Milan living has so many bright spots, which can “catch” your eyes, that even a such bright piece of furniture becomes not the only one focal spot.

Bright red plastic armchair and wooden ladder at the hall - decorative elements of frivol;ous design of Italian apartment

In the next room to the living is a dining room with bright, colorful interior design. The decoration of the walls of the room used for meals is used alternating white and blue tones. Against this background original dining group, made up of a round table with a sky-blue top and comfortable plastic chairs in different colors, looks contrasting. Nor less original chandelier which was invented by the famous designer and consisting of a set of notes with a variety of content ends extraordinary image of the dining area.

Pay attention to the original chandelier decorated with paper notes

Here, in the dining room, there is a small seating area. A small sofa with colorful pillows and a colorful blanket formed soft segment in the dining room. Bright artwork as wall decor complete the colorful image of the recreation area.

Cosmic interior design ideas in Milan apartment living room

Even in the working are of the study room is full of bright colors, prints, paintings and ornaments. An interesting interior design idea was the decoration of the space between the open shelves with traditional wallpaper with different patterns and even textures. As a result, even the most ordinary white rack can become not just a striking piece of furniture, but the focal point of the room.

Small study zone in the Milan apartment with bright accents in vintage interior

It is not surprising that even in such utilitarian spaces like bathrooms, bright Eclecticism found its application. Using a variety of finishing materials for wall decoration of the premises – starting from ceramic tiles and ending with a colorful painting, helped to create a truly unique image of the room for water procedures.

Bathroom with opened wide windows and mix of tiles and wall paint in contrast to another decorative elements in Milan