Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas

Classics is out of fashion. The traditional style of the room`s decoration will always look not only respectable but also relevant. It is real to fill your private home ownership with canonical motives and not to sacrifice comfort and modern materials of finishing and furnishing. We offer you a small photo tour through the rooms of the country house which design can be called a new interpretation of the modern classics private house design ideas.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Glass handles for the doors

Cozy kitchen with elements of classics

It was possible to arrange the functional spacious living room with the expensive-looking kitchen area with full set of storage, work surfaces and places to meals thanks to the open-plan. The image base of the private dwelling functional segment is constituted of dark, noble color furnishing. The finish in light, neutral tones serves only as the background and doesn`t pulls attention to itself. Traditional facades of kitchen cabinets and a similar design of corner arrangement bar became the basis for the kitchen segment.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Nice leather sttols in the dining zone

Designers have decided not to use the upper tier of the kitchen cabinets, not to burden the image of the kitchen space, which uses quite dark facades of colorful hues. Small open shelves for spices and other items that need to be kept “at hand”, became an effective alternative. Such arrangement allowed to be focus on finishing of the big splashback over work surfaces. Wall panels with imitation of a natural stone look luxurious.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Stone cladded effective spashback in the kitchen

Focal elements of the kitchen area became luxurious stools of classic-style. It is not only a noble color and intricate wood carvings, but also leather upholstery became the highlight of the entire image of a functional but comfortable kitchen.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Close-up of the riveted leather stool

Comfortable bedrooms with traditional motifs in the design

Classic style is famous, above all, with a choice of color palette and quality of execution of corpulent, expensive furniture. Color decisions taken during the design of bedrooms are calm and adjust to the strong and healthy sleep. Shades of beige and delicate pastel blue tone are incredibly harmonious blend in a classical setting.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Bedroom with the bedside ottoman and the platform bed with high mattress

Despite the use of high-quality furniture created from solid wood and natural fabrics for its upholstery, bedrooms` furnishing is quite modern – there is nothing superfluous, and the priority is the comfort of the homeowners. The traditional set of furniture allows you to not only feel comfortable in the room for sleep and rest, but to enjoy the surroundings, to feel yourself respectable.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Royal bed and its near space

The combination of warmth and coolness is present in all parts of the interior of a private house. Not only the choice of colors for the performance of decoration, but also in the facades of furniture we see the original but harmonious color combination. Delicate blue streaks are discernible through the warm tones of natural origin, echoing with glass tops of bedside tables.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Glass coating of the bedside closet

Another bedroom in private home ownership is also decorated in a neutral color palette. Shades of soft beige became the basis for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It is difficult to find a homeowner who would not want to relax in such room. You can lie down to a luxurious bed with soft pillows, plunge into the embrace of natural textiles in soft light created by a classic models of lighting.

Bedroom with the mere bedside lamps

Original bedside tables and no less interesting design desktop floor lamps have created an incredibly harmonious union. Bright shades of wood, eye pleasing textile tone, gloss of the glass surfaces and gilded elements create exclusive but at the same time comfortable image of functional segment of the bedroom.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Bedroom with the soft headbaord of the bed

Modern classics private house design ideas. Bathrooms

What could be more classic than the choice of pastel colors for the bathroom design? Perhaps, only the use of nor less traditional “metro” tile in delicate light beige tones. Warm shades of ceramic tile and its matte surface are creating a cozy, disposing to relaxing atmosphere.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. modern concept of the glass and stone decoration of the bathroom

Another bathroom with a large shower is decorated in pale beige. Delicate shades of finishes and an abundance of glass surfaces visually expand the already spacious room. The decoration of this utilitarian premises is an illustration of how you can harmoniously combine the traditional model of storage systems with modern materials and advanced finishing accessories for plumbing.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Glass doors in the bathroom

Arranging  the space under the sink in a classic dresser is frequent method to create a bathroom design and toilet in a traditional style. The modern appearance of the hanging lamps are in incredible harmony with the old model frame for the mirror.

Modern Classics Private House Design Ideas. Drawer and the mirror in the bathroom

Sliding windows with glass inserts that are often to be found in the classical interiors of kitchen spaces and dining rooms, were used in the spacious bathroom. It is very comfortable to have towels` storage and various bath accessories directly in the utilitarian room in the presence of free space.

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