Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration

Modern apartments tend to open layout and common space of all living quarters. This arrangement has its own advantages and drawbacks. We know a lot about different nuances of having studio apartment and the most complicated thing is separating the kitchen from the rest of room. If there everything is clear about the bathroom and toilet (these should be independent and sparate premises), the other functional rooms can be arranged due to zoning, kitchen is the most problematic place. First of all, because of its special needs. We need a lof of appliances, water supply, sewerage, reliable electrical wiring here. As well as the storage for cutlery and dishes. And we should not forget about the smells, fatty smoke and other “delicacies” of the cooking zone. However, we are ready to present a whole bunch of trendy open kitchen design & interior decoration examples from real-life apartments.

Studio apartment’s open kitchen

To economize space, many of modern building companies refuse from strict marking of rooms, which means free-pattern planning or open layout floor planning. That gives the opportunity to personally zoning the living space in your apartment with or without partitions. Hence, it can be a problem to find the ideal place for kitchen. Many of building companies provide the apartments with schematic and possible location of rooms. However, nobody is obligated to follow the sketch.


Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Contemporary decorated common space in the apartment

Open layout is the most suitable for Hi-tech, Loft and Futuristic interiors. Or vice versa, it does not matter. The most notable examples of open kitchen design in modern apartments are also tending to white glossy (impeccable and tidy) white glossy surfaces. The walls are usually decorated in matte light colors.

Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. White glossy hi-tech solution for galley kitchen Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Snow white combining of cooking and living zones White matt paint for walls and glossy white plastic for kitchen appliances and furniture in the hi-tech design of the open layout

To ensure transitional design at the open kitchen, somebody can prefer natural materials and DIY solutions to show closeness to the nature and freshness of the atmosphere. Concrete countertop is a good contributor to such design.

Open shelving of wood under island top in Modern open kitchen design

Classic and Rustic styles are also not giving up their positions. Moreover, we’ve got proofs that Classic is not only for spacious and luxurious rooms. Easy minimalsitic approach can create genuine interior design masterpieces.

Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Natural trimming for small loft atmosphere Common space of combined kitchen, wardrobe and entrance in Classic light color themeYellow framed partition for open space layout studio with combined kitchen and living room

Private house open kitchen design

The most justified real estate for open layout is the private house, mansion or cottage. Here you can plan the hall combined with kitchen and dining room at the first floor. Anyway, kitchen can be adjacent to almost any room you like. Small improvised kitchen is possible to locate even at the free wall of the open space of other functional zone or room. Even if this wall has non-standard architecture, form or ceiling slant.

Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Simple and successful Rustic style for small cooking zone

If you not forced to opt between extremal variants, there are plenty examples of arrangeing the open kitchen space in every kind of design styles. The most remarkable and grandeur is Classicism, which can help to decorate the space of any size.

Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Natural materials in brown color scheme for large room Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Roomy space under the stairs for improvised kitchen

But most of the modern interiors tend to Contemporary, Casual styles or something more of our time.

Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Slanted white ceiling with open beams for Modern styled room  Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. A hostess in the combined space with island zoning and top artificial skylight

We can also meet Futuristic, High-tech, Loft and Industrial successful examples. But these oprions usually require the big scale of the living space. But it provides the maximum emotions from living in such decorated place. And it does not mean such options take enormously big budget. In compare with the real estate cost, the modern finishing is the minimal spending.

Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Unusual and adorable arrangement in the modern space Open Kitchen Design & Interior Decoration. Two-leveled house with panoramic windows at the top windows of double-ceiling

White color will be always actual. There is no secret that it visually increases inner space, makes the atmosphere clean and neat. The effect is easy to increase with panoramic windows letting much more natural light that will bring the sensation of beaing at the open air. In any case, closer to the nature, than in any other interior.

Open kitchen design in the common dining-kitchen space styled according Scandinavian style Industrial theme for the large open kitchen design in studio apartment White idyll in the hi-tech & Scandi mix for open kitchen design of the private suburb cottage Common open space of the kitchen in contemporary Classic style interpratetion with white furniture

The common space can be combined with upper degree of creativity. For example, the kitchen next to the living room lounge zone. Especially, when every functional zone has its own accent. It can be brickwork or mosaic wall finish, the fireplace or its imitation. Do not refuse from extraordinary coffee table made of raw untreated wood, plastic or glass. And can you imagine all this advice at one place?

Mosaic accent wall with the fireplace and the combined kitchen with dining room open design