Real Moscow Flat Apartment Design Project

We offer to your attention a design project of a Moscow apartment, which rooms are filled with comfort and luxury. Elegant but at the same time practical and comfortable furnishings. Exclusive interior of this Moscow apartment inspires for own experiments and allows to gather a lot of interesting design ideas, innovative solutions and creative approaches to traditional things and elements of design.

Real Moscow Flat Apartment Design Project. Hallway in the amber warm wooden tone a s a design idea for chic project

Living room. Luxury and comfort to the heart of the apartment

The spacious living room, as well as most of the rooms in a Moscow apartment is decorated with a great love to natural materials, natural shades. It is a combination of warm and cool color temperature, textured finishes and refined decor. The scale of the room not only allows you to use multi-leveled walls and ceilings decoration, dark wood as the material for the wall panels and raw materials for the manufacture of embedded storage, but also soft and large furnishings in sufficient amount.

Spacious living room with giant couch and lots of cushions in Moscow apartment design

The only thing that bounds the living space from the total space of the corridor is a glass case-screen, made in oriental style. And such a choice for window dressing is not accidental, as exhibits, collectibles that are exposed to the public, have a direct bonds with the East.

Real Moscow Flat Apartment Design Project. Oriental glass showcase in the Moscow real flat

The glass screen does not take up much space and does not impede the passage to the living room. We see a really comfortable, richly furnished room, which can comfortably accommodate not only a few people family, but also quite an extensive campaign of guests.

Showcase dividing the lviing room from the dining zone in the real apartment

Nothing paints the finishing room as much as the use of natural materials. Wooden wall panels look luxurious, their texture is giving living room a touch of refined elegance. And dark earth tones bring warmth and comfort into a spacious room.

Wooden panels and facing of the real flat in the Moscow-city

The combination of warmth of wood coatings with coolness and brilliance of glass surfaces and decorative elements creates a unique space design. Glass screen showcase and inlays in embedded systems storage as if doing monolithic finish of the premises easier, more airy. And a lot of glass decorative elements, which are arranged in the form of edging the ceiling coating, look unique, unrepeatable and elegant at the same time.

The perspective to the dining room from the classic view living room of the specklessly designed flat

Huge sofa in U-shape can accommodate a large number of guests. But there is a soft pouf-stands, picked up in the sitting room tone upholstery if the place is not enough. Brick-red cushions look even more advantageous against the background of light gray velor upholstery, bringing an element of brightness and a positive attitude to the room.

Classic and even little sybarite design in the Moscow apartment full of apliances and wood

Kitchen. Modern and practical design for the spacious rooms

In contrast to the living room interior with its luxurious decor and exclusive collectibles ostentation in a glass case, kitchen space is decorated with surprising practicality and love of order and a clear distribution of functions in the room. Strict, but the rich decoration, laconic forms and lines, smooth facades of kitchen cabinets, scale and grandeur – everything is working in the kitchen area to create monolithic and impressive interior, which is based on usability of the working surfaces and ergonomics of all cooking processes. The white cabinet fronts and mirror surface kitchen splashback can visually expand the space of the kitchen and add lightness and freshness, which is lacking when using dark wood finishes for the surfaces of the room. Variety in a color palette of the kitchen space have been brought by large kitchen island worktop made of artificial stone.

Real Moscow Flat Apartment Design Project. Unusual fully minimaltic design of the kitchen with countertop island in the real apartment

Dining . The wealth and comfort of the room for meals

In the spacious, furnished with luxury, dining room we can see a repetition of the living room interior with some additions in the design. Wooden wall panels and cabinets, display cases. Only this time for the dishes and cutlery, used glass ornaments framing the ceiling. In the room with a huge chandelier in the center, the same choice of textiles for decoration panoramic windows: all in the space of the dining room suggests a harmonious relationship with the rest of the interior space of the Moscow apartment.

Chic flat and chic furniture in the dining room

A large round dining table made from a combination of wood and dark glass, and comfortable chairs, armchairs with a black velor and leather upholstery became undisputed focal group of the dining. This spacious dining composition can accommodate not only the family for dinner, but also serve as guests accommodation for a festive reception.

Handicraft table lacquered in the overall style of the whole chic Moscow apartment

Home office. Brutal elegance elegant environment

When equipping the home office (study room) designers have remained faithful to the overall design concept in this Moscow apartment – natural materials, natural palette, warmth and comfort combined with practicality and refined appearance. Brutality is contrasted by finishing the ceiling, placement of lamps, spotlights. Light upholstery of luxurious upholstered furniture really helped to create a unique design of the room, to bring to the office space not only the tone of notes for work processes, but also the motives of rest and relaxation.

Futuristic, brutal and masculine black and wooden design of the home office of the Moscow apartment

Bedrooms and bathrooms. Luxury of the private rooms and utilitarian rooms

Fewer wooden surfaces than in the rest of the premises of the Moscow apartment were used for registration of the bedroom. But the white coating, soft textures and light structures are in abundance. Cozy and comfortable environment for sleep and rest crowns the central piece of furniture – a large bed with upholstered headboard and frame on the perimeter. Comfortable bedside tables and storage systems with integrated dressing table made of wood colorful shades are equipped in addition to the sleeping facilities. They perfectly combined with a lot of bright surfaces. Soft chair with velvet upholstery of Bardot color and golden frame completes cozy bedroom`s original image.

Chic neat and relaxing design in the style of minimalism with Scandinavian notes in the Russian flat

Cantilever bedside tables as though stuck in space – convenience and comfort are side by side with efficient use of bedroom space. The original lighting fixtures not only provide the necessary local lighting, but also serve as decorative elements.

Soft headboard of the bed and the wooden bedside table with nightlamp in close-up

One of the bathrooms is decorated with incredibly original combination of the two most contrasting colors – white and black. The white matt surface and brilliant black gloss have created a truly unique combination. Accessories and mirror shine complement the image of a bold and even a little eccentric interior bathroom.

Hi-tech minmalistic contrasting design of the bathroom in Moscow apartment

Another bathroom is no less striking – the use of marble tiles and ceramics with original prints, gathering into the decorative panels, snow-white sanitary ware with unusual shapes and white pebbly stone, mirrors and original design chandeliers. Everything in the room for water procedures amazes and fascinates at the same time calms and clears the mind, adjusts for peace and relaxation.

Round bathtub and decorative impressionistiс print on the white wall in the bathroom

Even a small bathroom can be found a creative approach to the design of utilitarian buildings. Gentle palette and natural print combines perfectly and bring to your home decor a touch of calmness and a sensation of lightness.

Floristic tile print in the toilet of the modern Moscow apartment