Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms

It is rather common for modern block of flats and condominiums to propose people geometrically irregular apartments. This is due to the wish of architectors to design an elaborate good looking from the outside building and the inner space can fall prey to the flashy construction. However, any room needs organization and arrangement. That’s we will try to discover some trendy small design ideas for oblong rooms, which can help anybody to decorate the apartment.

Now we won`t clear up how did you get the apartment with long rooms and maybe slightly uneven walls, we`ll better try to demonstrate some really effective design ideas to make your room a better place to live without spending pots of money to designers and redevelopment of the premises.

Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Real photo of the living room light trim design example full of paintings

And the first basic rule which can catch your eye from the first glance at the succesfully decorated long narrow living room is zoning. Yeah, correct and stylish zoning can utilize your space with maximum usability and turn it to a real designer`s masterpiece.


The resting zone in the living room is arranged in the classic style with a big number of paintings and photos, couple of statuettes and a living plant at the window. We can see the lightweight airy situation in the light palette and trimmed with natural materials. The little cabinet with glass sliding doors is highlighted by three small pendant lamps and contains the most important and cherished personal things of the owner.

Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Nice neutral light interior of the living room with round couch

We have no need to guess who is the owner of the apartment just looking at this stylishly arranged home office with maximally practical approach and no superfluous elements and we can undoubtedly say this is a middle-aged man with his own business or with some work to do at home. Pendant lamp with the interesting shade in the form of donut provides enough of the light and the mirror surfaces of the cabinet increase the dimensions of the small area visually. On the right we can see thick plastic vertical shutters with shiny surfaces which can insulate from the rest of the area. Also, pay spacial attention to the minimalistic execution of the furniture – the shelving is devoid of handles: the opening is processed through the pressing at the particular drawer.

Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Small home improvised office near the window

Modern technology also helps to arrange the hallway into the special functional segment of the apartment with its doors, dressing zone and the original hanger reminiscent the board with keys hanging on it at the hotel. Due to the big number of holes you can set the order of the hooks on the board. There is also a hidden wardrobe built into the wall and the oblong LED-lamps for the uniform lighting.


Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Hallway can be decorated with prints and other important stuff  Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Nice idea for the hanger

The bathroom fully repeats the overall utilitarian, functional and practical light stylistic of the rest of the apartment. Modernist touch of the decoration is emphasized by such elements as the plants and shell at the window. The cistern is built into the decorative false locker used as the shelf and trimmed with small mosaic tiles, which is also used for the trimming of the bathtub backsplash. These elements as well as the big square wall tile hints at the minimalistic style. Ultramodern oval sink at the glossy white eggshell stand of the bath cabinet is maybe the only thing that gives the 21-st century in the interior decoration.


Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Bathroom can be also arranged wisely and aesthetically

The modern minimalism shows itself through the modern furniture, lighting fixtures and even the slightest design strokes as the lamps or the decorative mirror staves to separate the home office from thw kitchen and dining areas.


Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Zoning of the area is the main method to arrange the space

The tight dining area with glass table and the wood laminate planks is the real example of successfull design to accommodate all the necessary stuff on the very small area. Two open cupboards at the wall can bear anything you want to be right at hand and the glass table can take the company of up to the 5 people.

Small Design Ideas for Oblong Rooms. Living room with the glass table and upholstered bright furniture with lots of stuff creating the volume

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