Stained Concrete Countertops DIY Examples

In the previous article about DIY pouring concrete countertops we’ve mentioned that producing the countertop for your kitchen ensemble is expedient and quite doable task. Today we’ll try to explore how we can paint our countertop giving it unrepeatable look. Also, stained concrete countertops DIY examples will show what masterpiece and zest of interior we can create and dye it ourselves.

Close-up view to the spectacular two-level countertop with stone structure imitating edges Amber and beige nobility of colors for Classic kitchen interior

Outdoor stained countertops

We already know that concrete countertops are up to severe conditions of exploitation. Many of stone countertops can’t be used outdoors, especially marble ones. Of course, you can install granite countertop at your patio zone but it risks to lose its color and eventually crack in perspective of couple of years. That will never happen to concrete countertops. But to do that you’ll need more adapted to weather conditions stains and paints. We recommend the aerosol heat and water-resistant stains. As you could see at the video below, the water based stains are also usable.

This technique and combining of stains will help you to achieve phenomenal results that will bring joy to all people dealing with such surface.

Beige painted countertop at the patio outdoor Gorgeous two-level matted countertop at the backyard patio

The patio can be open, semi-open or closed. Concrete countertops can beautify any of the space or zone. And don’t be shy to reveal the natural concrete structure of concrete at the edges of countertop. It adds special charm to modern stylistic of the premise.

Patio zone with large concrete counter and same brutal graphite colored stools

Stained concrete countertops DIY examples of indoor use

There is no doubt that leading room for countertop placement is the kitchen. Of course, we can put the concrete topped table to the dining or living room, but this meets much more rarely. Even despite this is also very effective and original way to turn the interior into one stylistic monolith with same designed countertops.

So, what common trends according to design styles can we observe at most successful interiors? The concrete countertop is especially relevant for Classic atmosphere and masculine Industrial style. It is also good looking at Loft, Fusion, Scandinavian, Rustic and many other styles. This is due to rather broad versatility of the concrete surface which we can turn both almost glossy or rough.

Classic kitchen with shades of gray in the furniture and the countertop Typical minimalistic Scandinavian modernity in the framework of the large kitchen with island Steel gray color for the modern designed open space kitchen at specacular hi-tech house Combined concrete-wooden countertop for the Classic designed kitchen in light tones

To make the countertop edges look more naturally and replicate the structure of rough stone slab, you can use Chiseled liners.  Today, we can find a big assortment of such skirting at the web and in local building store. Just look at the masterpiece top that almost one to one imitates the real polished granite.

Cute and neat kitchen design with glance laquered and marble imitating painted countertop

Here is the short practical video of how we can easily stain or concrete countertop indoor usage, turning it to the spectacular imitation of wooden piece.

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