10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space

Almost all people who have a small living space had to face the problem of visual expansion of space. As a rule, the option is using of mirrors, light range in interior design and choosing transforming furniture. But there are many ways to push aside the boundaries of walls and ceilings. If you use them to the maximum, then the result can exceed all expectations. We offer a few simple tricks with which your apartment will visually appear larger, reducing them to 10+ most effective ways of increasing interior space and complementing this step-by-step list with demonstrative real-life photos.

The simplest and most effective way is to decorate the walls in pale, light shades. You can also use wallpaper with a small picture. The room will visually become wider and higher.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Light wall finishing tones and wise space distribution in the tiny home office

If the height of the ceiling allows, you can use stretch glossy ceilings. This kind of stretch ceilings has a mirror effect. They reflect the whole room, which will make it look much larger.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Beige stretching ceiling creates the overwhelming play of natural light

If a large mirror is added to a small room on the wall, then the effect will increase twofold.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Peach painted walls and large mirror in gold frame

Lines or patterns on the walls: cross strips mean the ceiling becomes lower, but the walls are removed away from each other; longitudinal strips mean the ceiling “rises”, the walls, respectively, are pulled up.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Vertical pale blue stripes make the room higher

For small rooms, you can choose the color for the floor and decorative elements in one color scheme. And the walls should be decorated in a less bright tone.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Light walls and cold artificial lighting

Dimensional furniture, which will be located along the walls, is also desirable to be chosen in a color similar to the walls, so the furniture does not attract unnecessary attention and the room is visually smoothed out.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Contrasting curtains with walls draw attention

The best use for small space is the use of furniture (shelf, table) and souvenirs made of glass or plastic, because transparency gives a sense of some freedom.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Bright element of the boudoir as an accent

Fairly traditional way is the use of transforming multifunctional furniture, built-in closets of gypsum board instead of ready-made sets.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Uniform casual design in the multifunctional bedroom

If there is a need to extend the room, the flooring pattern should be located along the entire length of the floor. To date, the novelty is animated 3D flooring.

10+ Most Effective Ways of Increasing Interior Space. Royal Medieval white decorate interior of the living room

Cool colors in the interior can help to “spread” the walls and “raise” the ceiling.

Many of storage systems in the casual styled room with golden pillows on upholstered sofa

What about the windows? The larger it is, the bigger space seems to be. A good addition to the window, not overloaded with binding lines, will be light tulle and air curtains on a wide cornice.

Pastel colored American classic style in the tight bedroom & home office

The lighting system needs to be especially carefully elaborated for a limited space. Mandatory top lighting is recommended to be in cold light. The requirement for additional light sources is to illuminate the room to the maximum, without leaving dark corners or any unlit space.

Open ceiling beams decorated as of the design element

If the beam passes over the ceiling and it is not possible to conceal it, then in order not to attract attention to it, you should use the following method: decorate the wall at the eye level with either a pattern, or a decorative strip, or a border. This way you can focus on more aesthetic details of the room’s interior.

Bright pattern at the wall of the personal working place at home

And finally, the main rule: avoid cluttering the apartment. Mountains of unnecessary things will reduce to zero all your efforts for visual expansion of space.


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