140 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types

If your kitchen has an area of ​​12 square meters (140 sq. feet), you can design the available space with not only observance and implementation of the norms of ergonomics, but also to realize your design ideas, create the interior of your dreams. For most of people living in an average apartment with a kitchen of 130 square feet and less (8 sq. meters), such an opportunity is akin to a dream. But you also should not treat the formation of design carelessly even in a fairly spacious room of the kitchen. The available square meters should be distributed with maximum efficiency, creating not only functional, but beautiful, stylish and fashionable interior of the kitchen space. Moreover, not always so desirable forty feet are formed the best layout – the room can be pass-through, have the shape of a very elongated rectangle or be equipped with communications that cannot be transferred. For all of these options in our large-scale selection of design projects of various 40 square feet kitchen modern design ideas & layout types, you will find an inspiring example of the modern multifunctional kitchen design.

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Dedign Ideas & Layout Types. Large luxurious kitchen island in pastel tones 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Dedign Ideas & Layout Types. Dining zone with dark plastic chairs 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Dedign Ideas & Layout Types. Row furniture plan and elongated island with yellow plastic chairs

We choose the layout plan for the kitchen set

The choosing of the optimal variant of the layout of storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces is the basis for creating a practical, ergonomic and maximally effective kitchen interior. We can safely say that the appearance of the room and the level of its functionality depend on how the kitchen set will be placed. That’s why you need be carefully prepared for planning a furniture ensemble and built-in household appliances:

  • It is necessary to draw a plan-layout of the kitchen area (on a piece of paper or with the help of a special program, – find a free version on the Internet);
  • We should consider the allocation of windows, doorways and all the interior systems, whether it would be necessary to implement their transferring;
  • At the first stage, it is important to determine the exact dimensions of household appliances that need to be integrated into the kitchen set (the exact sizes of existing or planned household appliances can be viewed on the Internet);
  • The layout of the furniture ensemble will be influenced by the shape of the room (close to square or strongly elongated);
  • It will be also affected by the fact whether the room is a passageway or has an exit to the balcony, the backyard etc.;
  • Special attention will be paid to the arrangement of the zone for kitchen equipment and the size of the lunch segment (it is obvious that a small console or extension of the kitchen island’s worktop, bar counter would be sufficient for a couple, and a large family requires a full-fledged lunch group).

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Dedign Ideas & Layout Types. White kitchen set and dark contrastinf backsplash 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Classic furniture set and slanted ceiling 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Dedign Ideas & Layout Types. Light wooden kitchen tabletop and bar stools with white atmosphere and suspended round gold lamps 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Dedign Ideas & Layout Types. Gorgeous wooden kitchen set texture

The kitchen area of ​​12 sq. meters has a lot of opportunities for equipping a practical and convenient working area. All kinds of kitchen layouts are available for consideration. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities of arranging a furniture ensemble in rooms of different modifications and functional load.

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Noble dark wooden facades 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. White hi-tech styled space with an island 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Ceiling slant with wooden texture and suspended white lamps

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types

Corner or L-shaped layout for modern kitchen

Angular method of installation of a furniture ensemble is considered the universal variant of almost any kitchen size design. Even very narrow and long rooms are suitable for such a layout. This is the best way to distribute a possible number of interior items (storage systems and household appliances) with a minimum consumption of useful space. Angular layout is convenient, practical and ergonomic. After all, it will be easy for you to distribute the conventional boundaries of the so-called “working triangle” – a plate (hob), a sink and a refrigerator. The kitchen area of ​​12 sq. m on the one hand has enough space for ergonomic distribution of strategically important objects for working (cooking) process, on the other – all the peaks of the “triangle” will be located within walking distance. Another advantage of the corner arrangement is that with a similar disposal of the furniture set, there is enough space in the kitchen to install kitchen islands or a peninsula, a full-fledged dining group and even a table with a soft corner for a comfortable stay during meals.

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. White wooden specioes to trim the room 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Modern stylistic and gray chandaliers 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. A touch of Provence style 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Dark bottom and light top of the furniture 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Light Classic with steel framed lamps

The corner arrangement with the kitchen island allows to create a multifunctional platform for the implementation of kitchen processes. The island can contain of household appliances (some owners prefer to build there a sink or hob), storage systems and organize a place for meals at the top or its extension. In addition to the practical component, as a result of this layout we also see a high level of aesthetics – the kitchen looks orderly, comfortable and rational at the same time.

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Dark wooden setting with an island in the center 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Marble streaked countertop 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Rustic styled room with dome extractor 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Nice idea with the ladder in the white kitchen 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Elongated island with white glossy tabletop and spectacular glass boxed lampshade 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Typical modern luxurious atmosphere with steel extractor and raw trested isalnds's tabletop

Unlike the kitchen island, the peninsula does not have complete isolation from other interior items and is by one of the edges on the wall. In a complete set with a corner kitchen set such a module can provide even more storage systems. Herewith, there is more free space for unobstructed movement in the kitchen. In addition, the countertop of the peninsula can be extended to organize a place for meals. 2-3 people can easily sit at such an improvised dining table.

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Hi-tech styled kitchen with contrasting black tables 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Galley kitchen with monolithic kitchen set and dark bordered island 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Absolutely white design and wooden floor and countertop

L-shaped layout is universal because it can be combined with any modification of the dining group. Round, square, rectangular dining table with compact stools or luxurious chairs, even a kitchenette (a small soft sofa of corner type) will fit organically into such an atmosphere. Wherein, this kitchen with an area of ​​12 sq. m will not look cluttered.

40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Nice plan with dark tabletop Nice mix of styles in minimalsitic alternatively decorated kitchen with round wooden table 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Rustic style with untreated wooden tabletop and plastic dark chairs 40 Square Feet Kitchen Modern Design Ideas & Layout Types. Neat color gamma with pink chairs and light brown furniture facades

Linear layout or kitchen set in one row

Linear layout is usually used in the case of a lack of useful space in the kitchen or with a small amount of compact home appliances and low need for storage systems. But in the case of the kitchen with an area of 40 square feet choice of such a layout can be determined by installing a large kitchen island or a comfortable dining group. In short, the suite is linearly disposed either by families with children, for which it is important to equip the kitchen space with a large dining table and comfortable chairs, or bachelors and married couples for which a small number of storage systems are sufficient to maintain order in the kitchen.

Classic kitchen set with wooden and white facades Row layout of the galley kitchen with steel hob and extractor hood and classic bottom furniture set with tabletop Elongated sink for modern white kitchen island Scandinavian minimalism and suspended on black cord bulb with round table dining group Absolutely classic and white inetrior of the kitchen looks neat and cozy Hi-tech and nobility mix with marble material simulation for island

When the furniture set is positioned along one of the kitchen walls (as a rule, the longest one) allows a large amount of free space to remain free. Most often, it is filled with kitchen island, peninsula or dining group. It all depends on the lifestyle of the family, the number of household members and their age. Someone is comfortable to eat just at the table, sitting on a comfortable, soft chair, while others are on a diet and prefer to spend as little time as possible on eating food and prefer to sit on bar stools at the counter.

Modern functional minimalism in large kitchen Modern minimalism and Scandi mix in the large multifunctional Nice mosaic kitchen accent wall and black table makes the interior the motley one Gorgeous large kitchen with light wooden board of the kitchen island Rustic furniture set with bright color and full of natural light

U-shaped layout for roomy kitchen

The area of 40 square feet allows you to equip the kitchen with a U-shaped layout of the furniture set and household appliances embedded in it. This arrangement of the furniture ensemble allows you to integrate the maximum possible number of storage systems and household appliances into the available space. The U-shaped layout is suitable for large families who need a lot of kitchen cabinets to maintain order in the work area. Depending on the shape of the room, there may be a small space in the center for a tiny dining group (preferably with a round table). But, if the kitchen has the shape of a very elongated rectangle, then the dining area will have to be equipped in the living room or allocated to a separate room – the dining room.

Gorgeous intertwining of white glossy plastic facades with light wooden texture Simple designed hob with red handles set the moode in the vintage minimalistic designed kitchen Nice classic noble mix in the private house's spectacular large kitchen design with large window

Within the U-shaped layout of the kitchen set, it is very convenient to have the tops of the “working triangle” – the sink, stove and refrigerator, integrated in opposite sides, keeping all the requirements of ergonomics and safety. In this case it is easy to observe even the canons of feng shui – the water will never cross with fire, and it in its turn, with a cold.

Wooden nobility in dark styled modern kitchen Dark wooden kitchen furniture set with gold handles looks spectacular Wooden design in the modern private house's kitchen with mix of materials

Parallel layout for non-standard rooms

If your kitchen has a balcony block in the center of the room or it is a passage room (binding a couple of the spaces of the dwelling), the parallel arrangement of the kitchen set can become the only effective way of distributing interior items. With this layout, the storage system and built-in home appliances are located at two parallel walls, the longest ones in a rectangular room. If the room is very elongated, the dining area will not fit there under such arrangement. But you can install a full-fledged lunch group in the center in a room, which shape is close to a square.

White interior of the kitchen with dining group for two and round table Nice steel facades and borders in the minimalsitic design of the kitchen

Color palette for finishing and execution of kitchen facades

There is no such thing as a “fashionable layout”. Still, the layout of the kitchen set is chosen based on the features of the room and the lifestyle of the owners, and not the advice of fashion designers. But there are many color solutions among different fashion trends. With each new season, designers around the world offer us new fashion shades, combinations of colors and options of their implementation. But for the joy of us, these trends are not mutually exclusive for the trends of last season. In order to create a truly stylish and fashionable design, it is not necessary to change the color range every season. The there are lots of actual color palettes, which will not only become an ideal option for the execution of your kitchen, but also make the design modern. And it is necessary to start from, first of all, the features of the room and your own preferences (not forgetting about the reasonable use of bright tones of different color groups).

Nice steel facades and borders in the minimalsitic design of the kitchen French classic style in the kitchen with wooden kitchen furniture and island Spacious boxed layout allow to place dining group with large wooden tableFrench classic style in the kitchen with wooden kitchen furniture and island

The choice of color scheme of the kitchen with an area of ​​12 square meters will be affected by the following factors:

  1. The number and size of window openings (the more natural light is present in the room, the more bright or dark colors can be used in its design);
  2. The location of the kitchen space with respect to the sides of the world (you can choose a cool palette, contrast combinations for the southern part of the building, and for the northern part – warm and light gamma is preferable);
  3. The dimensions of the kitchen set and its location (massive hanging cabinets from the very ceiling in dark color will look too heavy in terms of psychological perception);
  4. Color palette in an apartment or house (especially in adjacent rooms, part of which can be seen from the kitchen);
  5. Personal color preferences of the owners.

Angular layout of the kitchen with wooden dining group in rustic style L-shaped kitchen layout with dining group for four persons with plastic gray chairs Nice rustic style in the modern large kitchen with fully equipped dining group

Gray color is in the trend again. A rich palette of shades allows you to find your optimal color solution and at the same time maintain laconism, rigor and neutrality of the kitchen image. Gray facades of the kitchen set look nobly on the bright (mostly snow-white) background of the walls and in the company of gloss of stainless steel. Gray color is an excellent way to design neutral interior by means of psychological effects on a person for those who are just trying their hand at designing of their own home. After all, the shades of gray are easy to combine among themselves and other color solutions.

Modern hi-tech style with glossy gray kitchen facades Concrete color is dominating for this modern kitchen interior decoration Wood, gold and glance at the modern hi-tech kitchen Neat geometrically right formed kitchen interior in modern style with matted lampshades over the dining group Kitchen wiiden table and linear layout and large raw wooden table in the center

White color and its hues will never go out of fashion. A bright, fresh, airy image of the kitchen space will always be at the height of popularity. After all, there are so many people among us who would like to associate the process of cooking with not only a light image, but the interior of sterile cleanliness. If there is a small window in your kitchen or its room is located on the ground floor and access to sunlight is blocked by plants and buildings, – the white color of the finish and the execution of kitchen facades can be an excellent help in increasing the amount of natural light.

Dining kitchen island with white chairs Totally white rustic kitchen with irregular geometry White kitchen interior with steel touch of lighting and chairs' carcases Nice Scandi color palette with the ebony wooden chairs at the bar island Gorgeous hi-tech cutting edge design of the kitchen 2017 in private cottage Nice white idyll for modern minimalistic interior with LED tabletop backlight

If you associate absolutely white kitchen a with hospital operating room, then use a bright color as an accent. For example, use a colorful tint of ceramic tiles for the cladding of the splashback or hang colorful roller blinds on the windows.

Galley kitchen with dining group and steel surfaces of appliances Accent orange wall in the Scandi kitchen design Large U-shaped kitchen layout and steel fan at the top Mosaic solid splashback at the Country styled kitchen Steel glossy extractor hood Provence chairs' design for the rustic kitchen 2017 Nice oak tabletop

If we talk about the design of the kitchen apron, so in modern design projects of kitchens one can note certain trend – the use of the single finishing material from floor to the ceiling. Most often this approach is due to the fact that the upper tier of kitchen cabinets is combined with open shelves.

Wooden kitchen set surfaces and steel metal shine Classic interior with modern accessories looks organic Subway tile in blue for the wall kitchen finishing

Contrasting interior is in a trend for many seasons in a row. Kitchen area with an area of ​​40 square feet can afford the use of dark colors for the execution of kitchen facades, the design of the floor covering and even the elements of the walls. Contrasting design always looks dynamic, strict and even a bit dramatic. The alternation of dark and light surfaces can never be called boring – the design will be relevant and fashionable for many years. Remember that the use of white for execution of the upper tier of storage systems and dark for the lower one, will allow you to visually increase the height of the room.

Contrasting black and white surfaces шт the modern minimalistic atmosphere Kitchen island with contrasting dark sides and similar coor for furniture set facades Minimalism and studding simplicity at the modern contrasting kitchen Central allocation of extractor hood in the modern hi-tech contrasting kitchen Elongated kitchen island with set of chairs

The facades of a kitchen set of dark gray and even black color look incredibly stylish, strict and modern. The area of ​​the kitchen in 12 sq. meters allows you to use such dramatic design techniques. But it is important to note that dark surfaces will require much greater care efforts from the owner. The traces on the dark planes occur even of water drops, not to mention the fingerprints.

Black kitchen set facades look spectacular at the background of the white splashback Chess tiling of the floor Nice wooden floor trimming for the modern interior with dark glossy surfaces

The blue color is very popular this season. Complex shades of blue are found both in the collections of modern ready-made furniture solutions for kitchens and in the lines of finishing materials. If your kitchen is located on the south side of the building, then you can safely use the blue shade you liked to make the facades of kitchen cabinets or finishes. The surface of wood or its spectacular imitation will help to add heat to the cool interior. A beautiful natural wood pattern will bring a touch of comfort and coziness into a strict design.

Dark blue bottom tier and oak wooden top tier facades White glossy surface of the kitchen island and with wooden streaked sides Blue matte table facades and blue plastic chairs Nice dark blue wall paint decoration in the modern minimalsitic kitchen with large table Navy blue color for kitchen island

Lighting and decor in the kitchen area of ​​12 square meters

If it is important to adhere to minimalist moods and use the decor at a minimum in the kitchen areas of ​​25-30 square feet, then in a fairly spacious room you can afford the decorating corresponding to the chosen interior design style. In such a multifunctional room as a kitchen, the most practical elements of the interior are most often used as decorative elements: lighting, textile decoration of windows or a dining table, serving items and even household appliances.

Complex of interior trimming in the modern kitchen Absolutely white interior of the kitchen diluted with the greenery Patel colors and natural plants in the modern kitchen

Modern technology is represented in a wide range of products of a variety of designs. If you do not consider the practical abilities of appliances, but pay attention wholly to the appearance, it can be noted that a large bright refrigerator can become the main accent of the interior. A mixer or food processor in retro style can completely change the nature of kitchen design, and ultramodern extractor hood of the original form to increase the degree of creativity and give the room a futuristic appearance.

Gray big lampshades over the kitchen island with set of wooden chairs at it Steel appliances for hi-tech kitchen are indispensable Hi-tech design style for as if translucent kitchen interior with steel elements

The use of beautiful, unusual, designer’s lighting fittings as a decorative element is a popular technique for creating original kitchen interiors. Unusual lighting or a luxurious chandelier will not only fulfill its basic functions, but also create a special atmosphere in the room where the whole family gathers at the dinner table and the closest guests are received. Moreover, one central lamp in the kitchen with an area of ​​12 square meters is not enough. It is necessary to take care of the lighting for all working surfaces and dining area.

Nice island at the ceiling of the kitchen with backlight Absolutely gorgeous innovative design for futuristic kitchen interior Scandi style touch in the modern Contemporary designed kitchen 2017 Rustic and modern styles mix in kitchen interior 2017 White rustic kitchen with black wooden chairs

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