15+ Gorgeous Modern Main Bathroom Designs in Different Styles

Main bathroom which is also called “master bathroom” requires careful attention and delicate approach. This is the ability to show your design taste, transform the representation of whole apartment or house. Herewith, it should necessarily be functional, practical and comfortable to use for every member of you family. Today we are going to speak a word about modern idea of bathrooms and to look through 15+ gorgeous modern main bathroom designs in different styles.

Classic styled bathrooms

Classicism is especially relevant to bathrooms. The family of this styles proclaims the use of noble natural materials: stone, marble, wood, imitation of precious metals. The scale and scope of Classic style corresponds the chic look of main bathroom.

Noble Classic bathroom finished with glance marble tiles Amazing example of the main bathroom with large mirrors and glass partition of the shower zoneGilded plumbing for classic styled bathroom in white tonesLarge Contemporary designed bathroom in white and gray combination

Along with pronounced Classic styles, we have such modernized its versions as Retro, Art Nouveau, Vintage, Fusion and others. The transition from ancient to modern times brings a lot of romantic things and intricate forms. If you are romantic person, you can take advantage of such fancy design.

Unusual vintage styled bathroom with purple accent wall and large mirror in picture frameModern and Loft designed bathroom with white stone oval bathtub

Minimalism is also relevant to bathroom. This style becomes indispensable if we speak about multifunctional bathrooms where big number of items should be combined. Below you can see the example of organic symbiosis between laundry and bathroom within single space.

Multifunctional classic designed bathroom with built-in laundry

Eco style can be attributed to the separate category of styles. However, there is no strict determination of this style in modern conditions. That gives broad possibilities to creativeness. Hence, we can get a really unexpected design interior examples that will stun even picky observers.

Minimalistic atmosphere in the bathroom with the window and white oval stone bathtub and black tap Pronounced eco style for the bathroom with live green accent wall  Classic styled bathroom with wooden imitating floor and central bathtub on pedestal

Modern and ethnic styles for main bathroom

Big bunch of modern styles can present large selection of architectural and stylistic solutions for bathroom. Nevertheless, we should not lose our mind by looking at an abundance of choice. There is always risk to take wrong proportions, ridiculous combination of elements or simply clutter the space with too much items.

Loft vaults or walls in the hi-tech bathroom with glass partitioned shower zone

Loft style above and Scandinavian below represents the mild passage from classic styles to modernity. As you can see, there is a lot of common traits. However, light color gamma and tendency to minimalistic forms are main ideas. But the overall image becomes more fluent, dynamic. This is due to smoothness and elasticity in lineament of modern design.

White interior with austere Scandinavian lightness

The modern style itself is the coexistence of all the best practices of its predecessors. It has no big secrets. Nice warm color scheme, elaborate lighting, space saving practices (hovering vanities for example), zoning, minimalistic taps are essential parts of its success.

Shining Modernity in the light brown decorated bathroom with glass shower cabin trimmed with pebbles

Speaking about ethnic styles, we can refer to classics one more time. Its because almost every European style takes it origins from long gone times. English rigor and practicality also transmits the royal chic of castles.

Modern styled bathroom with unusually formed mirror  Gray idyll in minimalistic bathroom with Oriental touch

However, the group of Oriental style for bathroom are probably even more popular for now. They also can boast with sophistication and modern look. In addition, Japanese style saved much more authenticity. It can show us the life of samurai in almost primordial view. But if you look closer, you’ll see all the modern materials and forms.

Contemporary Oriental styled black bathtub with tap and top shelves for gray marble trimmed room Japanese style touch in the interior of the bathroom

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