Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017

Renovation of the kitchen space is always a stumbling block for owners of no matter small-sized apartments or spacious private houses. Too many elements of the interior must be taken into account, many dilemmas to solve and plan the entire course of repair even at the stage of drawing up a sketch of the future room’s image. But in most cases all these solutions must be taken for a room of very modest size, often with a complex geometry and a “fancy” entanglement of communication systems. In any case, one of the most important decisions is choosing the layout of the kitchen set. Because not only the kitchen environment, but its functionality, convenience of operation largely depend of how the storage systems, working surfaces and built-in home appliances are located. We bring to your attention a selection of design projects of angular kitchen layout design ideas 2017 utilizing the corner arrangement of the furniture ensemble as the most universal and practical option.

Standard layout to utilize maximum space of the square kitchen Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Asphalt gray postformed plastic kitchen facades Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Dark noble wooden materials to trim the classic styled space

Features of the angular layout of the kitchen ensemble

It is not by chance that the corner arrangement of kitchen ensemble is so popular. It has a number of advantages:

  • Angular layout is suitable for almost any room, any size;
  • The sides of the corner set may have different length, depending on the parameters of the kitchen space;
  • It is possible to integrate the maximum possible number of storage systems in the minimum area of ​​the useful space of the kitchen;
  • It is easy to inscribe the vertices of the so-called “working triangle” – a sink, an oven(hob) and a refrigerator into the L-shaped layout;
  • After installing a corner furniture ensemble, there is enough space to accommodate a dining group, a kitchen island or a peninsula that can serve as a place for meals even in a medium-sized kitchen.

Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Provence styled space with large hob and dome of the extractor hood Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. White neat white furniture facades among the dark spots of appliances Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Lime theme for classic styled area Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Classic furniture set with neat lime surfaces Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Modern white and brown decorated square space marble counter top

L-shaped layout in kitchens of different shapes and sizes

One of the most important advantages of the angular layout of a furniture ensemble is that it can fit organically into a room of any shape and size. You only need to determine the length of the sides of the furniture set – whether it is a composition in the form of “L” letter or an angle with equal sides. In the kitchens of standard apartments, with an area of ​​not more than 6.5 square meters, as a rule, the suite is located long side along the wall with communications (hob, water heater, sink); and with short side usually adjoins the doorway. This arrangement allows not only to place a sufficient number of storage systems and to integrate household appliances, but also leave space for a small dining group or a bar rack.

Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Uniform pale green storage system in classic style Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Classic setting and the sink in the corner of the countertop Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Modern rusticality through interpretation of top-class accessories and materials Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Pale blue palette for the rustic designed large space at the private suburban cottage Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Stylish classic atmosphere of the white space

If one of the corners of the kitchen is made up of window panes (this option is more often found in private houses, less often in new apartment layouts), then the most logical thing is to locate the sink in this zone. Sink at the window is the dream of many housewives. Routine kitchen processes are much more pleasant to perform having the opportunity to admire the beautiful view from the window. And the level of natural illumination is maximal in this case, which can’t but have a beneficial effect on the quality of dishwashing and the performance of other work processes.

Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Nice pedestal for the sink with windows and nice built-in stand Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Wooden furniture and big bay window in the corner of the room Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Non-standard geometry requires special furniture Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Classic setting and couple of windows Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Nice idea of golden trim of some elements in the modern styled area Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Complex of windows and large sink in the corner

But even of kitchen space is devoid of windows, you can still effectively locate the sink in the corner of the room. The advantage of the corner zone is that it has enough space for even a double wash. And any improvement of the key functional segments of the kitchen environment leads not only to saving time and effort, but also getting pleasure from routine work processes.

Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Noble wooden furniture for the small space Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Nice roman blinds at the window Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. White kitchen facades in minimalistic style Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Steel surfaces combined with dark wooden furniture

Organization of a dining area in the kitchen with corner set

As already mentioned above, the corner layout of the kitchen ensemble allows you to leave a sufficient amount of useful space to install a dining group in the kitchen. But the size and shape of the room will depend on whether it will be spacious dining table with comfortable chairs or a small console that is attached to the wall and allows only two members of the family enjoy the meal. Dimensions and the modification of the dining group will also depend on the location (and number) of window and door openings.

Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Standard classic atmosphere with hidden extractor hood Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Flowers on the island revive the classic atmosphere Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Large light space with an island and set of chairs Angular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas 2017. Nice corner arrangement with all the necessary appliances

In the American/West European design projects of kitchen facilities the use of the kitchen island is incredibly popular. The rest of the world also joins this trend and experience the advantages of using a stand-alone module, which can serve as an additional storage system, a place for integration of household appliances, installation of a sink, a hob, on personal experience. But in the context of our topic, the kitchen island interests us, first of all, as a module for organizing a place for meals. For these purposes, the countertop of the kitchen island can be extended on both sides (seating for two members of the family) and at the corner of the module (3-4 seats, depending on the size of the countertop).

Aok furniture facades and island countertop Rustic style and black lamps for light lit kitchen White interior and dark chairs around the marble topped island Steel gray top tier furniture facades and dark countertop of the island Laminated floor and set of chairs Standard classic interior of the large kitchen with square geometry White wooden kitchen facades and the dark noble island in the classic atmosphere

Another way to organize a place for meals is to use the countertop of the peninsula. Unlike the island, it is not an absolutely separate module and is one-side attached to the wall or a kitchen set. For premises with a small area (where there is not enough useful space for a kitchen island or a full-fledged dining group), the peninsula can be an excellent way of introducing additional storage systems and arranging a dining segment for two or three family members.

Dark oak laminated floor and white classic facades of furniture set Extractor hood at the background of contrasting wall pattern Glass top tier cupboards and glossy modular countertop Glossy black surface of the bat counter and laminated floor reflecting in the steel surface of the refrigerator White classic kitchen facades Gray top rier and the window in the corner of angular formed kitchen

For East Europeans, the most common way to organize a dining area is to set up a table and chairs for meals. It’s because not every apartment at former Soviet Union has enough space to accommodate a full-fledged dining group. But the angular layout of the furniture ensemble helps to save the useful space of small rooms, without significant losses in the number of storage systems and built-in appliances.

Angular kitchen furniture layout and windows in the corner Light modern furniture and steel gray surfaces of the large kitchenWooden top tier surfaces of the kitchen set and matted glass windows of drawer with aluminum frames

Kitchen facades. Current ideas of 2017

Owners of apartments and houses planning repairs in their kitchen spaces are always conventionally divided into those who, despite all the innovations, prefer the timeless classics and those who like contemporary design ideas. Modern stylistics tends to minimalism while maintaining the principles of personal comfort. Furniture in a modern style looks simple and concise, but it is incredibly functional, practical and easy to use. The facades in this case need not be absolutely smooth, devoid of decor and visible fittings. Modern sets can be a combination of smooth facades in the upper part of the ensemble, for example, and cabinets equipped with handles in the lower part.

Modern large kitchen in white colo palette with dark concrete floor White hi-tech kitchen set and wooden inner shelves Iseally white kitchen interior with bottom LED lighting  Wooden materials all over the hi-tech styled kitchenGray minimalsitic kitchen furniture and solid white splashback

Classical facades also undergo changes in favor of simplifying the appearance and ease of manufacture and further operation. Complex carving or ornate accessories can no longer be seen even in the classical design projects of kitchens. They were replaced by interiors in the style of neo-classics, keeping traditions, but adapted to modern realities.

White interior of the kitchen with dark wooden island Classic funrished kitchen with glass lamps and figure carving of the furniture Semi-angular "bay" location of the l-shaped kitchen in rustic style Rich classic kitchen interior in white with multifunctional angle

One of the most difficult, from the point of view of effective use, place of any room is the corner. In the functionally loaded kitchen space, the rational exploitation of corner zones becomes a rub. After all, in most cases, kitchens do not have a sufficient area, and in saving the useful space, the score is kept in centimeters. Fortunately, modern furniture manufacturers have found many ways to design storage systems in the most rational way, in terms of easiness of usage and cleaning.

Unversal complex formed shelves for storage Dark plasticine furniture surfaces and laminated bottom tier storage in the modern styled kitchen Typical classic style in the kitchen with black fittings Top tier open cupboard Pollout cupboard drawer on telescopic guides of the hi0tech styled kitchen

One of the options for execution the facade of the corner storage system is the drawers, the lining of which imitates the angle. This approach allows not only to preserve the image of the corner unit, but also not to spend a single extra centimeter of the free space of the kitchen. For storage systems, this carries a small loss in terms of capacity.

New method of utilizing kitchen space - "bow-tie drawers" Oval formed bottom tier drawers Corner drawers under the countertop Dark angular formed drawers Angular straight corner form fo the modern l-shaped kitchen furniture Another bow-tie looking drawers line

More rarely you can find a radial execution of the “corner” facades of the kitchen set’s lower tier. Semicircular facades are more difficult to manufacture, which means bigger price. But the original appearance and safe performance compensate high cost.

Rustic kitchen full of storage systems White rustic styled kitchen with black concrete floor and modern materials Versatility of colors in modern kitchen with turquoise island Oval shape top surfaces of the pullout kitchen drawers

Another effective way to design a corner cabinet is in the form of a pentagon. In this case, a small part of the corner of the outer part of the kitchen set is cut, the remaining for the installation of the dining group and free movement area is reduced, but not critically. But the execution of the facade itself does not represent anything complicated and will not cost much more than manufacturing of the remaining elements of storage systems.

All necessary appliances at the geometrically complex kitchen Modern style with dark wooden surfaces and large stainless steel sink Provence styled furniture of top tier kitchen drawers of wood Private house kitchen with the window to the backyard in white color palette

If the angle of the furniture set is made up of two storage systems, then the simplicity in the operation of such cabinets becomes problematic. After all, the contents of such storage systems will be located quite deep in the corner of the room. To facilitate the use of corner cabinets, furniture manufacturers came up with many options for drawout and turntable shelves. Depending on what kind of kitchen utensils will be stored in cabinets, you can choose different options

Pullout bottom drawer with bin wooden furniture set and wisely designed storage on aluminum frame Telescopic shelf to store extra pans Nice rustic designed kitchen with bottom tier unique storage solutions Angular drawer with semicircular shelf to store the necessary household items Nice solution for frying pans other cutlery in the bottom drawer of the kitchen set

Embedding a stove or a set from the hob and oven into the corner of the furniture set may in some cases be justified. But it will require more useful space of the corner zone though. In too extended kitchen spaces or passageways, there is often no other way to organize the ergonomic arrangement of the “working triangle”, where hob is one of the conditional vertices.

Mere design in the large kitchen (rustic variant) Modern kitchen set with combined white and pale olive bottom Central kitchen island

In some cases, it will be advisable to use a corner cabinet (for the entire height of the furniture set) to effectively use the corner of the room. But this variant of the arrangement of storage systems is suitable for kitchens of medium and large sizes. Then, the shortening of the table tops for the sake of placing of a capacious high cab will not be critical and the slightly “cropped” remaining area will be sufficient for the installation of a dining group, island or peninsula with a table top for meals.

l-shaped kitchen layout on total milk white with matted surfaces French Provence touch in the modern milky white kitchen with two ovens Ultramodern kitchen design with classic kitchen set though Black spectacular glossy countertop of the angular designed kitchen in classic style l-shpaed kitchen with an island and black plastic armless chairs

And in the ready-made furniture solutions for the kitchen, and in custom-made furniture sets, you can see the following option of organizing storage systems in the corner of the kitchen. There is no space between the upper and lower tiers of the cabinets, it is occupied by drawers or swinging doors of the storage system, most often made in the form of a pentagon (less often such cases have a semicircular facade).

l-shaped spectacular design for country styled l-shaped kitchen interior Gorgeous retro style in the l-shaped kitchen Gorgeous white matted furniture facades of the l-shaped kitchen design White l-hsaped kitchen with nice brickwork imitating backsplash Nice countertop design of glossy plastic all the round the l-shaped kitchen perimeter

If we talk about the organization of storage systems on the upper tier of the kitchen corner, then the simplest and thus the most original method of execution is the hanging of open shelves. Such shelves are made in a corner design and allow efficient use of a complex area of ​​the premises. In addition, open shelves allow you to “dilute” the solidity of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets, to introduce a variety in the design of the facades of the furniture set.

Modern l-shaped variation with open shelves Stainless steel hi-tech l-shaped design in the spacious kitchen with double light Unusually laminated kitchen furniture set with modern red hob facades Natural materials to finish the kitchen and island L-shaped kitchen furniture set with backlight of the counter L-shaped kitchen design with open shelves in rustic style

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