Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016

Fashion does not stand still. Changes are subject to all aspects of our lives, and design methods for arrangement of dwellings were no exception. Modern ways of creating a practical, convenient, comfortable and aesthetic space comes with the new season. Current color palette, furniture design trends, ways to build functional areas, a lot of decorating options – all this and more in a wide selection of the most current apartments and condos design projects 2016.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Light trim with the dark furniture accents would be a trend

No matter how fashion of living spaces design changes, whatever new design ideas would the producers of building materials, furniture, domestic appliances and decorative elements of the interior offer, the owners of apartments of all ages expect from their homes:

  • comfort;
  • visual appeal;
  • functionality;
  • ergonomics;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • compliance with modern trends of interior decoration.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Light vivid colors on the background of the white walls in the girl`s bedroom Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Art Nouveay style in the small condo`s living room with the gray wall finishing

Open layout. The effective combination of functional areas

The combination of kitchen, dining and living zones within one large premise is a frequent design method for modern apartments. It often happens that the room to locate so diverse company of functional segments cannot boast of a large number of square meters. The best “helpers” in this case will appear light decoration of the ceiling and walls combined with dark flooring, built-in storage, lightweight models of furniture for dining groups and using of mainly wall decor.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. White matted kitchen surfaces in the minimalistic style Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Unusual decoration with the different colors and structures and forms in the living room studio

Usually, during the formation of areas with multiple zones common solutions of trimming used. The most simple and universal way of finishing is to use a snow-white painted walls and light laminate as a floor covering. In the kitchen area would be logical to use ceramic tiles for finishing of the splashback. The same kind of lining, but using porcelain can be applied for the floor tiling in the area of ​​kitchen worktops segment.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Nice eco minimalism in the area of spacious studio

Here is an example of an apartments design project, where living room is combined with kitchen and dining room in an eclectic design. Kitchen segment became accentual and a focal center of the room, despite the use of colorful decoration and other functional areas. Motley tiles suits for decoration of the kitchen space much more than common decoration in the other room. However the design of the work area does not look alien, aloof, being harmoniously woven into the overall canvas of the interior.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Vinatge style also praises functionality and conciseness of the composition

The combination of multiple functional segments is possible not only in the living room. For example, in the bedroom, you can arrange a mini-study or dressing room. Workplace of the home office can be used as a dressing table. Some apartment owners prefer to equip a bathroom directly in the bedrooms, separating the segment by translucent partitions or by using an open-plan at all.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Nice warm light gray shades in the bedroom

The color palette – the actual worship of tradition

Among the color palette of contemporary design projects you can clearly identify the three leaders – white, black and gray. It is logical that the snow-white finish is selected for the background color as the core,  and the dark interior elements are the often used as the complex of contrasting combinations. Gray increasingly serves in the diversity of its hues as the main and the only color solution for space design. An effective method of “dilution” of received very cool palette is the introduction of interior items and surfaces made of wood or its imitation.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. eco design for the hi-tech kitchen

White and black is the “union” for all times

Using white as a background, and black for decoration accents in the interior is one of the most popular ways to solve the dilemma of coloring. The snow-white finish is not out of fashion ever thanks to its versatility – bright surface visually expand the space and fits perfectly all shades of furniture and decor. White not only perfectly conceals flaws and even finish construction of the facility, but also to create a bright and clear image of the space. But to live in a completely white flat would impossible – our eyes need clear lines and shapes, color accents. For these purposes we use dark, contrasting shades.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Black accents in the modern kitchen and dining room areas Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Zoning partitions in the modern studio apartment with laminated floor Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Studio in the minimalistic and futuristic style mix with unusual forms of the interior elements

The black furniture on a white background looks particularly expressive, stylish. Of course, the care for black surfaces will require more effort in the area of ​​kitchen and dining room, but produced effect of such a contrasting combination is worthy.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Black chairs in the modern undustrial and hi-tech alloy of styles with the white wall trimming Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Light dining zone in modern style with black accentual chairs and romantic candles

White-black combinations are relevant for living room either. Especially given that most family rooms have a video area with a black TV screen. It will only have to pick up “supplementary” elements for it. It may be dark flooring, wenge furniture or custom lighting with black shades and bases.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Video area in the modern living roomwith brickwork plastered white accent wall with backlight Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Living room with the abundance of textile upholstered furniture, light wooden corner coffee table and contrasting black and white rugApartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Nice light interior of the living roomdecorated in latest trends

Wood surfaces and interior elements perfectly suited for combinations in black and white interior. Natural color and pattern allows you to bring enough heat in the cool palette of the room. Even artificial materials successfully imitating natural ones are able to raise the degree of the color temperature in a modern space.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Wooden theme of the closet in the form of the interior partition in the modern living space Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Absolutely gorgeous original wooden and brickwork design of the kitchen Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Simple ideas to decorate a dining room with the modern form of the chairs

Black and white room interior can effectively dilute one striking element. It can be a colorful sofa or chair upholstery, a lighting fixture or carpet. Yellow looks stylish and modern in the company of black and white space design.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Yellow bed in the bedroom with the painted headboard wall and complex lighting system

Gray is the universal and most neutral

Depending on its shade, gray is able to create a luxurious, elegant and easy-neutral design of the room. Versatility of gray shades is that it is suitable for any environment, starting from the hallway and ending with a bedroom. Perhaps only for the decoration of a child’s room or nursery you should avoid gray. But even in this case, you can use bright accents, colorful decor with themes from favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Checkered rug and the mere design of the shelving near the corner sofa and impressionsitic painting in the living

Gray furniture is a mainstream of modernity. Against the backdrop of white walls, not only storage, but also soft furnishings upholstered in shades of gray look great. This universal color scheme have the liking of both households and guests of the apartment. Gray color helps create a calm, relaxed atmosphere, which is able to adapt to any person’s temperament.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Round cinstruction at the ceiling of large living room and the black contrasting video zone with the wall high storage on the right Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. bedroom in the dark gray color and texture construction of the accent wall at the headboard and storage in front of the bed

Only one bright design element looks particularly impressive in the interior sufficed only different shades of gray. In the bedroom it can be a veil or curtain, chair or bedside table, table-stand or stool at the foot of the bed.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. nice gray decoration of the headboard wall with the ledge in the ultramodern bedroom

Bright accents on a white background

White never goes out of fashion. Snowy finishing and furnishing is impractical in terms of the care option of premises` arrangement only at first glance. In addition to its visual qualities, most of the finishing white materials is easy to clean. But the white atmosphere of any room needs an accent color. These can be natural plants, household appliances, furniture upholstery, carpet and other textile solutions. With wall decor, you can easily change the white trimmed apartment`s atmosphere.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Smooth white decoration of the modern studio in hi-tech style

The simplest and easily replaceable way to integrate bright accents into white finished premises is textile design. For example, in the bedroom you can use colorful shades for the drapery of windows and bed – coverlet, decorative pillows and even linens can act as an accent, the focal center.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Golden coverlet adds the touch of romanticism to the minimalistic white bedroom

In the interior of the white designed living room can be used textile cushions, wall decor and lighting as the bright accents. To change the situation in the family room you only have to replace the blankets and pillows to buy new carpet.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Original idea of using fur in the interior Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Apartment in the skyscraper with a nice window view and the calm light art nouveau interior inside

Modern furniture. Lots of ideas for a comfortable life

The problem question of saving storage space is very acute even for apartments with improved planning. Using the built-in furniture helps to allocate the maximum number of storage and work surfaces on a minimum number of square meters. For example, the location of the ceiling-height cabinets in the kitchen area to create a roomy storage system which would be interleaved only with the integration of appliances and work surfaces.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Kitchen area unusually zoned from the rest of the room with the window hole

The idea of ​​integrated storage systems can be effectively used in the living room. Around the video area, you can successfully build a large wardrobe, which consists of separate modules, to hide not only all of the wires and equipment, but also a lot of useful things in the economy, which the owners of apartments do not want to flaunt.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Classic interior with the wooden accent wall and gray wall trimming and furniture

The planning of the living room rest zones can not do without upholstery. The modern design projects are increasingly giving the preference to only one, but a large sofa. If the space of the living room already has an upholstered furniture, then it is usually chosen in the eclectic style – different models, upholstered in a variety of materials. The largest number of seats is able to provide a sofa. If the model has the sliding mechanism, such a soft zone can become bed for guests staying for the night.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Royal chic apartment decoration with the use of textile and decorative vintage elements

The simplicity and conciseness is the motto of the modern style. Strict forms and simple design decisions are involved and in the furnishing of apartments. Clean lines of the furniture look particularly expressive in the bright and airy room. There is nothing superfluous, but the room is comfortable, functional and visually appealing.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. White minimalistic interior with the large window hidden by the Roman blinds Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Creamy Art Nouveau apartment decoration with the contrasting black leather armchairs

Furniture made of glass and transparent plastic becomes an effective complement of modern interior. Lightweight, virtually weightless design is literally dissolving in the background of bright decoration. However it perfectly performs its basic functions, is robust and reliable subject of additional furniture.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Futuristically designed living room with the video zone and the black glass storage panel near the TV Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Gray interior decoration in the square living room with perforated construction on the wall Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Nice corner upholstered sofa in the gray interior with the open shelves and the glass coffee table

White furniture is always relevant. Apart from the fact that even the most monumental structure of white are less bulky. White color creates an incredibly bright and clean image of the entire room. Storage of the living room and bedroom, kitchen furniture set and even the arrangement of the workplace in the office – white is topical always and everywhere.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Ideally white interior trim with the color spots of the personal stuff on the shelves Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. White design for the personal home office Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. White creamy inetrior in the Art Nouveau style and interesting design solution for the storage systemsApartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Round ottoman for watching films or play video games


Apartments and condos design projects 2016. Current design ideas for small apartments

It is very often homeowners have to get rid of the interior walls to achieve the feeling of spaciousness in urban apartments of common layout. But in this case the owners faces a problem of location of several functional segments in the same room. Often, even the sleeping area becomes a part of the overall space. But most often kitchen, dining room, living room, office space, a library, and sometimes even an entry are subjected to conjunction.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Light wooden wall unit in the studio apartment with kitchen and dining zones Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Fresh idea to make the dining zone near the ideally white wall

Here is an example of combining living area, kitchen and dining room in one small space. Due to the snow-white finish and most of the furniture, as well as the right balance of color accents, the space appears larger than it actually is, while keeping the functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Vinatge styled spacious room with white and deep blue sofas and epic bar stools at the countertop

In case if you have to combine the living room and bedroom, white finish also becomes the main asset of small spaces. Cleverly placed color accents avoid associations with sterile operating rooms, create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Unusual design of the shelves in the modern space of the white and gray decorated room

Here is another example of a small studio apartment, where rest and sleep zones, working place, living room, kitchen and hallway are located in the same area​​. Only a bathroom space is segregated.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Large white trimmed room with the perimeter backlight and the laminate flooring

In addition to use of a light finish for visual increasing of the space there are glass, mirror and a glossy surfaces can be used. For example, you can use glossy stretch ceilings to increase the height of the room. For the visual enlargement of bedrooms` and living rooms` space is expedient to use the entire mirror segments, which are located from floor to ceiling.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Gray mere decoration of the contemporary small space

Another way to save space is the use of two-tier structures. For example, a loft bed allows you to create a sleeper on the upper level, and you`ll be able to locate a workplace, rest area, sofa or roomy storage below.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Effective original design of the bunk bed with the metal frame in the white trimmed room

In small common plan condos every square meter counts. A space near the window is rarely possible to use rationally. Here is an example of how you can use the area, which combines living room, kitchen and dining room. Comfortable and cozy place to sit with storage systems is not only practical design idea, but the highlight of the interior of a small apartment.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. European apartment with light yellow textile

One of the placing beds method in a studio apartment is zoning of functional segment with the help of interior partitions or at least curtains. This approach breaks down the concept of an open-plan, therefore condo loses some of its space. But for many owners of small apartments the isolation of the sleeping area is a necessary point.

Apartments and Condos Design Projects 2016. Cloth zoned small apartment

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