Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016


It`s no wonder that the latest bedroom furniture design trends 2016 are aimed primarily at berth. The range of models of beds are capable to spin the head to even the most sophisticated buyer. Beds of wood and its analogues, metal and with absolutely soft frame, carved or glass decorated, suspended, and if hung in space “legless” beds, incredibly low, with rounded shapes and unusual solutions in the field of textile design.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Legless stand and the thick matress above vecoming a trend of the upcoming season

Bright bed with upholstered headboard instantly becomes the center of attraction of all glimpses, should it placed in a room with a light finish, not detracting from the central piece of furniture.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 in the form of the bright bed design with orange soft headboard

The absence of a bed frame in a modern bedroom is not a budget proposal, and the ability to create authentic oriental design room for sleep and rest. But it is important to understand that the use of the floor located mattress can afford young energetic people. For elderly homeowners such bed design will likely bring more discomfort than pleasure.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 oriental noble dark wood design for mature solid people

Smooth shapes of furniture ensemble, consisting of a bed with bedside tables, creating an incredibly harmonious atmosphere of the berth. The calm neutral colors and rounded lines set up for rest and relaxation.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 fresh light lofty interior with the picture above the head

The original design of the headboard can be a highlight of your interior. If a textured fabric to replace the head of the bed has a continuation at the ceiling of the room – it turns a kind of completeness illusion, a safe place to sleep and rest, decorated with elegance and originality.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 complex design using different deisgners` solution using 3-dimensional headboard, complex lighting, textured wallpaper and the backlight of the bed stand

Metal bed with wrought decor will never cease to be a trend. Metal frame can be covered with white paint completely or partially to “soften” the bed image.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 metal bed is almost imperceptible in smooth white interior with accent spots

Hanging bed made of wooden building pallets is a bold and original solution for the modern bedroom. In order to organize a smooth rocking bed you must be assure in strong enough ceilings of your apartment. A variant of the original bed is quite feasible for the loft style used  to decorate the former industrial space.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Unusual radical loft design for the former commercial premises with swing bad

Bedside tables and coffee tables

The symmetrical arrangement of bedside tables of the same model in combination with a pair of table lamps or floor lamps is the traditional motives came into the modern style of the classic lines of design bedrooms.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 practically oriental methods in arrangement of modern interior of the real apartment

Bedside tables can become a highlight of the interior of the bedroom with a completely inconspicuous decoration of the bed. The original model of tables, floor lamps with stands impressive size can become focal points of the room for sleep and rest.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. original forms of the nightstands and coffetables can act as the powerful decorative instrument in the modern interior

Storage systems

Storage systems with smooth facades (no handles, just hidden fittings) can be increasingly found in the modern bedrooms. When it comes to large-scale built-in cabinets, it is often choose light neutral palette – white, shades of gray for their production. Low dressers and cabinets can be decorated both in natural colors, and also be painted in contrasting shades – black or white.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. glass frames for the prints above the bed emphasize the dynamic modern image of the oberall atmosphere with the wooden furniture

One of the options for storage in the bedroom is tall chest of drawers. Models with completely smooth fronts and lots of drawers is not only a popular item of furniture, but also an incredibly practical way to store essential items of clothing that do not require hanging.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. low-key and even primitive design of the room with the accentual stroke of dark wooden cabinet can appear awkward

Wardrobe doors made of tinted mirror with a black frame is a modern and practical way to organize your storage system. Such structures can be represented in both a compact versions, as well as occupy the entire width of the room from wall to wall.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Metal closet acts as a reliable and closed stirage system and at the same time fences the room from the bathroom zone

Modern bedroom – multifunctional space

Combining the several functional areas in the bedroom is possible not only in the spacious room. For example, it is very little amount of square meters needed for workplace or a mini-home-office organization. A small console that is attached to the wall or a modest-sized desk, comfortable chair or a chair with a back light structure, a pair of wall shelves and home office ready.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Bluish decoration for the multifunctional slepping and working zone

Placing a bathroom in the bedroom space is a convenient and practical solution, if there is enough area to create a zone for water treatment in ​​the room. Whether it will be completely isolated from the sleeping rooms area or a glass partition will separate the bed from the shower and bath, and maybe there would not be any walls between functional segments – you to decide.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016 in combined slepping and bathing studio roomBedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Condo with bed and the kitchen separated by the curtain

Arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom is a frequent design method that can be used in large rooms. You can leave a dressing area not fenced off from the bed, and you can use light interior partitions. Depending on the material of construction and its durability on such a partition can be hung television, or open shelves mirror.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Nice white interior with the doors to a couple of another locations


The bedroom in the attic room. Features of a modern design

Arranged at the attic bedroom needs a special design approach. Depending on whether you want to emphasize the original architectural features of the room or want to conceal the asymmetry, and not the traditional shape of the room, you can use various design techniques.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Roof sloping is the design zest of the white interior of the room with wooden beams

As a rule, designers choose light colors, most often white to finish the attic room. The white surface of the flow smoothly one into another, creating the illusion of space solidity, distracting the attention from the peculiarities of the shape and size of the room.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends 2016. Greenish color theme for unusually decorated multifunctional room

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