Modern Styled Canadian House Interior Design Review

To make the situation of the dwelling more comfortable enough to use and combine harmoniously the natural colors and shades. Such color schemes are suitable for any style. Particularly impressive they look at:

Selected house in Canada is decorated in a modern style. Herewith, combination of brown wood with a natural green room converting its rooms into a cozy family nest. Welcome to our photo collection of modern styled Canadian house interior design review.

Canadian House Interior Design Review. Natural materials in the modern style of the Canadian house

Little touch of blue has brought fresh notes to the living room. The original benches and decorative pillows perfectly complement the overall color scheme of blue sky.

Colorful design of the living room in the private house in mix of modern styles

Many textiles, furniture and fluffy carpet on the floor are filling the living room with warmth and comfort. fireplace, made in a modern style, fits perfectly into such an atmosphere. Thick glass, fencing area off the fire, makes use of this decorative element safe.

Living room cinema hall шт the rest zone of the private house

A combination of wooden flooring, wall paneling and wooden shelves ennobles the room, adding the veneer to it.

Canadian House Interior Design Review. Real hearth and the armchair for relaxing is the main trend of the Canadian suburban residence

Sofa, upholstered in textiles pleasant shade, fits perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work. Original coffee table attracting the attention of visitors and is a functional piece of furniture.

Kitchen and other functional areas

Designer had applied the methods of zoning for the most efficient use of all available space of the home. The dining room is separated from the recreation area in the form of a conventional wall bookshelf. Transparency of the shelf does not put bounds on the lighting of the room. Nevertheless, the original hanging lamp is provided over the table.

Dining zone railed off with wooden rack with books

The kitchen is separated by a floor covering. Here you can see undisguised laminate. This approach can be considered practical, since it allows the most efficient to maintain facilities` hygiene.

The kitchen island is also a way of separating the zone. There is the work surface and kitchen appliances behind it. You will notice a lot of cabinets and storage systems in this kitchen. As the lighting at night using spotlights abundance.

Light Canadian House Design mixing wooden material and light wall paint

The furniture is produced according to the modern style. This is particularly emphasizes by the straight lines and clear outlines of the correct forms. The combination of white and brown wood makes the interior exquisite. Chrome elements have stylish look.

A touch of austerity in the wooden kitchen interior of the Canadian house

Wooden staircase with solid steps leads to the upper floors. Transparent glass handrail partition makes it more elegant. It combines two functions:

  • security of movement around the house;
  • decoration.

Wooden stairs and glass safety partition

Desk in the space of ​​the home office is presented by a large surface of wooden countertop. Open shelves allow to place all the necessary things to work and decorate the space with the help of stylized accessories.

Study room with white walls, spotlight fixtures, wooden furniture and white contrasting chair

The bathroom combines practicality with style observed to the slightest detail. Huge mirrors provide the most comfort during the hygiene procedures. Separately isolated shower will retain all the water within it, avoiding spoiling of the coating in other parts of the room.

bathroom with double think and angle surface of the wooden counter

Toilet presupposes the existence of a small mirror and washstand. Even in this place there are decorative elements that make the space more comfortable.

beautiful alternative minimalistic design of the sink in the bathroom in the wooden counter and mirror

The designer of this small house in Canada had held the same style and color scheme in every room. Such an approach would preserve the room harmony, balance of colors and materials.


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