Choosing Among Most Popular Room Flooring Solutions

The building materials market offers a wide range of different floor coverings these days. Each of them is unique in its own way and has both advantages and disadvantages. Not only the overall appearance of the interior, but also the feeling of comfort and the «mood» of the room depends of the correct choice. Let’s plunge deeper into the possible variants and make the kitchen unforgettable choosing among most popular room flooring solutions.


Parquet is the most expensive way of finishing the floor, because it is a natural and most environmentally friendly floor covering. Moreover, high-quality parquet is made only of hard varieties of trees. The main advantage is its artistic appearance and unique texture, which can decorate and complement almost any interior. But do not forget that the wood requires special care. Such a floor is sensitive to moisture and temperature changes, therefore periodically requires additional surface treatment (varnishing, grinding, etc.)

Gray parquet in the coffee with milk color finished in restrained Casual style Vintage interior with carved ottoman and unusual pouff


Laminate is a practical replacement for parquet. The material has durability, strength and fire resistance. Unlike parquet, laminate does not require additional processing, while such a floor is easy to clean and has an attractive appearance. There are many types of material that differ by technical characteristics, as well as in color and texture, so the material will look great in any room.

Grayish and brown laminate for minimalsitic contemporary interior Fluffy monolith of gray carpeting in the Scandinavian styled bedroom

Self-leveling floors

The self-leveling floor can be a preparatory screed for laminate, linoleum, etc., and can also act as a finish floor covering (the minimum thickness can be 4 mm). The basis of the material is a self-leveling mixture, so this floor has a perfectly flat surface. The main feature of the material is the possibility of applying a 3D pattern, which makes it unique among other floor coverings.

Unusual lighting in the wooden trimmed Contemporary styled bedroom Choosing Among Most Popular Room Flooring Solutions. Gorgeous ultramodern studio apartment design with self-leveling concrete floor


Linoleum is a convenient and relatively inexpensive option for finishing the floor. Such qualities as practicality, heat and soundproof properties, ease of maintenance justify its popularity among other finishing materials. Of the disadvantages can be identified weak resistance to low temperatures: the material will harden and crack.

Galley kitchen which merges with other modern designed studio apartment's open layout Simple design for Classic styled children's room with working place

Carpet cover

Carpeting is a warm and cozy option of finishing the floor In contrast to the carpet, its flooring is carried out on the entire surface of the floor. There are different types of carpet covering: with long, medium and short nap. Also, depending on the type, the material may differ in its technical qualities.

Choosing Among Most Popular Room Flooring Solutions. Small nap carpeting in the oevrall style for the large bedroom with orange accent wall Choosing Among Most Popular Room Flooring Solutions. Wall wooden panels for modern designed bedroom with gray upholstered sides


Tiles have several advantages and are very popular, but most of all the material is appreciated for its resistance to moisture and temperature changes. The main its disadvantage is the low heat dissipation of the material, so the system of the warm floor must be connected in advance.

Noble ceramic tile in the ethno decorated Scandinavian bedroom with top rail lighting Mediterranean style dinterior of the large house with complex floor covering


When choosing a floor solution for a room, it is important to take into account many factors: permeability, load on the floor, temperature, humidity, functional area and overall design of the room. Therefore, you need to consider all the pros and cons before buying. Then the material will serve you more than one year. By the way, you can read about all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the materials here.


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