Classic Style Small Bathroom Remodel

Are you planning remodelling or reconstruction of the bathroom and still have not decided on the style? Perhaps you will be inspired with a design project for a small water-treatment-room with a classic situation. Elegance and beauty are in harmony with the practicality and traditional setting surprises with original choice of finishing materials, textiles and decoration.

Classic interior of the small bathroom

The small space of bathroom hold shower room, a toilet and a sink with a mirror together – a necessary set of plumbing for water and sanitation procedures. Seemingly, it is the usual small bathroom, but due to the successful selection of finishing materials and the use of some design tweaks, the room looks unique even in a traditional setting.

Classic Style Small Bathroom Remodel ideas

It is obvious that the basis of the design concept of the bathroom became the textiles. Using the water-resistant wallpaper for textile design of the vertical planes is a highlight of the interior. The floors, parts of the walls above the work surfaces and the shower were covered with white ceramic square shaped tile.

artificially weathered chest of drawers in the classic interior of the bath

Floral wallpaper pattern is reflected in the carpet, which is used for the convenience of residents, so that they do not have to stand on the cold tile floor in front of the sink or mirror.

artificially weathered chest of drawers in the classic interior of the bath

The space under the sink is decorated with a classic wooden chest covered with whitewashed structure. This design not only allows you to hide all the utilities, but also serves as a storage system.

Marble countertop in the creamy warm classic atmosphere of the bathroom

Stone countertop of small light peach shaded sink (in the same tone to wallpaper) is a good investment. Marble last a long time, it is resistant to chipping, scratching and hitting of a heavy objects. Light patina that comes with time, will just give old-world charm to the traditional bathroom setting.


Original mirror, which usually described as “in the frame and unframed,” because it have mirror edging. It gives the interior a gloss, not to mention the functional load.

Classic Style Small Bathroom Remodel ideas with Roman blinds

Roman blinds in bright stripes become the part of textile decor of the room. The shower space is covered by curtains with lambrequins, resembling a canopy over the bed in the classical style, which certainly brings an element of luxury and special charm to the bathroom decor.

Chic crystal chandelier in the classic bathroom design

And all the classic image of a bathroom is crowned by no less traditional chandelier with lots of glassy decorative elements, which are in the composition does not leave the doubt in stylistic predisposition room.

Classic style small bathroom remodel cons

As you can see, though the Classics is very cute and warm looking in the bath, it has few apparent minuses. First of all, the shower curtain is not practical at all. You should find an alternative very soon as it would be worn out. Bathroom is the place that doesn`t tolerate to extra tinsel like lambequins etc. that stuff is good for bedroom, not for bath. Another problem can be the chandelier. Its design and size is very impressive but less usable in conditions of wet premise. So, if you decide to remodel your small bathroom, you can use the ideas from the topic, but take care to think about alternative of the curtain and lighting.

To better understand the alternatives and maybe even be inspired by some ready solutions we can recommend you to see ideas for extra small bathrooms and also classic bathroom design ideas can be useful for you. Thanks for reading!

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