Computer Working Place at the Dining Room

Computer devices became an essential part of our lives a long time ago. Main work of many people is connected to the computer. In some apartments, for various reasons it is impossible to allocate space for new jobs. In such cases, you can equip a small work area in the kitchen or dining room. This will give you a makeshift computer working place at the dining room.

Computer Table in the wooden designed kitchen. makeshift computer working place at the dining room

During installation of the computer, it is important to take into account some of the nuances:

  1. in the kitchen should be installed powerful extractor: when fumes from cooking and dust will not settle on the technical devices;
  2. space in the kitchen should be thoroughly aired, because humidity will adversely affect the operation of your computer;
  3. wiring system must be necessarily branched.

Choosing a place in the kitchen

Computer workplace must be isolated from heaters. You can use kitchen cabinets as partitions:

Working place with the computer is adjacent to kitchen cupboards

It is best to install the computer in the kitchen away from all household kitchen appliances and washing. This is the best option for the working area, as neither moisture nor hot steam will not affect the computer equipment:

Remote makeshift computer working place at the dining room from household appliances

You can equip the workplace between household equipment and a sink, but it is not practical enough. On the one hand, water splashing, and on the other – the steam of cooking will fall on the comp table.

computer area right at the kitchen

Ways of placing computer devices

An excellent solution is to place a computer in the rack. The upper part of it is the usual shelf. And at the bottom you can easily fit monitor with keyboard.

Compy at the dining room rack

The desktop, built into cupboard with hanging and drawers, combines the practicality and convenience. Panel between the top drawer and countertop can also use for work area:

Computer desk in the wood design of the dining room

When the computer is more used as the TV, it is better to fix the monitor on the wall in order to save space:

Zoning of TV place and kitchen zone in your dining room

Or install it into a niche cupboard at eye level of a standing person, and all component parts will be hidden in the boxes:

Hidden desktop computer parts into dining room cupboard


A workplace in the dining room should be well lighted. Place a computer near window, it would be most rational decision. This will allow maximum use of natural light and economize on lighting fixtures:

Green computer desk near the vindow at the dining room

If you kitchen layout does not allow to use the space at the window, it is important to pay attention to proper artificial lighting. It is better to use recessed lighting, placing them above the computer device:

Computer table

Computer in the dining room is non-standard solution, and that`s why choosing of a regular computer table, which would correspond to the parameters of the kitchen, become problematic. Therefore, designers offer a variety of options for countertops.

For convenience and practicality it is advisable to use the angular space of the kitchen. Small countertop can be attached to the bar on the wall and in the corner. On one end, the construction is attached to the corner – on the other, leans on a bollard or a leg.

Small dining room computer workplace idea

Durable and reliable equipment for such computer desk can be a long and wide worktop. It fastens to the wall and bollard with drawers will provide solid support for it:

Working area at the tabletop with drawers

Tabletop can be equipped with or without supports. In this case it is necessary to use a strong mounting which ensure its safety and functionality. No visible supports would facilitate and expand the work area visually:

Fashionable glass computer table at the dining room

For two computer devices you`ll need longer countertop. It attaches to the wall and between the wall partitions. Support for such a table is advisable to do at the middle, constructing a cabinet with drawers from it.

Two computer workplaces at the dining room built-in to the kitchen furniture with ottoman seats

There is a huge number of methods and positioning of the computer in the kitchen. During planning of the work area, it is important to be guided by size of your living room and computer device: laptop need much less space than a desktop computer with the system unit and office equipment.

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