Cute Room Designs in the Modern Apartment

Whether you’re renovating your apartment or designing an apartment for clients, interior designing can be both exciting and challenging. There are always factors to consider like budget, the size of the apartment, and the style. You have to weigh the look of what you want with what you can afford. Also, don’t forget to take into account the size of the furniture pieces versus the size of your apartment. Here are some design ideas that can spark your creativity.

White interior color theme with contrasting wooden table i the living room

Room by Room

It’s always easier to decide how you want to design your apartment if you break it up room by room. Then you can jump onto Pinterest or interior design magazines to find cute room designs in the Modern Apartment and get visual ideas on what themes you’d like for each room. You can also look around for design compilations under one theme like “30 Best Small Apartment Design Ideas.” Do you want carpets, hardwood floors, white walls, brick? Should each room have its own theme or should there be a running theme throughout the rooms?

Place cut-outs of your ideas on a board so you can visually see what you’re after. Once you’ve done your research and priced items, take your time locating the right pieces. If picking right in the first place, you’ll have these pieces for years. Rushing to buy and finish a room may lead to poor investments.

Go Minimal

Minimal designs suit apartments because they often give a sleek, uncluttered look. When you select few pieces, you also give the illusion of space. With modern design, the cliché holds true: less is often more. Select your favorite pieces only and place them well. You can also select furniture pieces, rugs, and wall art by their color. You can decorate a room in shades of blue, black and white, or white with streaks of one other color.

Sometimes, the size of the apartment may simply force you to go minimal. There are many types of furniture that encourage you to go small: futons, folding tables, chests that double as tables, and bunk beds are examples.

Contemporary fresh bedroom design with thorough additional lighting of the bed

Use Accents

Here’s where you get to use your favorite painting or work of art and place it in the room as an accent. If you’re a photographer, painter, or sculptor, don’t hesitate to display your own works. An at-home gallery with your own pieces makes it both artistic and personal. If you want to bring in friends’ work, you can personalize your space with sentimental gifts. Accents are special because they let you put your personal stamp on your living space.

Try not to go overboard with prints and materials. It’s best not to mix rattan, glass, wood, and plastic all together. Try to streamline your materials into just one or two types of materials.

Mix Old and New

Vintage finds can highlight newer pieces and vice versa. There is no doubt that interior designing can get expensive. But here’s where you can figure out how to work within a budget. Spend on one or two expensive items. The others? Find them vintage.

There are great flea markets that offer furniture pieces on a bargain. These pieces do require some research but integrating them into your room can give your rooms a unique and eclectic flair. If you need ideas on how to expertly mix old and new designs, look for photos of cute room designs that emphasize ways to integrate the two.

Quilted headboard for Scandi and Vintage mix of designs in the bedroom

Get Creative

Designing a modern apartment is already a creative endeavor. But now you can explore. Do you want to build your own bookshelf to save space? Maybe you’d like a corner of one of the rooms devoted to indoor plants? Do you need to open up the room more? Exploring how to make additional furniture and accessories in your apartment is a great way to add your own design pieces to your rooms.

Shelves can be part of the wall rather than movable units. You can find a way to attach your wide-screen TV to the wall, too. Sometimes a simple interior partition can be used to separate two rooms. Do-it-yourself projects are a fun way to personalize your home and create customized design pieces for your space.

Finding creativity for your design project can come and should come from all different avenues. Scour photos of cute room designs and take plenty of notes. Then follow through step by step. What’s important is creating a space that is beautiful, intimate, and serves as your own special retreat.


Image source: Deposit photos