Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble

Dark laminate is definitely in rage. It gives character and individuality to interiors, and by combining with other elements, it can even optically enlarge a room. However, be careful: too many dark colors will provide a depressive and overwhelming effect. That’s why some useful tips on using dark laminate to make your home design noble are worth considering.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Classic living room with large leather upholstered coffee table

Dark Laminate in the Interior: Connect the Floor with the Appropriate Furniture and Equipment

The most harmonious effect can be achieved by combining dark floors with white walls and wooden furniture in bright colors. Dark furniture can also look harmoniously, providing additional warmth, but only if you use light enough colors for the rest of the room, walls and ceiling.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Living zone in the large open layout space of the cottage

Tip! Rely on a cozy atmosphere: give preference to your favorite color on the wall and carpet in a similar shade. The choice of other accessories is equally important: dark floors, complemented by leather furniture, warm carpets and accessories will add refinement to almost any room. The combination of dark laminate with oriental rugs or pelts, pillows in intense colors can be the basis for ethnic style.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Unusual African ethnic motiffs in the living room interior with large plant

Dark Color Laminate: Create Extra Depth

Many people believe that the room will look smaller because of the dark floor. It is not always right. On the contrary, a dark laminate can provide additional depth if you paint the walls and ceiling correctly.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Pronounced Classics in white interior with purple accents

Tip! Combine the dark floor with light walls and ceiling to make the room wider. If you decorate the ceiling in the dark, the room will become wider and longer.

Wooden trimmed floor and ceiling of the living room with panoramic windows

The Combination of Dark Floor and Walls with a Light Ceiling

The most problematic combination is undoubtedly the combination of dark laminate, light ceiling and dim walls. But using the appropriate interior lighting, you can create an interesting shadow effect in which the light will fall from above.

Striking black walls and white dining group in the room

Dark Laminate: Combination

The dark wooden floor creates excellent placement possibilities; the vast majority of colors are suitable for it. Especially good this laminate will be combined with:

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Colorful sofa and red walls

In Which Rooms does a Dark Laminate Look Best?

It should be remembered that the dark floor visually reduces the room and is a fairly strong accent in the layout. Dark laminate gives the interior depth, dignity and elegance. However, it can significantly reduce too small rooms, creating the mood of a dimly lit basement. Let’s see in which interiors the dark laminate floor looks best.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Casual styled living room with panoramic sash windows

Spacious rooms

Dark laminate will give a cozy character, warmth and nobility to a large and spacious interior. It will correct too high room, optically reducing it. On spacious areas, exotic floors look particularly impressive and beautiful, being the dominant element of interior design. In a minimalist style, the dark floor decorates the room, eliminating the impression of a sterile laboratory, and in classical interiors – deepen the effect of elegance and prestige.

Successfully arranged cottage open space full of natural light and modern furniture

Tip! The deep colors of the walls and floors present a depressing mood, can negatively affect the well-being of vulnerable family members, and even cause depression. If you decide on the dark color of the floor, it is better to exclude similar shades on the walls. It is also worth using a dark laminate in interiors that are filled to the maximum with daylight, whichmeans having a lot of windows.

Loft design full of natural wooden materials

Dark Oak Laminate and Other Imitations of Natural Wood

Today, the laminate is able to imitate any type of natural wood, which allows improving the interior of the house for a relatively reasonable price. The most popular types of laminate wood are:

Such wood looks impressive in stylish apartments: elegant classics, spacious lofts and oriental arrangements. Despite the strong trend towards the white floor, promoted by Scandinavian interiors, dark boards also look good in modern minimalism.

Classic room with white furniture and accentual dark oak laminate

Dark Laminate and Light Wallpaper – the Way to an Elegant and Modern Interior

A bold contrast between the deep dark tones of the floor and the clean white walls will create a climate that defines the entire design of the room. Using this combination, you can abandon the fancy additions and organize a minimalist style. Dark laminate on the floor loves the company of valuable interior items and shiny surfaces. It looks great in combination with glass, metal, mirror surface or stone. Such an arrangement would be elegant.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Small rest room with the upholstered armchair

Dark Laminate in the Design of the Apartment: Think about the Surface and Take Care of Lighting

It should be remembered that the dark floor visually reduces the interior, so it works best in large, open and well-lit rooms. Dark boards will look different during the day, given the natural light or light bulbs. Therefore, the number and distribution of light sources is especially important in a room with a dark laminate, which will make the interior brighter than it really is.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Quilted design of different furniture elements for modern bedroom

Durability and Aesthetics of the Floor

Choosing the dark floor often raises concerns about the ease of maintaining its aesthetic appearance. However, if you choose high-quality laminate, you will not have to worry about its durability and aesthetics.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Ultramodern living room design with large windows and metal framed furniture

Do not be afraid of interiors with a dark floor to the fore. Effective color combinations and a good selection of accessories will help create an original and elegant interior.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. White wallpaper and bed for Casual styled bedroom

Dark laminate flooring is the perfect backdrop for antique, stylized or solid wood furniture. With this combination you will create interiors in the style of Louis or Oriental themes.

Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Chic solid looking floor for Classic bedroom

Proponents of more modern arrangements will appreciate the fact that the dark floor is ideal for combinations with glass, concrete or chrome steel.

Faux-concrete wall decoration with striking suspended airy stairs

Enjoy dark floor interiors. dark laminate offers interesting design solutions, photo-ideas are endless.

Loft designed bedroom with white walls and chocolate floor and furniture Brickwork designed wall with niches in the corridor with dark oak laminate Jack-and-Jill bathroom with sliding wooden doors Casual design of the corridor Absolutely authentic design of the house in Ethnic motiffs Chic interior of the open space of the private house Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Classic styled design of the zoned apartment Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Laminated headboard and large ned for modern styled bedroom with fluffy carpteting Dark Laminate to Make Your Home Design Noble. Vintage bar stools in Contemporary styled kitchen with accent color scheme Totally white dining room with contrasting dark floor

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