Design of the Narrow Bedroom. How to Correct Geometry of the Space

Far not every apartment’s rooms have the correct geometric shape. Often we left one-by-one with the need to refresh the design of the narrow bedroom. How to correct the geometry of the space? How to decorate a narrow bedroom? There are many design techniques and tricks that allow you to visually change the geometry of space, creating a cozy and beautiful room. Let’s consider the main points.

Azure wall paint color and tabletop in modern styled bedroom Classic layout with planked accent wall Platform bed in modern styled room with colorful shades Black wrought iron bed frame


The plan on paper will help to correctly arrange all the interior items. If the area of ​​a narrow room, allows you to put other furniture except for a berth, then it is worth taking into account a few simple rules:

  • do not place objects along long walls, otherwise the already narrow bedroom will resemble a narrow corridor;
  • the U-shaped arrangement of furniture is an excellent option for a narrow children’s bedroom. In this case, all functional will be concentrated in one zone, and there will be enough free space in the other one;
  • in a very narrow room, the optimal solution will be the L-shaped arrangement of furniture pieces;
  • asymmetrical arrangement and objects of different heights visually expand the room.

Wooden swivel screen with TV for zoning the bedroom Naturalistic touch of the room's design Unusual Classic with touch of Oriental motifs for the small bedroom

Where to put the bed?

Everyone tries to choose the most comfortable bed. However, in a narrow bedroom, its placement can be problematic. In a similar room it is better to install a bed either along, or across a long wall. In the second case, there is enough free space for other furniture, but for a double bed it is important to leave a passage on both sides – 80 cm from each side will be enough. If it is not a problem for you to climb over a neighbor, then you can leave the passage only on one side. So, you will save extra space.

Modern stylistic in the room with slanted ceiling and white color palette Open ceiling beams in the modern loft bedroom Plates as the mean of decoration of the space Blue contrasting wall painting for Classic American house Bed coverlet with ornament for modern room

A good solution for a small room is to install a bed along a long wall. Excellent, if there is room for passageways on the sides, but then placing other interior items can be problematic.

White room with unusual cell-looking decoration on opposite walls Dark blue coverlet in the white decorated room with black headboard Total gray decoration of the bedroom with one large colorful picture Noble looking cute brownish design for relaxing atmosphere

In addition to standard solutions, the bed can also be installed in a niche, behind partitions or screens. Definitely, choosing a bed placement in a small narrow room is always a compromise between functionality and convenience.

Pale creamy and white color solution for Casual styled bedroom Bookshelf as the partition between parts of the studio apartment Grayish decor of the multifunctional bedroom with resting zone

Design of a narrow bedroom: what are the professionals advising?

The correct design will help make the room not only cozy and beautiful, but also visually expand it. Here an important role is played by the color solution and other tricks of designers, following which one can achieve an amazing result:

  • combine warm and cold shades. Paint short walls in warm colors (for example, terracotta, peach); and long ones – in cold tones, such as blue, snow-white, light lilac and others;
  • use bright details. It’s a great idea to focus on broad wallpaper or painted stripes. So, if the window is located on a short wall, it can be decorated with curtains with horizontal stripes;

Classic design of the bedroom with royal chandelier, white coverlet and many pillows

  • Avoid vertical strips and drawings: they will make the room even narrower;
  • give up all unnecessary, do not clutter the already narrow room with cabinets and other massive furniture;

Tight bedroom with plenty of natural light

  • hang a mirror on one of the long walls – this will visually expand the boundaries of the room;

Mirror screens to zone modern white colored bedroom with open ceilng beams

  • if you paste one wall with the “relevant” wallpaper, it can significantly optimize the space;
  • think over the lighting: in a narrow room you need to organize several fixtures. Do not clutter the window opening. The abundance of sunlight will make the bedroom more spacious.

Green opposite walls and white ceiling and accent wall for the narrow bedroom Quilted white ottoman and the dark design of the accent wall for Contemporary bedroom LED ceiling lighting and modern setting for intimate atmosphere of the bedroom Three parts of the picture composition abobe the headboard in the narrow wooden decorated bedroom Totally white room with gray bed frame and big window

Comfortable interior

Of course, the main element of any bedroom is a bed. But sometimes not every homeowner can do without such items as a closet, chest of drawers, a dressing table. And even a desktop with a chair is an important element of bedroom arrangement for some people. With a competent approach in a narrow room, the necessary items can be arranged harmoniously. In this case it is worth giving preference to multifunctional furniture:

Complex ceiling design with open construction and accent deep purple wall with TV-panel Light gray cute design for the Casual styled narrow bedroom Creamy walls and closet along with natural colored laminate for Contemporary styled bedroom

  • you can combine a dressing table and a desktop. Contemporary manufacturers can propose many interesting two-in-one variants. For more space savings, you can also include a bedside table here;
  • the hinged desktop will take up very little space, and after the completion of the work it can be easily removed;
  • does the bedside table with the lamps fit the room? The optimal solution in this case is the arrangement of a shelf above the headboard with lamps or lighting.

Pale olive wall paint for the modern styled bedroom at the first floor of the cottage Loft located bedroom with the window at the slant and white calm decoration

Zoning of a narrow bedroom

In a narrow long bedroom, you can safely use zoning techniques. Delimitation of space with a screen, partition, small table, and sofa is an excellent solution to solve the problem of a narrow room.

Wooden inner trimming of the narrow bedroom with panoramic windows High ceiling and woven screen for the modern bedroom design

Is there no way to use the cardinal methods of distribution the space? You can try conditional, using a carpet or a contrasting floor finish.

Gorgeous design for the modern light toned narrow bedroom with pink curtains

It is better not to use solid partitions from ceiling to floor. This can significantly obscure the room.

Design of the narrow bedroom. How to correct the geometry of the space: other tricks you can use

To brighten the excessive elongation of the room will help elements of a square shape, such as an ottoman, carpet, table, chandelier or paintings. Try to avoid rectangular shapes.

Small bedroom Casual design with picture of the poppy at the headboard

The bed can be installed on a special podium, which, in addition to the aesthetic function. It can fulfill the practical role of the cabinet to store the necessary things.

Chic podium bed with storage at the ultramodern bedroom Original storage shelving in the modern narrow bedroom with platform bed

By painting the walls in different tones, you can significantly rectify the geometry of space. It will distract the view from one of the long walls, visually pushing the boundaries of the room.

Classic furniture arrangement in the Casual styled bedroom Cute design idea to arrange the headboard zone with lighting Chalkboard at the head of the platform bed

As for wall coverings, feel free to use wallpaper with a small pattern, rhombuses. The horizontal strip will expand the room, but lower the ceiling.

Leave the ceiling white – this will visually lift it.

Dark green wall painting for small bedroom Narrow bedroom with bed and ottoman composition Bay window in the Classic bedroom with fireplace

Use oval, round carpets or a few compact mats. A floor covering with a transverse pattern will make the geometry of the narrow room more correct.

Massive cabinets can be replaced with small shelves or drawers under the bed.

Berth at the windowsill of the neat designed room Bedroom with spheric metal chandelier and dark headboard Casual styled bedroom with many shades of gray and wooden furniture Olive wall paint to revive the atmosphere of the bedroom Coffee with milk color scheme for the bedroom with two bunk beds

If you think that in a bedroom, besides a luxurious bed, there should not be any extra items, boldly occupy a free area with the bed. It is enough to leave a small passage and a place for a bedside table. The ideal option for an elongated room is a round bed.

We hope this article will help you to nicely and comfortably equip a narrow bedroom.