Dining Room in Art Nouveau Style

If you consider yourself as a modern personal, so you naturally want to have everything modern in your life, ranging from clothing to interior of the apartment, its design. And if you’re a creative nature, the Art Nouveau created for you precisely, because the very name of the style is translated from French as “modern”. The style emerged in the late XIX century and immediately became popular, not only in the arts but also in architecture and interior design.

But for unknown reasons, its popularity quickly faded, and only in recent years of the XX century this style broke into a modern interior again. What it is the modern today, what its features? In this article you will find answers for suchlike questions. And not to be atomized throughout the whole apartment, we, for example, will review the modern dining room, decorated according the Art Nouveau style today.

The color palette

Art Nouveau dining room should have natural colors and natural tones.

It may be some colors and shades like beige, olive, brown (mustard), light green (marsh), the color of gold or silver. And white of course. There is no design style can do without it nowadays. The entire color palette should create a relaxed, warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Wherein style of Modern does not imply a strict arrangement of these colors. Here you can find the complete dominance of any chosen color.

Wooden harsh furniture perfectly fits white Modern dining room

In one case, the dark tones can be used for flooring and walls can be painted in light colors. Otherwise, these colors can safely be used in exactly opposite way. Here, in this matter, your taste is the most important thing.

Creamy decoration hues of Modern dining


Zoning of the dining room

Typically, dining room combined with kitchen, because it is very convenient in matters of preparing and serving.

That`s why, zoning of the common kitchen and dining area suggested itself. This makes the interior of the dining room more attractive.

There are many options to separate dining space into individual zone. This can be accomplished in the following ways:

  • By laying the floor covering of different texture and color:

Luxurious marble flooring in thw spacious royal dining roomEven a carpet can find its place in Modern dining room interior

  • Make your floor or ceiling of two-levels:

Nice fashionable dining room in minimalistic Modern styleModern style of a Dining room with black wooden furniture and a two-leveled floor

  • By setting the bar or furniture related to another room status:

Creative design of dining room in Art Nouveau styleDining room transforming into a working cabinet in very small apartment

  • By separate color background of different hues:

Multicolor decoration of the dining room in Art Nouveau stylistic pattern

Classic Art Nouveau Dining room with different background colors


  • By installation of local partition wall, which can have both a permanent and temporary basis. Often in such solid partitions designers organize space for built-in shelves where you can store tableware or any accessories.

Creative partition wall in the dining roomSolid wodden decorated wall partition between dining room and the rest zoneNice combined semi-transparent partition wall in dining room

  • “Modern” style often uses columns as a partition. While at the same time with this function, the columns are used for their intended purpose: to support structure of the ceiling, its beams.

Columns of gypsum as a functional and decorative part of Modern dining room

Furniture: the materials used

Nouveau style involves the use of precious wood species, marble, ceramics, expensive fabrics. The first two materials dominate in the manufacture of furniture in the Art Nouveau style.

Wooden tables look massive, have traces of rough finishing. But style of Modern is no stranger to a certain refinement, so more classic and common wooden interior furniture also can be used . The surface of such furniture should be smooth, covered with paint from the color palette of Modern style. Such furniture looks elegant and refined.

Varnished smooth wooden table in the dining room of Nouveau styleHarsh natural wooden table in Art Nouveau dining room

Dining table, which plate is made of marble gives a special charm to the dining room. Marble has always been a sign of wealth of its owner. It is a kind of chivalrous generosity always exuded from such tables. Agree that such table would be an excellent decoration of your dining room and the object of admiration of your guests.

If we talk about chairs and stools, their assortment is quite diverse. There are can be chairs, which structurally reminiscent of the last century. And modern design can be used also. Because of this diversity and freedom of choice, Art Nouveau becomes even more attractive for its fans. A characteristic feature of modern furniture is rounded forms, especially for chairs and tables.

Round table in the Modern dining room interiorelongate dining room table also can be used for Art Nouveau style

Metal is not less popular for this style, however, forged products are barely used in the interior, but for the manufacture of furniture in this style, this material is widely applicable.

Furniture made with metal elements, looks modern, easily and gracefully. Design of the chairs, armchairs made of metal is quite diverse, making the interior more interesting and contemporary.

Metal furniture in the dining room of Modern style

Despite the fact that the style prefers island location of the dining area, yet if it has a design of the kitchen corner, this will not spoil the interior of your dining room. The main thing is to respect the general concept of style in colors, materials and decor.

Floor: materials for use

The main requirement for the flooring in the dining room is its hygiene. There are no other restrictions. And this should be considered in selecting a material for the floor covering. Most housewives prefer most popular covering – linoleum. There are many advantages – it can easily be brought into a clean state, low cost and ease of installation. If we talk about the popular structure of the linoleum`s material, wood imitating is the top one.

With proper family budget your floor, covered with parquet, ceramic or laminate will make your dining room more beautiful.

Dotted tile in the modern dining room interior combined floor cover in the dining and recreation zones

Lighting in the dining room

In the dining room of the Art Nouveau style, you can safely experiment with lighting. In this case, the use both classical chandeliers and modern spotlights is permitted.

Combined lighting in the dining room

Lighting of the dining area should be muted, dim. All sorts of built-in lights are widely used to do this.
Dining room chandelier in Modern interior

Chandelier over the dining table can be of any form: from the simplest to the most exquisite and original. The main thing is that its light should be scattered.

Built-in ceiling lights in the modern minimalstic dining room interior

Dome-shaped lamps are specific for this style. While the material of lamps is not so important. Their domed shape is the main condition.

Scandinavian style dome-shapedchandeliers also used in Art Nouveau interior of the dining room

Windows in the dining room in Art Nouveau Style

Window openings in the modern dining room are not limited in the area. This may be a full-length window wall, wherein they may be structurally binding, or it may be presented in the form of a glass wall.

Window pane in the Dining Room in Art Nouveau Style


Also, the window may have a limited plane in the form of small openings. They may be located in the upper part of the wall and in its bottom. It is natural that they should be able to open for the room ventilation.

If we talk about decorating the windows, you will not see the revolutionary ideas in this article, because, basically, they`re missing: the window are fully open to the contemplation of the world.

Although, without a classic decor this style is incomplete. In the dining room you can see the Art Nouveau window curtains. In this case they have more practical value than ornamental. No frills in the decor, which are inherent to other styles.

Nothing superfluous in modern dining room interior design

Decor and Accessories

Experts recommend to have accessories in large rooms. For small canteens and dining rooms it is best to confine with the placing of paintings on the wall. Abstract pictures is the best choice.

Comfortable design of the dining room with expressionistic picture

The range of accessories is not limited, although preference is given to modern compositions. Combination of modern accessories and “ancient legends” is possible. Ecological or Eastern patterns would be also great ideas.

Eco design in modern dining room

The presence in the dining area of ​​any vegetation, not to mention the exotic one, will decorate it of course.

In conclusion

I would like to draw your attention that the interior of the Art Nouveau style does not imply an congestion of furniture to the detriment of the decor of the room. Everything should be in moderation, even, in some way, with elements of asceticism.

We hope that you have received exhaustive information for complete design of your dining room in Art Nouveau.

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