DIY Bookshelf Interior Decorating Idea

Unusual and creative thing in the interior made with your own hands can become an indispensable attribute of the style and taste of the house owners. Try to create a bright wooden stand for books, and your room will be transformed significantly. Let us to give you a small tip how to turn small DIY bookshelf interior decorating idea into creation of your own cool interior accessory for everyday use.


  1. half of the log (can be either thick or thinner);
  2. brushes;
  3. paint of different colors;
  4. sanding Block:
  5. saw;
  6. lacquer for the ready product (optionally).

DIY Bookshelf Interior Decorating Idea. Starting materials

DIY Bookshelf Interior Decorating Idea. Step by step instruction

  1. Pick the timber, which size is best suited for the future stand. If you can not find the best option, it is necessary to use a saw. As a result you should have wide enough foundation for the product to securely hold collection of your favorite books. Saw logs into 4 sectors from which you can make two stands, complementing each other.
  2. It is also possible to cut out the central portion of the billet, depending on how many books are you going to host. But this is all up to you.
  3. Thoroughly clean the surface of the sections from the chips using sandpaper. Top of the future product (cortical surface) is better to be left in a natural condition.
  4. Prepare the paint for decoration. In this case, used gold (yellow), peach and pink colors. Ombre effect looks very refined here: pink smoothly flows into the peach and peach turns into gold. Thoroughly dry the finished product. Such support can be, for example, to store your most favorite books or most commonly used literature.

DIY Bookshelf Interior Decorating Idea. Step-by-step instruction to produce the colorful decorative element

Lacquer for the project is not necessary. Here we left the stand more natural and genuine. But if you wish you can cover the product with lacquer, giving it a light sheen and finished look.

DIY Bookshelf Interior Decorating Idea. The final form of the wooden bookshelf

Decor in this case may be the most uncommon and varied. To leave the product in its original natural form, to make it monochromatic, multi-colored or to follow our example – you decide. The main thing is your favorite bookend have to look harmoniously with the overall interior.


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