Dutch Apartment Interior Design Review

We offer you a short tour of the apartment interior in the Netherlands, decorated in European style with original, colorful decor. In the spirit of the Scandinavian tradition almost all the dwelling rooms are decorated in bright colors and used a neutral palette in the furnishings. But the decorations, textiles, carpeting and interior accessories bring brightness and individuality to the ambience. Let us explore the situation in this Dutch apartment interior design review.

We begin our tour, by tradition, from the main and central room in the apartment – living room. This spacious room with high ceilings become a haven not only for the guest zone, but also for the dining area. Let`s review segment of the rest at first: a comfortable sofa with a practical dark gray upholstery became the center of a soft zone with, being located on a warm rug with long pile. The modern interiors are increasingly using the constructive imitation of the fireplace. This piece of furniture does not perform the function of heating the room, but, of course, decorate it and raises its status and level of attractiveness. In the niche of the fireplace more often we can find improvised composition of candles (sometimes candlesticks of different modifications). Mantelpiece as a stand for different cute decorations and knick-knacks. Mirror in the beautiful frame or original painting should be located above the fireplace. At both sides of the fireplace, or over the mantelpiece wall lamps or sconces are placed. As a result, even the inactive fireplace becomes the center of focus of attention.

Dutch apartment interior design in green and light colors with decorating fireplace

Particular attention should be paid to the coffee table of the original design. This piece of furniture is more like a pallet, collected from various pieces of wood, painted in bright colors. Low table not only performs perfectly functional stand, but also a variety of color palette of living, introduces an element of uniqueness, because this piece of furniture can be made with your own hands for personalizing space.

DIY wooden table on the fluffy carpet with books in the Dutch apartment design

Opposite the sofa, in the space between the windows was placed TV-area surrounded by abundant decor. There is photo in dark frame, and a large tub in the living plant, made in the form of a wicker basket, and a bouquet in a vase on a low stand.

Unique and simple apartment interior design in the Netherlands with wooden floor and green plants

Most often modern interior harmoniously comprises old furniture and antique décor. And in the living room white color of the walls became the perfect backdrop for a pair of old valises, which can be used as a storage element and decor of fairly restrained interior design ideas.

Valises as decorating idea looks fresh and precipitously in the Dutch apartment interior

Here, in the living room, is located a dining room area with a original dining group. Painted black roomy wooden table gathered around it white chairs of the famous designer with snow-white seats and wooden legs of light wooden species. But the undisputed leader of this group was a narrow sofa of bright emerald color with decor.

Dutch apartment interior design review. Unique dining zone decoration with candlesticks under the glass and turquoise interior design ideas in Dutch apartment

The room is big enough, so only one ceiling fixture to illuminate the two zones with different functional is not enough. Wall sconces are designed to provide a sufficient amount of light throughout the room. To create a more intimate, romantic atmosphere, you can use candles, placed in different parts of the premises. Fresh apartment interior design ideas are in the smallest details of the atmosphere.

Dining zone in the living with white chairs and turquoise sofa. Coarse wooden table with glass boxes for the candles

Designer`s  know-how has become perfectly matched color scheme for the sofa and carpet ornament. Bright, but pleasing to the eye color of saturated malachite became accentual for dining area.

Dutch apartment interior design review. Another foreshortening of the decorated table in the dining zone in the Dutch apartment living room

On snow-white staircase, past decorative composition composed of a small photo in the framework, mirrors and clocks, raising up to the second floor, where we are going to review private rooms and utility rooms.

Decorated wall with photos, pictures and impressionistic elements in the Dutch apartment

In the first bedroom with a snow-white trim the attention is attracted by not even a central piece of furniture – a large bed with upholstered headboard and composition of antique bedside tables, table floor lamps with original décor and mirrors with unusual shapes are essential parts of this modern home design concept.

Bedroom with intimate warm light from the crystal lamp on the bedside table

Another bedroom is located in a room with sloping ceilings and complex geometry of the room. Decoration in this case is the perfect execution of all surfaces and excellent background for the black wrought-iron beds. To dilute the snow-white idyll on the attic space is managed by a bright paintings and colored bed textiles.

Bedroom with wrought bed and white and red linen and pillows stylistic in the Dutch apartment

Attic spaces is not prodigious for storage, so you need to cut out any possibility to install built-in cabinets and drawers. Makeshift dressing table, situated on a low storage, is well lit, thanks to the determination of a roof window.

Dutch apartment interior design review. Bedroom table with personal stuff

Next to the bedroom is a bathroom lined with of glossy ” light blue “metro tiles. A little warmth in the cool finishing facilities for water treatment brought trimming of the space under the bath using slatted wood panels.

Classic and even antique design of the bath in the Dutch apartment`s bathroom with blue tile and wooden linings

A small but sufficient room size fits all the necessary sanitary ware and attributes to it. Against the background of bright shades of blue tiles white plumbing looks especially dazzling.

Simple but rather effective design of the bathroom in the modern apartment in Netherlands

Even in a utilitarian room was a place for additional decoration for installation of green plants for example in a vase.

Arched tap and blue tile in the austere interior design of the Dutch apartment

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