Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest

The use of eco style design motifs for the decoration of a private house requires not only the use of natural materials but also color palette that has a natural origin. No matter how much mankind would reinvent the progressive construction and finishing materials, but only raw materials created by nature itself are able to bring genuine warmth in our homes. The only question is that the creation of the interior with absolutely safe materials that would make no harm to the human and the environment during the whole process of processing is not cheap. Manufacturing of easy to use environment-friendly materials, in the processing of which did not participate any petroleum products are expensive. Therefore the final result is available to not everyone. But as the result we achieve the room with fresh air, filled with natural warmth. It is worth of such spending. Let’s review the design project of eco style for country house in the pine forest, which both outside the windows and indoors cherishes harmony, natural warmth and natural color palette.

Eco style is always plenty of space and light. It is difficult to achieve such an effect in a small city apartment. But a large private house with high ceilings and panoramic windows is a great blank sheet for designers’ ideas of creating a sustainable and modern interior.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Nice panoramic windows provide inimitable view of the nature

It was possible living area managed to organize, dining room, kitchen and hallway due to the open layout of the In spacious first floor. And they’ve managed to do this in such fashion that the sense of freedom, lightness and even weightlessness would not leave anyone of the present people in every functional segment. The decoration has played an important role in the matter of giving ease to such a great room. We can admit small in size wall segments (anything that is not a glass surface) in white color, the use of light wood with beautiful natural pattern for the decoration of windows, doors and the space around them, flooring with similar material.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Living room in the open layout space of large house' first floor

What living room of a country house can do without a chimney? the hearth is positioned so that it is visible from any point of spacious rooms in this restroom. A large construction has been a place of organization not only the original fireplace with originally designed woodpile, but also the video area with a large TV. Dark execution of the space around the hearth was a contrasting spot in the bright interior of the living room. It is the highlight of the area. The large fireplace became the focal point around which is built the rest of the layout of the living room. A vast soft seating area is located so that everyone sitting in the comfortable sofas or chairs could watch the dancing flames.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Original construction of the fireplace

Soft living room seating area is decorated in shades of gray. The huge sofa, comfortable chairs, a large coffee table and original ottoman have made organic and practical composition, which looks not only modern, but also doesn’t “pull” the attention from the luxurious landscape outside the window.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Close-up from the top view of the furniture set in the living room

Eco style stands for retaining the feeling of spaciousness and freedom under all conditions. If you have an ability not to use high storage systems, but to set dressers or low shelves – it is necessary to do in order to maintain the concept of style. In the living room of a country house the whole situation is impregnated with natural spirit. Not only furniture is wooden, but even lighting is in the form of mushroom.

Mushroom lamp in the full of light space of the private house

Lounge became the focal center of the entire first floor of a country homeownership – in this area you can freely get to the dining section, a kitchen or climb to the second floor to the private room.

First floor overview with the staircase to the second level

Dining area is located in close proximity to the living room. Round dining table made of solid wood and comfortable soft upholstered armchairs have constituted an incredibly harmonious union. Despite the execution of dark frames of chairs, all the dining group looks fresh and impressive, thanks to the light atmosphere – the abundance of windows and snow-white surfaces. Large chandelier with eco-friendly design became the effective complement to the image of the table segment.

Nice dining group with original design of the chandelier in the form of peculiar antlers

Natural materials and colors also prevail in the kitchen space – smooth facades furniture set looks modern, practical and functional. Splashback decoration and flooring perfectly complement the image of the room, creating an incredibly comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. Only shine of the stainless steel and glossy finishing of the splashback dilute the matt harmony of the kitchen space.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Solid wood panels for the kitchen furniture set

There are uniquely decorated rooms a country house, especially the auxiliary ones. Spacious snow-white space with colorful art work and original design seats result into the original alliance.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Unusual design elements

there are few symptoms of eco style inside the bedroom. But the modern style, practicality and functionality have been put at the forefront. The spacious room with light trim is literally “breathes” with the spaciousness and freedom. Contrasting combinations in the furnishing and decor (wall mostly) have complemented the image of a sleeping room with notes dynamism and some drama. But, at the same time, space of the bedroom remained loyal to the fundamental concept of the premises – calm, relaxing atmosphere for a strong and healthy sleep.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Canopy frame in the bedroom with dark wooden trimming

Bathroom, adjacent to the bedroom, is decorated in similar colors. A white ceramic tile on the walls, dark floors and “intermediate” dark beige color for storage have amounted to a harmonious and balanced union. A pleasant, relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom is the key to a pleasant and recreational water treatments.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Strict wooden facades in the bedroom with unusual sink form

Not only the color combinations, the dark execution of the bottom part, and the light top, but also an abundance of glass and mirror surfaces that reflect light and wipe out the room boundaries have helped to visually expand the space of the utilitarian premises. Lighting system in the form of original and beautiful hanging lamps played an important role in creating the image of a spacious, bright but comfortable room.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Large mirror for the bathroom

Another bedroom is decorated mostly white and its blend with different shades of gray tones. Strict, but cozy atmosphere of the room for sleeping is striking in its brevity and contemporary spirit.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Bedroom with nice bedside table and nightlamp

Bathroom next to the second bedroom is decorated with the same finishes and color combinations. Why would “reinvent the wheel” if practical, versatile and attractive colors have long been found. And with the help of modern materials you can create a veneer behind which is easy to care for.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Metro tile in the bathroom shower cabine

The ergonomic layout of plumbing, convenient storage, glass and mirror surfaces – everything in this interior “works” to create an attractive, practical and at the same time comfortable image of utilitarian space.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Bathroom with the glass door, dark gray floor and furniture facades

Country house rarely can do without the cozy seating area in the fresh air. In our case, you can notice the segment for barbecue, dining and entertaining under the shed on the wooden platform. Dark garden furniture looks contrasting and a little dramatic against the background of light wood and masonry of the outdoor fireplace.

Eco Style for Country House in the Pine Forest. Fresh air terrace with the brutal dark furniture

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