Modern Hand Embroidery Interior Design Ideas

Of all the interior decorations the embroidery interior design ideas are the most understated and elegant ones. A long time ago the panels and wipes, towels, tablecloths were considered valuable family charms. The product which is decorated with painstaking handwork of hostess was handed down. It was kept as a precious relic. Embroidery was putted on the most important thing for a man – pillows, blankets, shirts, tablecloths, towels, linen and even outerwear.

Laborious work has lasted for days, months, years. The decoration of houses in Russia and other Eastern European countries (for example), cannot be imagined without noble exclusive embroidery. But over time women began to work on an equal footing with men, that`s why they hadn`t extra time for handwork.

Modern hand embroidery interior design ideas in the house

Fortunately, people pay much more attention to design of their homes nowadays. The desire for eccentricity, individualism has become fashionable as it never was. The interior design is transformed into a luxurious decoration. Wanting to make the apartment more comfortable, cozy, most “personal” and warm, people are returning to the art of hand-making accessories.

Funky diy eclectic interior of the colorful living with lots of stuff

This idea ignited designers and decorators, and soon the manufacturers, sellers of textiles and furniture too. Hand embroidery occupies its individual place among the sophisticated accessories and simple lines. It beneficially emphasizes the beauty and individuality of the design, refined taste of households.

Bright embroidered living room design

Before decorating the interior with such handicrafts, you must take into account several important points: the overall style of the room, the purpose of the work itself, the appearance of the apartment or house in general. Only after you decide these issues, you can freely get to work or to order the desired product for professional masters. The choice of colors, schemes, embroidery sizes will affect the overall look and harmony of the home interior.

Embroidery Interior Design Ideas for small living room

It seems that today there is practically no such style, where elements of embroidery would look ridiculous.

Emboidered cushions brings contrast into the youth bright interior

Embroidered patterns or pictures would be appropriate even in the notorious high-tech with typical futuristic items. For example, an abstract wall canvas will emphasize the excellent style and taste of the owners.

Light modern bedroom design is not devoid of decorative embroidery on pillows

 Embroidery in modern bathrooms

The bathroom design will look great with cute drawings of animals or bathing children. The formal interior demands classical decoration with painted shells, ancient baths and washbasins. But you must note that the bathroom is not the perfect place for embroidered things due to high humidity says


 Embroidery in the bedroom

The bedroom will be even warmer, cozier and more beautiful with embroidery on a thick rug, bed linen or blanket.

Partly Scandinavian interior with interesting embroidery on different design elements

Embroidery is not necessarily thin strip of ornament. The unique elegance, luxury and kind of glamor will give, for example, a blanket, wide embroidered with woolen threads to match the upholstery.

Embroidery Interior Design Ideas in the form of picture with cup of coffee

Application at the curtains will look elegantly, and in harmony with the wallpaper. the needlework on the tissue plafond for a table lamp as on the image will be appropriate too. The unusual decision is monochrome embroidery called “white on white”.

Embroidery and marine themed handicraft is very popular now

Traditional enough piece of furniture is embroidered cross-stitch pattern. These panels will decorate and emphasize the value of any room, create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Embroidery pleasantly complements the colorful interior design Imbroidery area in the interior of the handwork master

 Embroidery in the children’s room

Embroidered sofa cushion or blanket will be original decoration for the children’s room. Drawing a favorite character or plot will delight your kid.

Wall embroidery in the children`s room

 Embroidery in the design of the kitchen

Speaking of the kitchen, the more often it is the most favorite place for embroidery in a modern house designs. Entire work and patterns applied on tablecloths, aprons, potholders, napkins, etc. Stunning bright patterns cause appetite, elevate mood, separate kitchen area from other rooms, thus promoting relaxation. Especially nice that the design of the kitchen can be changed at any time by bringing a new style with the help of embroidered works to it.

Nature morte in the modern dining room

 Elements of embroidery in the hallway or corridor

The corridor or hallway would be ideally complemented by the cloth instead of key hanging hooks with a facade decorated with embroidery. You can arrange it with embroidered in cross-stitch picture. Mount small hooks or studs into the framing to make it convenient to hang up the keys there. Beautifully embroidered greetings as “Welcome home!” or the like for such premises will also be relevant.

Key hanging cloth embroidery interior design ideas for hallway

Combine different textures and patterns, using lighting effects, and such crafts will be in the focus of all guests.

Pillow embroidery interior design ideas for bedroom

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