Exclusive Two-Storey House Design

Modern homeowner can not be sufficed just to have a practical and comfortable interior of his dwelling. Reflecting of their own ideas about the attractiveness of the appearance and ease of its use – these are the main principles based on which is formed the view of the apartments` and private homes` owners about the functional and comfortable accommodation. If the design project of apartments herewith meets the modern trends of aesthetics in the design of residential premises, it is possible to consider the plan satisfied at the minimum level though. Of course, the increasing demands of our compatriots to the design of their homes are associated with both an increase in financial costs and other resources. We present your attention the project of private home ownership, which design stayed in the middle of the golden ratio of price and quality. Comfortable, functional interior of exclusive two-storey house design is filled with modern design ideas, original solutions and nontrivial experiments.

Nice staurs design with steps-pedestals

Living room is the heart of a large house

Spacious and bright living room with large windows is decorated in white and gray tones. The big height of the room has allowed to create a design of a false ceiling at several levels and to integrate a lighting into one of them. Decoration of the room in this case is only a light background for furniture and original design of the fireplace. It was the very fireplace to became a focal center of the room where the whole family gathers in the evenings and receives guests on weekends. Steel bezel of the space around the fireplace was the promise for the use of gray in the design of upholstered seating areas. Roomy sofa, which is presented in modular modification, soft carpet with a long nap and a snow-white coffee table with glossy tabletop have created an incredibly harmonious alliance.

Nice gray themed living room with modular sofa

The modular system of upholstered furniture is very convenient because it allows you to create different layout versions of your living room without much effort. Depending on how many people will rest in the room and what kind of leisure they would prefer, we can organize a number of seats. Large outdoor steely arc lamp with a tripod and the chrome surface of the ceiling perfectly harmonizing with the design of the fireplace rounding out the image of a modern but cozy living room.

Accent wall with the fireplace in the living room

Functional and beautiful kitchen is a hostess` dream

Through combinations of black and white in the design of the kitchen, this incredibly functional space looks constructively, dynamic and very modern. Absolutely smooth black facades of kitchen cabinets look very impressive on the background of bright decoration space and steel gloss of countertops working areas. Large kitchen island with integrated sink, is not only a work surface and a module with built-in storage, but also a place to organize meals due to short snow-white table top protruding above its base. A snow-white dining area with a spacious desk and comfortable chairs, armchairs is located in the same space. It is executed in a modern style. Each functional segment of the spacious room has its own system of illumination provided as a built-in lamps and suspended fixtures.

Dining zone and the kitchen in one

Luxurious dining room for receptions with meal

The theme of contrasting combinations is continued in the dining room, which is decorated in a modern style. Incredibly spacious dining table with mirrored surfaces and comfortable chairs with backs and upholstery have constituted the cutting-edge dining group for meals and taking guests on a dinner or lunch. Luxurious chandelier with lots of shiny mirror elements collected in a fancy design is rounding out the image of contrasting but harmonious dining area,.

dining group of dark wood with black accent table

Comfortable home office is the pride of the owner

This spacious room is decorated in warm, natural color palette. Pale cream shades meet here an imitation of natural wooden pattern, creating an incredibly comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Even shiny stainless steel, glossy and glass surfaces can`t “break through” this warm, ambient mood of the interior. The focal point is the office desk of the original design. Built-in storage and unusual wall decor are only the accompanying scenery to the main piece of furniture.

home office with the noble wooden furniture

Music workshop with fireplace. Luxury of the private home

Not every private house can boasts with a private music studio, decorated after the living room with fireplace. Spacious room with large windows has very contrasting decoration – light ceiling and walls meet with black interior elements in all segments of the functional space. Harmonious atmosphere of the room with black grand piano is supported by chairs and sliding door design, executed in the same color.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. Black grand piano in the highlight of the spacious living room with perimeter backlight

Comfortable bedroom – a pledge of healthy and sound sleep

A spacious bedroom with a large bed – what could be better? Unless the room for sleeping and relaxing is decorated with warm colors and has a warming fireplace and entertaining or soothing bedtime video area. The asymmetric shape of the room is large enough and the ceiling bevel became the inspiration for the original layout of the fireplace and sitting areas near it. All bedroom furnishings is simple and laconic. Only ornate decor of the hanging chandelier brings an element of luxury to the interior of the modern room for sleep and rest.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. bedroom with cacao colored linen and crystal chandelier

Bright and practical children’s rooms. Fun childhood, an active adolescence

All kid’s rooms are featured brightly and diversely enough. All premises use the same principle of creating a interesting and practical interior – light finish with bright patterns that repeat the color of furniture or decoration items. Convenient and practical furnishings – big bed and roomy storage. This particular boy`s room use the subject of super-heroes and sports. At the same time the interior is bright and interesting, but restrained in terms of room`s furnishing.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. Creative men`s room with dynamic motives in decoration and other furnishing

Girl`s room, despite the snow-white walls and ceilings, looks bright and summer fresh. And all thanks to the colorful patterns on the walls of the colorings, textiles for window decoration and recreation area next to it. Efficient use of space around the window has allowed not only to create a roomy storage system, but also to provide a comfortable place for reading and relaxing. In its turn, the bright finishing of the surface and the use of white shades for furniture made it possible to conceal the unusual architectural concepts of space and asymmetry of the room.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. Calming kid`s room arrangement

Another teen room decorated with a contrasting combinations. The warm sand tone of the walls with nice painted vegetation meets the dark color solutions of the furniture. Bright red accents have become a link between all elements of the interior, being present in all functional areas of a child’s room.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. Nice tender women`s bedroom with nightstand

Bathrooms – versatility of the modern ideas of design

Bathrooms located near the bedrooms also differs by incredible harmony between the practical approach and graceful execution of the interior. The ergonomic layout of plumbing, storage systems and related elements of the interior, lets you create practical in use facilities that retain a sense of freedom and space. Bathroom in beige tones with built-in bathtub and a pair of comfortable sinks looks spacious because of the right choice of colors, the use of large glass surfaces and the use of hidden storage. As a result, utilitarian room became a place for the organization of video-zone and setting the dressing table for makeup and hair immediately after the having water treatments.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. spacious noble wooden trimmed bathroom

Another bathroom seems incredibly large thanks to using a light palette for finishing of all surfaces. Not the least role in the expansion of the boundaries of the utilitarian space played a glass and mirror surfaces. Delicate notes of light green color brought a slight coolness in bathroom design.

White contemporary styled bathroom design with marble floor

More colorful and contrasting color combinations had been used in creation of a bathroom interior. The original design of the space under the sink has become a key element of the interior. The utilitarian space, effectively illuminated built-in lamps and wall sconces with shades of the classic kind, looks not only modern but even originally and refined.

Hallway end with effective original design cabinet and the mirror

Exclusive two-storey house design. Auxiliary facilities

To get to the second floor of the private home ownership, you need to climb the stairs, which was designed with not only modern materials but also minimalist design. Easy execution of construction does not affect the safety of the stairs. Resistant metal frame is able to withstand heavy loads and subtle glass screens provide safe transportation of the households and their guests from one floor to another.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. Unusual staircase glass and steel design

The spacious private home has a place for a full wine cellar. Formally – this is the room where the required temperature of wine products is maintained with the help of a special system of forced ventilation. And convenient racks are designed to position the bottles such way as to find the right brand as quickly as possible.

Exclusive Two-Storey House Design. wine cellar behind the glass

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