French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation

At the mention of a French style, imagination immediately draws the rich quarters with characteristic decoration in the spirit of Louis’. In today’s reality, kitsch of the palace is in the past and, in fact, this definition reveals not only luxury but also more adapted Provence and Norman directions. On example of realized project, let’s get acquainted with the peculiarities of the northern concept in which there is a place for rarities with history and tech materials. A complex mix differs markedly from Country, formed by different rules, where simple implementation and simple decor in a rustic manner captivate with simplicity and flavor.

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Spacious multifunctional studio space for living, dining zones and a balcony

Compromise improvisations are created with a combination of different configurations, lines and coatings with the participation of vintage and everyday things. Thus deep and comfortable “Bergere” chair patented by the Frenchmen. The presence of wood in its frame and textured upholstery are reminiscent of the baroque tendencies, the influence of the Empire and Rococo. A unique collection based on European classics complement the “pedestal table” or a copy of it in the current incarnation.

As the furniture requirements in the objective reality are caused solely by the urgent needs and directed to minimalism, its design has undergone an aesthetic correction. That is why tight satin can easily replace velvet and at the same time perfectly rhyme with smoky background. However, it is a matter of taste, wealth and mentality. Underlined welfare demonstration is not welcome by the French and just a pair of accent strokes with a hint of respectability are enough.

Dining zone at the studio space

Facets of classic and contemporary

The living room is furnished with objects, differing in color and decor, and combining the stylistic nuances of the different eras. Design is subordinated to the single idea – to create a certain mood in the cold perimeter where is no place for pretentiousness and an eclectic conglomeration. Therefore, an inexpensive glass design, bought on the occasion, and an expensive table from antique shop would easily get along in a democratic space.

Leather seats, white elegant couch and a sofa of the same set have found a place in the living room too. Brown color of the interior details’ exposition detail became binding. With union of muted tones, intense natural light, high ceilings and a careful selection of complementary things, the room achieved proper atmosphere with a hint of good taste. Wooden parquet differs with respectable appearance and is appropriate in all the rooms. Vinyl laminate, stone or ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom are also relevant. Bright paint on smooth plaster of walls and ceiling create a blank canvas for the future interior story.

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Bright colorful picture on the wall

Despite the fact that the tradition requires focusing on a natural basis in finishing and furniture, as well as their operation for centuries, and wood processing technology tends to light rubbing, – all these allowed different textures and their combinations within single environment. Metal frame and legs of coffee table successfully resonate with chairs that make up the company to voluminous installation in the opposite zone. According to the idea, ​​compact tea table and ottoman are always present in the front room. Although the style implies a smooth tonal transitions and related shades, a deliberate contrast of black and white surfaces of the walls gives a spice.

Living zone near the window


This style coincides with the principles of modern Art Nouveau with its overflow of colors which are increasingly involved in the current design. The idea with the rack along the wall also borrowed from the universal project and solves the problem of placing the trifles and accessories. A pair of antique vases on open shelves successfully make the company to luxury crystal chandelier. And if the windows and doors are wide open, beautiful view from the balcony and a mini-greenhouse will become a part of the room composition. This spectacular panorama is complement by sheathed with wooden slats walls and flower tubs, as well as wooden floor. Scenic perimeter invites to a long tea drinking at a comfortable table.

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Panoramic terrace with wooden fencing

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Inside the spacious living room

Combining beauty and practicality

If in classic layout of the living room all attention is concentrated around a soft upholstered group and filigree trim parts, often in the dining room everything rotates around called the cupboard “dressoir”. Vintage canteen requires appropriate surroundings and free space. In this project, a piece of art is excluded, and kitchen is arranged by means of universal wall cabinets and practical drawers. Modules from veneer MDF compete with the raw wood on the ground of operational capabilities and deal great with the storage of utensils and equipment.

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. White hi-tech arranged dining zone with plastic chairs at the kitchen French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Nice multifunctional kitchen with furniture set French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Gray plastic countertop

Life is organized by familiar to everybody scenario and is no different from the typical equipment: reserved, rational and thoughtful. Facades differ by warm and cold gamma. Acreage of the room determines the dimensions of the dining set. Judging by the “eloquent” attributes on the shelves, functional décor and minor stuff are welcome, though beautiful porcelain, small bouquets in transparent vases, souvenir plates on the walls are not excluded either.


The paintings are one of the important details of decoration and it is difficult to create appropriate surroundings without them. Works by Impressionists like Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and their followers – Paul Gauguin and Cezanne, Henri Matisse and other artists are considered the standard of good taste and become accentual in design. It would not be amiss to place elegant figurines, jewelry boxes, wrought iron chandeliers on the shelves to create the desired ambiance.


There are no extra items noticed in the bedroom. Eyes stop at a crystal chandelier and a fireplace facing. Brown marble with a web of bright streaks unconsciously adds warmth to the white space, not to mention the lively energy coming from the fire. However, the option with electrical heating is also relevant, as well as a modest stucco fragments around the portal and plaster medallion to crown the chandelier. Impressive stonework allows to combine decor and functionality, defining a place for every detail. The presence of a large mirror in a good frame confirms the possibility of the organization of the dressing table. Constant duo of glass tables with metal frame with forged legs standing near the head of the bed completes the composition and their shining reiterates the shine crystal pendants.

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Master bedroom with Modular cabinet for storage in classic style French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Hallway in white pastel colors French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Bedroom with entrance to the common balcony and fireplace

Bedspread and walls merge with the background and just a shade on the pillows and floor hazel introduce diversity into the bedroom monotony. It is difficult to look somewhere else but on the ornate wrought iron balcony railings. Artfully decorated parapet serves as a magnificent setting for lively urban pattern. Decorative restraint, focusing on the merits of furniture and textures, the lack of color saturation confirms aristocratic style.

Bathroom is furnished in accordance with the purpose. Here we can’t do without tiles or wall panels with accurate simulation of different textures. Sun exposed windows, mirrors and glass extensible panel add volume to the perimeter.

French Interior Traditions in Modern Apartment Interpretation. Creamy design of the bathroom with classic decoration Bathroom with glass shower cabin and peach colored walls

Designed in such a manner is better to realize in old houses with high walls, elaborate moldings and ceiling medallions, and slightly worn oak parquet. Broad interior doors with fittings of brass or chrome is permitted to replace with the copper elements. Light patina on massive handles and supporting components of large dimensions are also relevant in such composition. And if you had inherited chandelier with crystal clouded by time from your grandmother, it will be more than doable to recreate the French style in totality of rarity items and modern products.

Nice classic chrome etaps for French apartment Chromed taps for the bathtub of the French apartment

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