German Minimalistic House Brief Overview

Minimalist style leaves no one indifferent. Some are affected by sterility and rigor of shapes and lines, the other are enchanted by the big and bright spaces, logical and functional solutions. Some homeowners consider minimalism boring and monotonous, the other – stylish and austere, with a perfect sense of proportion. Minimalism is a way to find yourself, find peace of mind and harmony with the environment by getting rid of all the excess for many owners of apartments and private homes. That`s how did the owners of our today`s German minimalistic house brief overview.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Decorative plaster structure gives the impression of softness of houses` exterior

We offer you a design project of a Munich private house. This sample of minimalistic trends in the exterior  and interior design of the home is striking in its simplicity, purity, rigor and functionality at a glance.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. close-up exterior of the futuristic building construction

High volume, scale and scope, clear shapes and clean lines – all this forms the basis of the structure of the private German home. Both as the facade of the building, and the interior decoration of the dwelling are characterized by the following features:

  • clear, solid geometric forms, the scale of which are breathtaking;
  • a neutral color palette, monochromatic solutions;
  • solid surfaces, preferably of natural materials;
  • large amounts of free space;
  • panoramic windows, which filling the room with sunlight;
  • combined rooms with open-plan;
  • functional furniture of strict forms without decoration;
  • often hidden sources of artificial lighting. Somewhere lights act as focal centers and are only functional decor in the room;
  • almost absolutely no textile on furniture;
  • the almost complete absence of decoration, except for one or two items of strict forms with functional overtone.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Exterior of the mansion behind the low cultivated bushes

Already in the yard of a private home ownership you can have an impression about the main features of its design. It breathes with strict and clear lines, large, monolithic forms. Even the seating area in the fresh air is provided as substantially a memorial bench. A large, one-piece construction without the slightest hint of decoration, except for a built-in inconspicuous backlight, is able to stand in the courtyard through generations of owners and to serve them faithfully.


Contrasting color combinations of building`s finishing and structures, using of colors with different color temperatures had helped to create an interesting and dynamic image of the exterior of the building and bring modern spirit, filled with an original mix of rigor and love of nature to the landscape design of the garden.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Concrete austere bench satue in the backyard

At the main entrance to the house we see that the use of natural materials, in their close to natural crude state, became the basis of the concept of the design project.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Main entrance is decorated with light wooden panels

Almost all of the interior space is decorated with a combination of white surfaces interspersed with wooden elements of the interior with beautiful natural pattern. The coolness of white walls and stone cladding floors surfaces creates a harmonious and attractive appearance alliance meeting the natural warmth of wooden.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Futuristic and minimalistic staircase with handrails in the white interiorGerman Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Futuristic and minimalistic staircase from the front view German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Original staircase under the cloped ceiling

Special attention is given to the lighting system in the German house`s interior. Most room lamps are either hidden or decorated with wall plafonds of perfectly neutral form and color. But in the space between levels, lighting conversely become the focal center of the interior, hanging from the ceiling in the form of large glass drops at different levels.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Second floor is fullo flight and resting zones

Another location where the only decorative element with a functional load is the lamp became the dining room. The original chandelier over the dining table has become a way of decoration in the spacious and bright room with white walls and furnishing of dining group. Another element of surprise is antique cupboard in solid wood with carved decorations.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Unusual but still prectical dining room arrangement with plastic bar stools and white table

Dining room is a special room in the German accommodation. Only here the designers, together with the owners, allow the opportunity to decorate the room with wall decor. As is not easy to meet the picture harmonizing with minimalistic style of the interior.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Original zone delimiter in the form of the column and contrasting stain of the picture on the wall of dining zone

Minimalism is not alien to the use of designer`s interior pieces if decoration. The original furniture of unusual form is the main claimant for the title of the focal center of any room. It`s because in addition to the aesthetic characteristics it bears deep practical sense in a private home.


Only on the terrace of the second floor we can see the result of the use of smooth lines for the decoration of the recreation area in the open air. The original seating with curves looks contrasting at the background of clear geometry, despite the overall neutral color palette.

German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Spectacular view on the second floor in the evening

Flowing lines, shapes with curves are almost completely absent in the design of the Munich house. Utility room was no exception too. There is everything strictly geometrical and concise in the bathroom. Simple color schemes and functionality are at the forefront.German Minimalistic House Brief Overview. Bathroom with wooden sinks

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