German Minimalistic House Design

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the exterior and interior of a German house design that impresses with its minimalism. Strict forms and clean lines, neutral palette and contrast combinations, complete absence of decoration and practicality at the head – so that`s how this private house, located in a suburb of Germany, appears to us.

Roof slamt of the German minimalistic house

Exterior of the original German country house decorated in the style of minimalism

As you know, minimalism, both in the interior and exterior of homes pursues the same goal – practical as possible design, using mostly natural materials, space and purity, strictness and conciseness of form and design, no unnecessary decoration and focus on core elements of the building. The snow-white facade of a private house impresses with its brightness. A dark roof and arrangement of window frames act as a contrasting elements.

light soft exterior of the German house with salient windows with black frames

Part of the first floor is almost entirely composed of panoramic windows that are so large it would be better to call them “glass walls”. From the rooms of the ground floor there are some exits to the courtyard, decorated with the same rigor – wooden deck; walkway, covered with fine gravel and a small trimmed lawns.

Big two-storey house in black and white contrast with acutely slnated roof and abrupt lines

German minimalistic house design interior

Almost all the premises of the German house are made using three colors – black, white and matted wooden. It’s unbelievable, but even with such a poor palette, you can create many different combinations both in the decoration and furnishing of premises. The contrasting combination of dark and light colors, warm and cool shades, not only diversify the look quite monolithic structures, but also give the interior design a certain dynamism.

German Minimalistic House Design ideas in the living

You will not meet the decor in the interior of the household, designed according to minimalism. Only the most necessary furniture. In most cases, built-in one with smooth facades, a minimum of salient or hanging parts, even lights are built-in mostly.


Hall in the wooden and black color palette in the German minimalistic house interior

The living room is spacious and bright, as befits all the canons of the genre of minimalist decor. Panoramic windows provide the room with natural light most of the daylight hours, so even absolutely black wall and the same shade of storage and upholstered furniture does not looking hard for the interior, do not load it.

Original design of the living room in the minimalistic private house

Minimalism in the interior is famous for its passion to spacious rooms with a minimum of furniture and almost complete lack of decor. Only a small vase with a living plant dilutes three-color palette of the living room and introduces an element of communion with nature, freshness and beauty.

Full of light contrasting living room in the minimalistic house

On the other side of the entrance to the room there is a kitchen area. The open layout allows you to create a larger space, which does not create any obstacles for free movement. Selecting black for the entire furniture design of the kitchen space is infrequent design method. Smooth facades of kitchen units, located in a corner layout from floor to ceiling, looks very monolithic. Only glossy shine of splashback over work surfaces dilutes black storage.

Kitchen with dining zone and the wall glass panel instead of the window in the German private house

It is not easy to find a completely black appliances and sink, but for the overall image of a minimalist kitchen space it became prerequisite. The room is spacious enough to accommodate the dining group (dining table and comfortable black colored chairs) in addition to the kitchen units.

Kitchen in the unexpected white and wooden contrast and minimalistic style

Along the perimeter of the ceiling cover there is integrated illumination system, providing the required level of light throughout the room. For local illumination of working surfaces of the kitchen furniture lights built into the bottom of the cabinet at the top level. Dining area is provided with local illumination by composition of three hanging concise formed lamps.

Kitchen with dining zone and the wall glass panel instead of the window in the German private house

On the upper level of the house is the private office. Its minimalist environment could cause to envy the very creators of the style. Absolutely snow-white designs blurs the boundaries of objects, only the black border of storage and desks make the contrasting clarity in the interior of the attic room.

German Minimalistic House Design in the home office at the attic

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