High-tech Style For Private House In Japan

Japanese are characterized by their tremulous attitude to the arrangement of the living space. Citizens of the Land of the Rising Sun are obsessed by utilizing of every useful inch in their residential areas. And all this due to the lack of territory in that comparatively small rocky state. So, when it comes to Japanese interiors, be ready to the minimalism which is present in almost every home. And if we speak about high-tech, which is particular obsession of this nation, we can meet a lot of unusual design solution of the minimalisitc and high-tech mix. But the reviewed dwelling not so brightly differs with the above mentioned terms. This high-tech style for private house in Japan have more European traits.

Not long ago high-tech style has been a new trend in the design of living spaces. Urban style, mainly used in architecture, became favorite to practical homeowners who respect high technology and are skeptical about the “embellishment” of their own homes. These days, high-tech can not be called a part of the modern style, but it is more the any other concept fits latest trends in design of residential space:

  • maximum practicality and functionality of all elements of the interior;
  • simple shapes and lines;
  • the use of new products in the field of modern technologies;
  • laconic colors;
  • the use of the play of light by reflecting surfaces, built-in lighting;
  • the use of built-in furniture, which saves storage space, but it does not look massive, depressing;
  • minimal decor that will not detract from the basic idea of ​​interior decoration.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Upper level of the house

The spacious and bright rooms with a minimum set of furniture, nevertheless appears in an incredibly comfortable and cozy way. Many homeowners may feel that the interpretation of high-tech style in the modern dwelling is suitable mostly for young people who are keeping pace of the progress. But the one can use the urban space design motifs with elements of cozy, warm and homey environment. Often, simple solutions are the most comfortable.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Panoramic window in the gray decorated living room

One of the main elements of the high-tech styled interior is lighting. To achieve an abundance of sunlight it is necessary to have large panoramic windows, which not only provide a high level of illumination in the daytime, but also create a visual extension of the space. For night-time built-in lighting system on different levels should be provided. Lighting devices are arranged not only on the ceiling. They can illuminate furniture, some defined areas, segments of the area with different functional load.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Artificial lighting built in the suspended ceiling and backlight of the video area of the accent wall

In terms of choice of color palette, high-tech style can not boast of the variety of colorful solutions. The main colors of style are white, all shades of gray, black, sometimes brown. Steel, chrome and silver surfaces, glossy and reflective coatings, which create an original illusions are part of the special approach in the design of living space. It is easy to imagine such color and texture solutions in modern room. And yet, we want to introduce the active color element for home furnishing, the emphasis that will attract attention, focusing the eye. Such piece of furniture can become furniture – a sofa or chair. Carpeted floor of colorful shade can also be used to create a contrasting accent.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Living room with contrasting vivid yellow sofa

Using the contrasting combinations is another feature of the style of “high technologies”. And it’s not only about the colors. For example, the use of the dark elements of the interior on a light background, but also the combination of smooth and textured surfaces, the use of matte and glossy surfaces within the same space. These design techniques help to create a variety of color and texture, without deviating from the basic idea of ​​registration of premises, without making sharp drops that could undermine the overall harmony of technological design.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Special gray texture for the wall finishing and the steel black stairs

high-tech style can “feel” itself as easy as nowhere else in the kitchen area. That’s the space which loaded functional area needs modern technologies. They can be reflected in household appliances, in a simple but almost sterile environment, in concise solutions of furniture and accessories arrangement. The bright, perfectly smooth, glossy surface of kitchen fronts on the one hand provide the maximum possible number of storage systems and on the other – do not look massive, excessively monolithic, creating a visual extension of the space.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Kitchen with wooden round table and black chairs in the light interior

Dining group acts not only as contrasting, dark spot, but becomes the focal center of the bright room, catches the eyes and coordinates other furnishings. Simple and concise forms are used to organize the space for meals, paying a tribute to ergonomics and comfort. Practical, but sturdy material used for manufacturing of a dining group, visually exhibit their durability, strength and ease of use of the furniture.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Nicely zoned premise with the glass interior partitions

To decorate utilitarian spaces such as bathrooms, high-tech style fits incredibly harmoniously. Chrome surfaces, mirrors, glass and gloss look is more than appropriate in the room for water procedures. Built-in lights, original lighting fixtures are essential in the room where it is so important to feel the freshness, cleanliness, and even sterility.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Long galley kitchen with the wooden furniture set in row

Motives of high-tech style can be used even for the organization of the situation on the outdoor terrace. Of course, a key design element for the outdoors will be the nature. Homeowners and designers need only to create a decent accompaniment for the rest and relaxation – a simple garden furniture with soft cushions, convenient table-stand and a lighting system for night time do not require large expenditures and time.

hi-tech style for private house in Japan. Minimalistic arrangement of the loggia

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