Home DIY Vase Interior Decoration Advice

We all like when our home is beautifully decorated. Let it be something modest and neat, such as vases. Recently, vases are used not only for the storage of flowers, but merely as a decorative element. And imagine that the really cool vase can be done even with your own hands. We have prepared some home DIY vase interior decoration advice specially for those who respects the handiwork and do not escape from doing something by themselves.

Home DIY Vase Interior Decoration Advice, Nice neat and charming glass vases

Let`s overview what we need in order to make such an accessory glass.


Home DIY vase interior decoration advice. Equipment:

  1. glass (beer) bottle;
  2. glass cutter;
  3. thick gloves;
  4. a large saucepan;
  5. thick sandpaper;
  6. fine sandpaper.
Home DIY Vase Interior Decoration Advice, full instruction with steps

Use hot and cold water to cut the bottle

To some people it may seem that a glass cutter is a complex mechanism, but it is much easier actually. By following the basic rules, you can easily cope with this task.


Step 1

Start by removing the label. To do this, use warm water, soap and a hard sponge. Wipe the bottle well. Prepare a large pot of boiling water. It will be need later.


Step 2

Once the bottle is cleaned, determine the height of your vase and set the glass cutter. After that, crank the bottle under the blade in the designated place on the entire range.


Step 3

Then put on thick gloves and dip the bottle in a pot of boiling water on the cut line. Rotate the bottle several times and leave under water for 30 seconds. Turn on the cold water to the sink.


Step 4

Next, remove the bottle from the hot water and locate it under a trickle of cold water in the place of the cut. The bottle should break. If it does not, repeat steps 3 and 4 until the bottle would be broken.


Step 5

Once the bottle is broken, use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the cut. First, take a sandpaper coated with a thick covering, it will remove all the excess, and then use the thin paper to finally smooth the edges.

Home DIY Vase Interior Decoration Advice. sandpaper of different rigidness

So, you will have a glass vase. You can make as many as you want. And it is possible to make glasses or candlesticks of different colors and sizes from bottles.

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