Top 10 Home Improvements That will Turn Your Apartment into Heaven

All the elements and components of human life are constantly developing. It is natural, that this process touched upon the dwelling. Since ancient times’ people were trying to make their home safe, comfortable and functional. And we should mention that humanity has achieved significant results towards this purpose. With the latest cutting edge appliances your home can become a real technological stronghold. Today we will try to systematize and dive deeper into the list of top 10 home improvements that will turn your apartment into heaven. Though it is a complex process, it can be really pleasant when you have everything in its place.

Start planning before renovation

It would be best to start planning even before starting of building house, but many of us have ready-made apartments. Nevertheless, the main piece of advice is valid for any type of dwelling. So, let’s start our trip to the ideal home.

  1. Acoustic insulation

    Many people underestimate the significance of soundproofing of their own property. However, modern buildings have high level of sound and vibration insulation. Latest technologies in building allow to decrease noise up to 50dB, which is excellent result, even in block of flats. But if your apartment of house has no decent level of sound insulation, you can refer to the latest acoustic treatments on the market. This will lead to significant reworking of your living space. Since, it is better to do during renovation.

  2. Warm floor

    This useful feature of modern homes really improves the level of comfort of the dwelling. And we are not just saying about long time known possibility of warming the floor in the bathroom, bedroom. Modern electric warm floor systems are comparatively easy in installation even without the need for repair. Reed more in the corresponding article. In addition, latest trends of centralized house control imply connection between warm floors around the house and smart house system.

  3. Smart house

    We decided to put this very important for comfort in the apartment complex system at the third place only because of its complicated application. It is very much functions and possibilities open with applying of “smart home” system in your dwelling. You can control virtually everything, starting from the level of lighting, temperature in refrigerator, time and delay of floor warming in different zones and doing all this remotely. As a command center, you can use your favorite smartphone or tablet. This is very broad subject that deserves dedicated article. Large living room in the open layout of cottage

  4. Laundry and pantry / storage

    It makes sense to turn your home into multifunctional space which is omnipotent. It is very convenient to have storage, laundry and stock room for edible products. You’ll probably want to have the vine cellar. All this is probably best realized at the basement.Top 10 Home Improvements That will Turn Your Apartment into Heaven. Pantry and laundry in the house

  5. Jack and Jill or couple of bathrooms

    Indeed, the comfort of getting to and out of the bathroom is crucial at home. The queue to the bathroom is unacceptable for ideal home. That’s why we should think about organizing extra- or guest bathroom in the house more than 3 people of permanent residence. At least, you can help it with Jack and Jill bathroom design, by zoning it to functional areas and equipping with additional entrance.Top 10 Home Improvements That will Turn Your Apartment into Heaven. Jack and Jill bathroom in light decoration

  6. Den room / secret room / home office / boudoir

    All these additional spaces are optional. However, they can significantly increase the comfort of living. For example, if you have large family, your personal men’s cave or boudoir (for women) can distinctly shape your personal space. Panic (secret) room promotes passive security of your home. And we shouldn’t even enumerate the advantages of home office one extra time, should we? All of these premises are better to be placed at the attic.Successful home office design with hidden workzone

  7. Smart zoning

    You can place more in the same room with wise allocation of areas in at home. Learn more about zoning in your apartment and this will shift your perception of design.Interesting zoning approach in the modern apartment

  8. Comfortable furniture

    Nobody will argue that cozy and beautiful modern furniture (poang, suspended chair, angular sofa etc.) can improve you day-by-day experience of life drastically. Use the most trendy and, first of all, comfortable pieces, use ‘memory foam’ mattress to improve your quality of sleep.Unusual contemporary design with bottom fireplace and suspended couch

  9. Balcony or loggia

    Fortunately, the majority of residential buildings have balcony, loggia or even a terrace. It can become a relaxing zone, or a place for drying clothes if you have no drying machine.
    Top 10 Home Improvements That will Turn Your Apartment into Heaven. Neat eco styled loggia

  10. LED lighting and energy saving appliances / complex lighting in ceiling

    With the help of complex lighting, you can emphasize some decoration, accent zone or even affect the overall architecture of the room. Modern lighting systems make your home technically advanced, can add wow-effect to the space. That’s why it can be even attributed to the decoration elements of the dwelling.
    Top 10 Home Improvements That will Turn Your Apartment into Heaven. Modern bathroom with tender LED backlight of the accent zone


Home Improvement Ideas for Private Houses

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