How to Choose Right Wallpaper for Painting

Wallpaper for painting has recently been at the peak of popularity. Customers were impressed by the very possibility of their easy renovation and quick changing of the overall image of the room. And with the appearance a vast range of decorative plasters on the market the popularity of paintable wallpaper has decreased a little bit. But this type of wallpaper is considered the best option for the happy parents of young children who want to leave traces of their creative activity everywhere even our days. So, this article contains some advice on how to choose right wallpaper for painting for your apartment ot private house.

Available range of the Wallpaper for Painting.

The main advantage of such wallpaper, and probably the only reason for their use, can be regarded an opportunity to periodically change the decor of the walls with minimal cost. Painting and repainting of walls – is not time-consuming process. Water-based paints are non-toxic and dry fairly quickly, in contradistinction to plaster.

Not every type of wallpaper can be exposed for painting, but only special “paintable” ones, having a high level of water resistance. At the same time, the material from which made such great wallpaper “hold” pigment (paint absorbs). To learn how to choose wallpaper for painting, look at each type in more detail:



This material is usually embossed and double layered. The upper layer is impregnated with a water repellent composition. There is paper wallpaper that has an intermediate layer containing wood chips and sawdust to create the surface’s relief. This subtype usually has greater density and thickness than the conventional ones.

How to Choose Right Wallpaper for Painting. Paper type of the modern paintable wallpaper


Available in two-layer non-woven wallpaper for painting, in which the bottom layer is flizeline of the nonwoven substrate, and the vinyl on top. There is also vinyl-coated paper-based wallpaper. But in most cases vinyl wallpaper for painting is colorless; sometimes you can find it in pastel tones. In the latter case the result is brighter and more attractive when applying paint. Vinyl coatings generally have embossed texture (matting, wave, herringbone, etc.)

How to Choose Right Wallpaper for Painting. Vinyl coated material

Fiberglass wallpaper

This type is often used in places of public use, but in the home it will be also effective. It differs with fine coating of glass fiber manufactured in textile way. They also have different embossing.

How to Choose Right Wallpaper for Painting. Fiberglass is one of the most luxurious types of home wall decoration



This wallpaper type includes natural materials only. The name came from the brand Lincrusta-Walton. Traditional technique for manufacturing of such wallpaper is considered adding the composition of wax, linseed oil, wood flour, chalk, and rosin on paper or textile substrate. The main distinction of this type of wallpaper – it needs an abundant wetting before application to the wall surface. Modern technology of lincrusta staining allows even to create a “patinated metal” simulation. It has a very impressive look in any interior. Earlier lincrusta only used for decoration of rooms and cars in the metro- and railway trains, but now it is paintable premium wallpaper.

How to Choose Right Wallpaper for Painting. Lincrusta is rare but very effective type of the coating

For more information on all types of wallpaper, the instructions of how to choose the wallpaper and other various nuances you can find here.


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