How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements

Every hostess, who is not indifferent to the arrangement of a home, always wants to bring something new, interesting and unusual to her home. But in stores it is not always possible to find something that is truly original, you really like it or ideally fit into the home interior. Perhaps, in our selection of vivid examples and unusual ideas you will gather some inspiration of how to decorate your home with DIY creative elements and find something exclusive, individual and pleasing to the eye.

Handmade rug with the upholstered stand for legs in apartment How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Rope and ribbon adorned vase

How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Stones and succulents How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Blue bottles as the vases for a real installation on sackcloth base How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Interior window curtain by hand How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Pebble panel in the Classic interior How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. World map in the sheet at the headboard How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Twine wraped vase How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Whitewashed brickwork and the hanged handmade stars

A great role in decoration of the interior is played by all kinds of accessories: figurines, vases, decorative pillows, candlesticks, paintings and other interesting details. So that they blend harmoniously into the overall picture of the interior and do not turn into “dust collectors”, it is not necessary to ask for help from the designer. If you want to create real beauty in the house, you can do it yourself. The main thing here is to have all the decor items in a single stylistic orientation, which will be in harmony with the overall interior of the room and the whole house.

How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Natural flowers and greenry installation on the mantelshelf How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. The antlers by the mere rope How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Sunflowers by your own hand How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Yesterday's pictures from books and journals can turn to drawings on the wall How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Squirrel as the central element of the natural picture How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Feathers' canopy as the framing of the festive table How to Decorate your Home with DIY Creative Elements. Whitewashed wall with the branch decorated as the improvised tree

At the same time, each room needs an individual approach. For example, such decorations as wicker baskets, fruit and painted dishes will be irrelevant in the living room and hall. These things are better for decorating the kitchen.

Painted eggs in the plastic bottle as the kitchen decoration Hanging colorful souvenirs of natural materials for the living room

Decorative cushions for the living room

Perhaps the most functional decorations for the living room are cute little pads. They can be both contrasting or matching the basic tone of the interior. Decorative cushions are easy to make by hand. This task is possible even for beginner needlewomen.

Pillow fringe of bright crimson balls

Such pillows can be made from almost any material you like, but it should meet the following criteria:

  • to be absolutely hypoallergenic;
  • It is good to keep the shape;
  • to be resistant to washing.

Silver tinsel for the pillow

Another task is to choose the right material for filling the pillow. The best option is silicone and foam rubber. Also, the fabric for the pillow case should be dense, light and monochrome. It is better to give preference to cotton.

Improvised heart stitched on the pillow for expression of your feelings

The shape of the pads can be square, round, rectangular. These are the most common types. Very unusual and fresh looking for the thematic design of the room or in the children’s rooms are pillows in the shape of a flower, a heart, some animal.

Handmade toys to decorate the sofa

Having decided on the design and form, we turn to tailoring. The most successful seam for sewing pillowcases and cases is flat seam. We combine the details and sew them up with right sides. Iron and sew down after it. The crumbling edges of the material will be inside the seam.

Olive branch at the pillow

Decoration of a private house

The private house assumes even more possibilities for realizing interesting ideas on decor. Indeed, in a large area of ​​a luxury cottage there is a place to sweep creative imagination. An additional field for the realization of fantasy is the exterior of the house: courtyard, roof, fence, front door, porch etc.

Entrance door DIY decoration in form of heart Adirnung the entrance door with fall bouquet Flower bouquet for the garden fence decoration Umbrella with flowers entrance decoration

A variety of decorating options can be devised using facade and paving slabs. Decorations from concrete are also very popular. Their partial coloration in gold is often used by Scandinavian designers.

Painting the pave slabs in gold

Beautiful decor for birthday

Birthday is a wonderful occasion to show your imagination and creativity to the maximum. After all, it is not necessary to follow the rules for matching the interior with festive decoration, since after the event decorations are usually removed.

tulle wrapped colorful balloons

Balloons are perhaps the most popular version of the decor for the birthday. Ordinary balloons are not fashionable and irrelevant any more. Be creative, – fill them with helium.

know how of painting balloonsPhoto manual of making decorative painted tubes

To do this, you will need: floristic foam in the form of balls, large needle, paint and a sponge for applying it. The length of the needle should be larger than the diameter of the largest foam floristic ball.

Cozy needlework for decor

Tringle flags on the sackcloth base SHabbe chic style can take almost any handmade decoration Knitted panda as the small decorative rug Cotton knitted tablecloth as the decorative element Knitted plates turn into a whole construction Hollowfiber toy at the modern interior

Create a New Year’s fairy tale in the house

All you need for the New Year decor is a minimum of New Year’s attributes in the form of a Christmas tree, pine branches, cones, garlands, themed toys and balls. And, of course, good mood, inspiration and a little creative originality to create a unique festive atmosphere.

Improvised tree of tree branches in the interior The mere star glued of twigs can also be nice decorative element Antural adorning of the stairs with the greenery

Decoration from paper

To create such a stunning vintage composition, as you can see at the next photo, prepare the following:

  • decorative paper;
  • lace;
  • tapes;
  • Photo;
  • fabric for paper decoration;
  • necessary supportive materials.

Suitcases glued with newspapers and postcards

These simple materials can decorate anything. In our case, it is an old suitcase. This decoration will be a highlight in the interior of the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Moreover, you can also store different things in a vintage suitcase. It’s enough to cover it with a cloth and paper. You can also paste old photos to it and decorate the edges with lace, ribbons or braid.

No less interesting option is a panel with wishes, messages and notes. Prepare a beautiful thick fabric or a dark-colored paper. Fasten it on the wall and paste stickers of interesting shape (for example, in the form of flowers or leaves). Every time you meet guests, invite them to leave a note on the stickers in the form of wishes, quotes, goals, etc.

DIY installation for the wall


Another interesting idea of ​​decorating a house is a fun puzzle in the form of paper pompoms. Materials you will need: cigarette colored paper, thread, and scissors.

Colorful paper know how crafts

Manual of making artificial flowers of papaer

Several pieces of paper fold in the accordion form in several layers on top of each other. Tie the middle of the leaf with a thread without pulling it together. Leave the ends of the thread long so that you can easily hang the pompoms. Cut the edges of the accordion in the shape of a semicircle or a triangle. Straighten all the accordion sheets and then stretch and spread each layer. In the end, you should get the same charming pompon as in this photo.

Creative plafonds

Paper ball know how instruction DIY crafted lamps of glasses

More aesthetics in the nursery

Chic interior in the nursery is good. But if it is carried out according to customary standards and is devoid of individuality, then something must be done urgently. Interesting cute little things in the child’s room not only create a coziness, fill the interior with a special mood and warm atmosphere, but also develop a creative fantasy, a sense of own style and taste for the growing up baby.

Pillow decorated with teddy-bear Scarf for decoration of the window with jalousie Coils of thread and a decoration made of them

As you can see, there are a lot of options for decorating your home interior. Choose the ones you liked from our photo compilation. And if you have your original ideas, be sure to share them in comments.

Paper carved decoration Antlers, greenery and napkins as the table decoration Fluffy bubo as the rabbit tail on the chair

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