Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment

Let`s fast forward to the far Ukraine. Despite the crisis, we can meet the unique and successful synthesis of the interior design ideas with mixing up of large number of different cultures and styles reflected in every location of these huge 2 bedroom apartment with the total area of ​​110 square meters (360 sq. feet). The high-rise building is located in the very heart of the Kharkiv-city – large insdustrial, cultural and business center at the East of Ukraine. View from the window can delight even the most discerning palate: living room panoramic angle window leads to the historical midtown of a big city and in the bedroom you`ll find the calming view of the embankment with the confluence of two rivers. OK, enough of prelude, let`s proceed to the careful exploration of the interior design styles combination in modern Ukrainian apartment.

You should be ready to contemplate the parrallel of simultaneously represented two-three different themes or styles combined within one premise. We`ll try to discern all the slightest design touches and brushtrokes made this apartment so individual. It will help also in perception of such complex design idea incarnated in the homey atmosphere.

ceilings – BarrisolInterior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Hall with mirror closet and the dummy of the buffalo.

In the hall of the studio flat we can see the dark palette of interior decoration in the floor structured large tiles by Rex and striped longitudinal wallpaper by Elitis. The desire of  homeowners to silver shining elements is resulted in glossy light switch and decorative backless armchair upholstered with silver coating. We can also admit the presence of the buffalo head dummy also painted silver. This is reference to African and Scandinavian styles in one and further we`ll see another examples of successful combining of these two seemingly incompatible styles.

In the reflection of large closet with mirror panel we can see the secret door to the wardrobe.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Unusual hallway into the living room with mirror wall

The passage from the hallway to the large stusio living room is eqipped by the full-height mirror wall which is the continuation of the closet. Nice floor white glossy tiles by Peronda strictly emphasizes the boundaries of the living zone. Complex perimeter lighting with built-in fixtures is fringing the futuristic image of the living as it is encircled with dark frame.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Living room

  • Bio Fireplace – LLC “Gratis TSK” by designers
  • contract furniture – furniture factory exclusive “Color” by designers
  • upholstered furniture – “Kalinka”
  • Light – LUSSOLE

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Living room with white leather upholstered furniture and lit with natural light

For the good view we need an observation deck: the apartment has successfully fulfilled by spectacular angles of the bay window. the Bio Fireplace is placed in the same area, marking the heart of the home:  it is the custom product of Kharkiv engineers` labor. The resulting hearth has a parallelepiped furnace. Its surface is uniformly distributes an open flame of 30 cm height, so that the atmosphere of the ancient city is reproduced without difficulty in the evening.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Hearth and the bay window to the midtown of the big city

White leather of the furniture, angled window and minimalistic decoration of the main zone af the apartment reminds us Scandinavian theme for one more time.


Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Living room with bio fireplace

Color solution for the guest area is built on contrasts. And if it is not strictly black / white (as in the kitchen and in the bathroom), but the solemn combination of peach with a dark wenge (in the lounge). All this combined with an abundance of gloss raises the degree of secular chic to the full extent.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Living zone in the studio from unexpected angle

From this view we can pay attention to the nice decorative nappy rug with designer black and white table with flower. Further we can note the small disguised dining or working zone and the passage to the kitchen with nice abstract picture. From this angle all the design appears in high-tech style.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Kitchen with wall along layout and white/black contrast

Contrasting black and white interior of the kitchen is reminiscent of the African style. Hust look at the wall installation with two elephants and kitchen surfaces hinting on the use of ebony wood. Along with this impression we can also feel the smell of good African coffee. But the spotlessly white floor and backsplash returns us to the Scandinavian restraint.


  • furniture – furniture factory exclusive “Color” by designers
  • false window- the company “Vlad”
  • built-in appliances – Siemens
  • Wallpaper – Élitis, Marburg

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Table for romantic dinners for two

Due to the expansion of the bedroom area, kitchen was deprived of windows and the natural lighting eventually. Deficiency of light in the room is eliminated by using the false windows (presumably to a greenhouse: it is hinted by house plants showing through the frosted glass). The kitcehn design which is actually has a form of a niche is made by designers. It received a small coffee table for romantic suppers.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Bedroom with bedside tables and soft tiled headboard and boudoir

Bedroom looks surprisingly enough against the background of the living and kitchen. It is fulfilled in pastel colors. But then you realize: perhaps this is the only room where the owners of the apartment can truly relax and be themselves. Amount of furniture is reduced minimum, but it is all very functional. One of the most thought-out interior elements is dresser built-in the wardrobe:  a huge mirror to the right, and a convenient lockers for cosmetics and other “ladies` tricks” to the left. Of course it will be used as the convenient boudouir by the hostess of the apartment. This could only be created with a woman for a woman: this is not the case of men to think about the little things.


  • bed, closet – furniture factory exclusive “Color” by designers
  • Light – Abhika, Kare
  • carpet – AW ELLE
  • conditioners – Mitsubishi Electric
  • underfloor heating, electrical – Schneider Electric, Legrand

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Bedroom atmosphere in pastel color theme and LED TV

As a result of skillful redevelopment one-bedroom apartment turned into a two-bedroom: a light flick of the hand and between the living room and home office a sliding partition is appeared. Kitchen after “redistribution of territories” has got space without windows.

Interior Design Styles Combination in Modern Ukrainian Apartment. Bathroom ambience in the contemporary hi-tech style

Large bathroom will definitely attract guests and households for the long stay. It has all the necessary functional elements for personal hygiene and these parts are in all the rage of fashion. Just look at the sink and bathtub which are in the form of the deep porcelain dishes. Unusual taps, structured tiles, mosaic and suspended lamps won`t leave you indifferent.


  • washbasin, outboard CD – Artceram
  • bath – Flaminia
  • Accessories – TM Pom’dor company Blanch Cristal
  • Tiles – Rex, Peronda, Porcelanosa

Photos are kindly represented by Anton Avdeenko photographer.

And maybe you`ll be so inspired bi this chic piece of interior to move to Ukraine for the permanent residence. You can buy this apartment for $250K.

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