Italian Apartment Modern Interior Design. Eclectic Vintage Mix

For all who love to flaunt collectibles, souvenirs brought from various parts of the world, antiques, purchased in antique shops or inherited from grandmothers, eclectic interior is the best option to arrange the space. The main principle of the use of eclectic motifs in design is strict adherence to the basic concepts and sense of proportion that will not clutter up the space of your home. These are the principles which were taken as  the guide for designers who, together with the owner, decorated this reviewed apartment in Palermo, Italy. Let`s discover Italian apartment modern interior design. Eclectic Vintage mix of the design ideas from the hot South of Europe will inspire impulsive people with rich imagination.

From the first steps along the Italian apartment it becomes clear that a harmonious blend of modern style, elements of country (Mediterranean style) and retro interior elements in the same space can lead to creation of a unique, compelling design. Light walls and the use of wood for cladding floors is a classic of the genre for the Mediterranean countries. But the wall decoration of the old handsets and armchairs, which previously served as seats in a public building, – these are the traces of a retro-style which brought a uniqueness into the hallway interior.

Vintage Eclectic Interior design ideas in the Italian apartment. Hallway

The main and the most spacious room in the apartment – the living room is filled with no less original stylistic combinations, design ideas, color and texture solutions. Large room with bright finish is zoned into several functional segments, each of which deserves special attention.

Italian Apartment Modern Interior Design. Eclectic Vintage Mix in the Italian apartment

Original bookshelves, using of an old ladder as a functional decor and antique chest with the equivalent unique content – everything in the area of ​​the living room working on creating a unique atmosphere and unusual external image of the entire room as a whole.

Unique vintage Italian apartment decorated with bookshelves and antique accessories

Surprisingly, but the combination of modern art, vintage furniture and design objects decoration in the same room are looking not just harmoniously, but also establish the unique atmosphere of the living room. Assorted wall decor, unusual floor-lamp tripod and a coffee table with a stack of books instead of legs – everything in this room is original and unique.

Italian library room decorated with books and LCD TV

Obviously, the colorful elements of the interior with their own history require completely neutral background – a snow-white wall decoration and light wood flooring become an ideal option in designing of surfaces. Some interior design ideas can be easily used in the modern home – old picture frames to accommodate the jewelry and accessories, ladders or stairs as the storage system for the collection of shoes.

Italian Apartment Modern Interior Design. Eclectic Vintage Mix full of decorative stuff

We witness a harmonious blend of modern furnishings with retro elements and country-style in the kitchen area one more time. Linear system of kitchen units with white cabinet fronts, wooden chairs and an unusual chandelier made of similar material, old scales, kitchen accessories collected at flea markets and antique shops, and trendy dining table.

Italian Apartment Modern Interior Design. Eclectic Vintage Mix in the dining room

Old grandma’s buffet can get a second life in your modern home. You just put it in a decent environment and “support” the retro-theme with a couple of accessories and decorative elements of the last century. These items can be found in almost any family inheritance, or they can be bought at the very same swap meets and bazaars selling points of antiques. Also, you can easily find many online resources offering everyday objects of yesteryear.

Italian Apartment Modern Interior Design. Eclectic Vintage Mix in the kitchen

Handmade items are also frequent participants of the interiors decorated in an Eclectic style. Lacy napkins, coasters made of wood, wall panels and even handmade rugs in the rooms are appropriate in such collective image.Italian Apartment Modern Interior Design. Eclectic Vintage Mix close-up of decorative items

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