Italian Country Seashore House Design Project

We present to your attention the small tour through the rooms of the country house, located in Italy. The original mix of modern stylistic elements and the use of traditional motifs of Italian and Mediterranean styles in the design of home ownership is fascinating. Original, comfortable, practical and comfortable at the same time design of the house can become an inspiration not only for designers, but also for the homeowners who are arrangeing their homes on their own.

Living room

The spacious living room with a fireplace is an important and essential attribute of any Italian household, including the country houses. Nothing sets on communication with your family or small gatherings in a narrow circle of friends than the crackling of wood in the fireplace, a sitting in soft chairs and sofas, free and informal environment. The typical for Italian style decoration of the space in the form of plastered walls in bright colors and the use of ceramic tiles for flooring intertwines with modern furnishings, made up in contrasting black and white tones in the design of a living room. Antique fireplace and contemporary art, office-style furniture and living plants – everything in Italian home design follows the principle of the original combinations to create a cozy and interesting interior.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. White and creamy walls in the combination with contrasting furniture and bright carpet

Another living room, but this time with a fireplace in a classic style, is an amazing mix of styles and motifs. Here we can find either finish in the style of Italian country, or contemporary furniture with shiny metal frame and leather trim. Organic plexus of the materials, including wood, stone, metal, leather and fur, creates a unique image of the room for rest.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. The stylish Mediterranean style implies the fireplace and the original ways of the area decoration

What kind of Italian style can be without passion and color of the southern home? In particular, country households can afford the emancipation and the use of bright, accented decorative elements. The red dress as a symbol of the southern temperament, passion and fire is a great wall decor for the room, which used mostly neutral shades of natural origin. But it still isn`t so practical in the long-term use and care as it will become the collector of dust and bacteria.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Red dress for the wall decoration is a very bold but unpractical step


Italian country seashore house design project. Bedroom

In the bedroom decoration there is most clearly evident mixing of the two styles – Art Nouveau and Italian country. Furniture of plastic and modern video equipment is adjacent to the canonical methods of drawing up an Italian interior – white whitewashed walls, wooden beams, tile as a floor covering and a luxurious carved furniture made of valuable types of wood as the main focal center of the room. The coolness of white and warm natural materials are not just harmoniously blend in the design of the modern home, but appear as a model for the country houses design in the states with the southern climate.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Bedroom stylized in the Italian country style with royal big wooden bed and white linen

The undoubted highlight of the decoration and architectural features of the Italian country house became arched windows. The flowing lines reminiscent of the decoration of ancient monasteries and thus perfectly rounded shapes combined with modern furniture and decor.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. European antique designed boudoir in the bedroom with candlestick and white furniture


The neighborhood of modern kitchen units and appliances with country elements in the decoration of the room is becoming very practical in the kitchen area. For rooms with low ceilings, and especially with such traditional decor in country-style, it was decided not to use the top-tier kitchen cabinets. A single row of lower-level kitchen island was enough to provide the necessary amount of storage, work surfaces and appliances.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Village style of the ceiling blends well with the modern kitchen set and appliances

Here is located a small dining area for meals with the family. The original neighborhood in the old dining room dented table with ultramodern chairs was visually appealing and interesting alliance. Unusual modern artwork on the background of plastered walls and unusual light fixtures attached to the wooden beams have continued the theme of combinations.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Artificially aged kitchen furniture and the modern methods of the wall trimming

Dining room

The main features of interior decoration in the Italian style are reflected in the design of this modern dining. Plastering walls in light colors, floor tiles for the sensation of coolness and ease of maintenance of a country home, the original vaulted ceiling and unusual arrangement of windows – everything in the interior adjusts to the veneration of traditions in the Italian suburb apartments. But there are modern motifs of the premises ┬ádecoration hand in hand with country elements – furniture with metal frames and original leather upholstery, modern design models of lighting fixtures, and works of art of our day as wall decor.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Dining room in a classic style with fancy wooden aged chairs

Terrace and swimming pool

On the spacious terrace, paved with the help of a street tile flooring, there are couple of zones. The dining segment with light metal furniture under a canopy and relaxation area with soft removable seats and space for sunbathing with comfortable sun loungers in the sun. The combination of wood and metal, light and dark shades of stone and living plants – all this has created an original, practical and incredibly comfortable image of the terrace for spending time outdoors.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Zoned rest area in the sun

Going down the stairs to the wooden decking, you can get to the pool, with a sitting area and sunbathing equipped next to it. But for those who are afraid to burn in the sun – there is a place in the shade of large trees. You`ll have just to drag and drop elegant metal framed beds under the spreading branches of trees.

Italian Country Seashore House Design Project. Swimming pool with natural shade in the trees

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