Italian Kitchen: Decoration & Furniture

Each of us dreams of a strong family, home coziness, and good relations with close people. It is these associations are brought by the kitchen in the Italian style. You can feel warmth and peace at a glance on it. So we will explore the most interesting layout options and two basic components of Italian kitchen: decoration & furniture.

Italian Kitchen: Decoration & Furniture. White matte facades in the modern kitchen with bar counter and large mirror

Kitchen is the most comfortable place in the house

If you are close to this style, no interior design instruction will replace your inner instinct: such a kitchen needs to be created by the heart.

Ceramic tiles and wooden furniture for the spectacular rural kitchen

And, nevertheless, small tips will help you more confidently move in the chosen direction.


Stage one – finishing

The basic rule is the use of exclusively natural materials when creating an Italian style in the interior of the kitchen.

Stone, wood, metal, ceramics should be on both major and secondary roles. No plastic, linoleum and other synthetic materials!

Note. Among modern finishing materials you can find a very high quality imitation. With a limited budget, their use is allowed.


Imagine a cozy Italian house among the flowering meadows and vineyards. Color wallpaper or glossy tile to the ceiling on the walls does not match this picture at all. For their decoration, it is best using decorative plaster or wallpaper for painting.

As for color, the preference should be given to natural shades:

  • Green is the color of the vine, olive trees or luscious greenery, not leaving the hills and plains of Italy all year round;
Olive color decorated walls of the rural kitchen design

The color of the walls can be either pastel or very saturated

  • Blue is the color of the sea and sky;

Blue facaded kitchen set in country style

  • Yellow and orange are the colors of the hot Italian sun;
  • Red and burgundy are the colors of famous Italian wines;
  • Lavender is the color of the meadows in the midst of flowering.

The Italian style of the kitchen will be emphasized by rough brick or masonry (or their imitation) on the wall in the work area, a stone fireplace or columns supporting the ceiling.


Floor and ceiling

Both the floor and the ceiling can be trimmed with wood, and on the ceiling will be very appropriate rough wooden beams. If the ceiling height does not allow experimenting, just align and whitewash them.

Large dark ceiling beams and white colored kitchen island

Photo of the kitchen with beams on the ceiling and tiled floor

Note. A distinctive feature of Italian houses has always been stone floors. Rich people trimmed them with natural marble. In our case, it can be completely replaced with granite having natural pattern or decorative stone.


Windows and doors

Of course, there can be no question of any plastic.

  • Window frames – only wooden, stone sills or tiled.
  • Doors – massive, pine or oak. They can be sharpened in the color of furniture or underline the natural shade with the help of impregnations and stains.
Glossy metal round chandelier for Italian styled room

Masonry, wood-burning fireplace and simple wooden doors – recognizable features of Italian style

  • Handles and hinges for windows and doors can be either simple or intricate, with forging elements.


Stage two – furniture and lighting

Kitchen furniture

There are no options: the interior of the kitchen in the Italian style allows furniture from natural wood only.

Another thing is that it does not need to have a natural color. The facades can be painted, but only in natural shades: beige, olive, sand, terracotta.

For reference. Favorite white color in real Italian kitchen is very rare, and only in the form of individual elements of decor.

It is good if the furniture will be decorated with carvings and original metal fittings. And it should look like it was made by own hands half a century ago.

Such an effect can be achieved by patination, the use of craquelure varnishes, other methods of artificial aging.

Large kitchen with central part in the from of wooden island with storage

Italian styled kitchen is characterized by such details as open shelves, stone countertops and a large cooker with a dome hood

Italians usually have very large and friendly families, so the dining table should be large and massive. And you can use benches with soft pillows instead of chairs.



Again, we start with exceptions. Forget about point built-in ceiling fixtures and LED strips. Hang a chandelier over the table with lamps that simulate candles, and lamps, stylized for lanterns or kerosene lamps above the work area. Wall sconces are also very appropriate to the style.

White facades and the domed extractor hood

Stage three – decorating

Watch any Italian movie, and you’ll see that the main decoration of the kitchen by Italians is dishes and utensils. It is not hidden behind the blind facades of cabinets, but is exposed on open shelves and in cupboards, suspended on special hooks.

Woven baskets, clay jugs, sheaves of onions, garlic and dried herbs can complement the design of the kitchen in the Italian style as well.

Noble dark wood to trim the kitchen with an island and bar stools

Do not be afraid to “go too far” with the decor – some artistic mess will only add the comfort to your kitchen

Particular attention should be paid to textiles. In such an interior, tablecloths and chair covers, patch rugs and embroidered napkins will become the perfect fit.

As for the curtains, the thick drapes to the floor are not suitable here. It is better to suffice with laconic Roman curtains or wooden blinds to the size of the window.

And, of course, fresh flowers and fruits – it’s simply impossible to imagine a kitchen in an Italian style without them.


Italian Kitchen: Decoration & Furniture. Conclusion

To a man uninitiated in the wisdom of design art, it is difficult to distinguish the Italian style from Spanish, Country or Provence. And is it necessary?

If you want to make your house attractive for friends, cozy for your family and convenient for yourself, rely on your feelings. And only sometimes look for inspiration in beautiful pictures of finished interiors.

Mediterranean touch in Italian kitchen with sandy color palette and marble top

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