Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice

Construction of a children’s room is just equally enjoyable and responsible process. In rare flats or households there is a possibility of allocation of separate rooms for child`s rest, studies, art and games. Sometimes within one room there are relax, learn and play two or more children. It`s a hard task for parents: to take into account differences in age, sex of children, their hobbies and interests, not forgetting about ergonomics and safety. But grateful child who feels naturally in his/her room and grows in the joy of the parents is the best reward for the spent effort, time and money. Let’s dive to the modern trends of kids` room furniture selection advice.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice of unique pattern at the wall

During renovation or creation of kids` room parents tend to already have an idea of ​​what furniture will be used to arrange the room for a small tenant. But it is important not to ignore any precaution when selecting practical, comfortable and beautiful furniture for the your children. So, what to consider first when choosing furniture to the children’s room:


  • the child’s age. This is probably the one of the main criteria on which will depend not only on the size of the acquired furniture, but also its composition. It is important to organize a place to sleep and play for a preschooler. The workplace will be used mostly for creation. Storage will be mainly equipped for toys. With age, the games area is reduced. There is a need to organize a full-fledged space for study, and therefore storage of textbooks, books and stationery appears;
  • furniture should match the age and height of the child, not only in terms of hobbies and favorite activities, but anatomically as well. The acquisition of new furniture every 2-3 years can be afforded not by every parent. Effective solution is furniture that “grows” with your child. Chairs and tables for classes can be adjusted for height and backrest angle, the bed can be increased in length at least in three positions (up to adult height), open shelves can be mounted on a rack with several options of mounting height (so the child is always can get toys and books from their storage locations);
  • Gender of the child. It does not necessarily mean that you need to purchase the furniture in the blue gamma for boys, and pink furniture for girls. You don`t need to bother yourself with such stereotypes (unless the child itself prefers these colors). Girls tend to prefer a more leisurely games. The boys often more active. But, of course, all children are unique and only parents know what kind of furniture would be in need of their child;
  • if the room will be for a rest, learn, play and engagement in creative work for a few children, it is important to take into account not only the quantity but also the gender, age and preferences of each child. Not an easy, but doable task;
  • you must ensure that purchased furniture was made of environmentally friendly materials (all stores should provide quality certificates);
  • furniture should please the future owner, be sure to consult with your child;
  • Furniture should be functional. Not too heavy, but not very lightweight. This will partly affect the level of security of the furniture for the child;
  • of course, children’s furniture should not have sharp corners, dangerous fixtures. Usually, furniture for children’s rooms do not contain glass or mirror inserts. The smaller amount of swing cabinets will appear in baby`s room, the higher level of security would be ensured. Dangerous structures should be replaced by a modular storage cells, open shelves or drawers with limiters;
  • herewith the furniture must be sufficiently strong and durable. It can be used only for a few years, but during this period the child will test the strength of each piece of furniture;
  • As a rule, manufacturers of furniture for children guarantees that all surfaces can easily bear wet cleaning. But it is better to see for yourself the simplicity of care for chosen models of furniture.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Colorful interior in natural calming shades

Selection of the bed in the nursery

The vast majority of children’s rooms and bedrooms are for smaller tenants. And priority issues for the selection of furniture become a selection of practical, durable, comfortable and beautiful bed.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Light Wooden Trimming

If there is one child in the room

At present, the range of cots presented in the shops is so wide that both pleases and puzzles parents. Metal or wood ones, “growing” or stationary for the next 2-3 years, with or without a canopy, light or dark, and maybe prefer the loft bed with the placement of the working area on the lower level with a berth at the top? In pursuit of the original forms and unusual execution of the bed in the form of a ship, car or princess` coach do not forget the basic rules of ergonomics. The older the person, the higher should be its bed. The level of the mattress should reach to about the knees.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Unique wall paint in saturated blue color with stripes of secondary ones

If the child is quite small, it is necessary to ensure that the bed is equipped with bumpers. Some models assume the possibility of dismantling the bumpers when the child gets older. While aesthetic appearance of the bed will not be affected.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Austere design and Star rug

Children like small nooks in the house where they could hide. From a psychological point of view of a canopy bed can provide them decent level of privacy. If the bed is against the wall, you need only provide a canopy of so-called improvised roof house. The canopy must be easily removable from the frame structure, so you can wash the fabric with linen.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. White room execution

If the construction of the structure imitating the canopy seems too simple to you, the bed can be improved to a full house for one. If room space allows and the parents are not against of bedrooms furnishing change in every 3-4 years, the child will probably be happy to have its own small and cozy space in a house.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Green house for games

Upholstered bed frame is not only safe and comfortable design solution, but also an opportunity to diversify the color and texture palette of the room. But there is a con in such bed models: it is more complicated take care of textile upholstery than the painted surfaces of wood or metal bed.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Small area for children is multifunctional

Bed with metal frame is usually acquired, as the saying goes, for growth or already grown child whose height would not be changed significantly. Most often, such models can be found in a snow-white color design that blends into an incredibly romantic style of girl`s bedrooms.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Girl`s bedroom design

Beds with allocation of the storage systems in the bottom are very practical, because you’re using the space, which is already occupied by the placement of a berth. But it is important to remember that it is very poor ventilation of the mattress in such products. So you must often pull boxes, cleaning the surface of the storage and flip the mattress.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Boy`s room with skate and dynamic picture on the white wall

When choosing a bed with storage in the lower part is better to prefer those, whose facade of drawers do not take all the available space, leaving room for ventilation and the possibility not to use pull-out cabinet knobs.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Nice colorful interior design with white base

If the area of ​​a child’s room is small, you might consider installing a so-called loft-bed. The sleeping area is located on an elevation, and there is a room for the workplace, storage or play area on the lower level. These beds can be found in a typical embodiment in furniture stores or be ordered specifically for the size of the room, and considering the height of the child.


If space is very modest child’s room, you can use the option of embedding a berth on the platform, in the lower part of which will be placed roomy storage. Drawers can be placed even in the steps of the dais. But remember about the airing of the internal space of the deck.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Big atlas at the wall

You are free to decorate the bed and accompanying pieces of furniture by yourself or turn to professionals who will realize the elaborate concept of kids` room design, depending on the tastes and interests of the child.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Comics themed finishing of the individual premises

Kids` room furniture selection advice for two children

If the space of the room for two children allows the location of the bed next to each other (but at a distance to allocate the bedside table) becomes a logical option arrangement of beds. The bed can be positioned perpendicularly to each other to provide more space for games. But everything depends on the location of windows and doors of the room.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Another successful design of the canopy for two children

For sufficient saving of usable space in the kids` room with two children a bunk bed is the most usable option. This can be a design with equal sized beds (if the difference in children`s age is insufficient) so as with different sizes of beds. Such design decisions save square meters of the kids` room, leaving more room for games, installation of storage and working zone.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Business and sports atmosphere in the room

Another option of placing two beds with different sizes is giving the ability to use the space of the room most efficiently. In this case, the largest sized bed is located at the bottom and loft bed should be placed on the upper level. Depending on the configuration of the stairs leading to the upper floor, the space under the stairs can be used as storage.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Unique design with stairs, multifunctional area and complex light for childres room

Country style in the children’s room is a great rarity. But using the unpainted wood for the manufacturing of bunk bed the association with country style will inevitably visit anyone who sees room for two children. It is obvious that the wood is a preferred as a material for the manufacture of furniture in the kids` room in the environmental friendliness and safety of which we can be sure, especially if children are not against such a furniture ensemble.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Wooden rustic design for the children`s room

If the room is home to more than two children

When more than two children are sleeping the room, there are no other options than using bunk beds. In this case, it is important to find a balance between compact two-level structures and the height of children who are sleeping on it. After addition of beds it is necessary to organize workplaces and storage systems for all occupants of the room.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Unique solution of the designing room for 3 and more little rascals

Storage systems is an important component of furniture

Depending on the age of the child, who will be the owner of selected furniture, storage systems will accommodate toys, books, sports equipment, or collectibles. But in any case, regardless of the preferences of the child, cupboards or chests for clothes, shoes and accessories are necessary. Storage for clothes is not much different from those placed in the bedrooms for adults. If the dimensions of the furniture itself are less, the level of safety, environmental and hypoallergenic materials will be higher.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Storage and cabinets in the large kids room with trampoline

You can arrange the storage systems in the headboard or along its sides in the room with a single bed. Small cabinets and open shelves can hold clothes, toys and baby books.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Unique chandelier design in the children`s

Placing the storage for books and accessories for creativity in close proximity to the workplace would be the most appropriate solution. Open shelves and bookcases are the most simple, economically feasible and convenient way to store personal things. If your shelves are attached to the frame, which assumes several options of displacement in height, your rack will “grow” with the child and with the changes of its needs and hobbies.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Alphabetic pillows for the children`s room design

You might consider the location of all the necessary storage systems for teens behind the sliding doors of a large closet. At the same time all the items of clothing, books and sporting attributes will be concentrated in one place. Wherein, the usable space of the room will be saved due to the built-in facilities.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Crystal white interior of the Scandinavian style

The main feature of teenager`s room is that space for active play is no longer needed and you can use a maximum of square meters to accommodate storage. For example, here is an option of an arrangement of different in design and appearance storage systems on the perimeter of the entire room. It provides the kid with the opportunity to place everything he/she need within personal  space. Such ensembles are manufactured by order, so the design options are limited only by the imagination of your child and your budget.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Space thematic of the headboard design

In terms of space-saving, the location of storage under the level of the window is extremely rational course. If there are no radiators, a few meters of the room can become not only a spacious rack system, but also a comfortable place to sit, which can be equipped with soft pillows.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Original design of the storage under the windowsill and atlas wall decoration

Workplace organization and areas for creativity

Even very young preschoolers need a table and chair for studies requiring perseverance – drawing, viewing pictures in books, board games, modeling and other study activity. Later from the low table and a miniature chair we would need to arrange complete working place for study and will need to arrange it well before starting school.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. White ordinary design if the room full of stuff

Height-adjustable desk is common in furniture stores and related web resources. Chairs and small armchairs that can change both the height and backrest tilt are also available in a wide sale. You will have to spend money only once and then to adjust the position of furniture depending on the height of your child.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Space full of toys is the child`s dream

There are lots of variants of workplace arrangement. In fact, you don`t need too much space of kids` room to make the process of studying comfortable for your baby. A narrow console attached only to the wall will be the most compact form of the desk. Open shelves above the work place are quite roomy and take up little space.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Wooden furniture with a lot of hidden space for personal things

Semioval console, based on a single leg, is not only a safe place to study and work, but also an opportunity to sit down at this makeshift desk from both sides.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Colorful walls and contrasting white furniture

Usually the workplace for a child is equipped near the window to provide the necessary level of illumination in the daytime. In this case, all the space around the window opening can be used for storage or to confine with the lower portion disposed below the level of the sill.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Original comics theme to arrange the large children`s area

In a room for two, it is important not only to provide a comfortable sleeping places, but also to organize working areas for each of the children. Depending on the height and age of the child you should select a desk. It is impossible to confine only with working area.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Nice design for infants

Retro-style design for a child’s room designers use infrequently. But if the views of the child and parents in choosing furniture for the organization of the workplace and areas for creative work coincide, the interior will be original, entertaining and at the same time practical.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Blue walls for active boys

Playing furniture is not a luxury but a means of child`s development

Unfortunately it is not always possible to equip a kids` room with not only a necessary set of furniture, but the game furniture, which helps the child to develop his individuality in all spheres of life. There is often no place for slides, swings, houses, tents and sports equipment in the within the space of a children’s room with a small area. Even soft ottomans can be used as an game element – to build a towers and forts, try to zone the space if there are two or more children in the room.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Fairy-tale white decoration of the children`s

For example, a small copy of the kitchen units can be not only a place for games, a wonderful simulator for the future hostess, but also the storage system for the toy dishes and kitchen utensils. If the space of the room allows, a compact ensemble of furniture will be a highlight of the interior and a favorite place for a child, its proud in front of friends.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Green freshing accents in the area for one child

Rockers, swings, or even bungee, miniature hammocks or sports equipment are not mandatory attributes of children’s rooms. But they incredibly variegate the child`s life, bring new ideas for games, and thus affect the development of your baby.

Kids` Room Furniture Selection Advice. Furniture with slide and stair for Active games of the baby

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