Kids Room Interior Design Ideas 2015

Children’s room is a special world of the child, in which it spends most of its free time. And sometimes in it can be difficult to create a harmonious atmosphere the nursery, because you need to combine the place to sleep, play area and a work area in one room. And all of these areas are necessary, regardless of the children’s room area. Each of us trying both to fit in a limited budget and wants to arrange a room with a view of the fashion trends in design at the same time. The problem is not simple needs to be said! Let’s deal it together seeing into last trends of kids room interior design ideas 2015.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015 in the small area with beaige frameless armchair

Kids room interior design theme

First, we should pay attention to the gender and age of the child. Of course dogs cats or elephants are unacceptable in the schoolboy`s room, while for the kindergarten baby interior design with plenty of fairy-tale characters is what you need. Each of us understands that room for the young lady should have girlish motifs abound with flowers, butterflies and hearts and boys are dreaming to have interior with transport or sports themes.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Bright theme for young adventurer

If children of both genders will live in a children`s room, the task becomes more complicated. At least because you should not only to organize all the necessary zones there, but also distribute the private space for each child. If the room is small, it is better to use neutral colors and shades it. But to emphasize the area for boys and girls with contrasting accents. You can make a canopy on the bed as the princess has for your baby-girl, and pick up interesting accessories  for the boy in the form of a cushion with printed autos or missiles, or small pictures with the image planes or ships, or his favorite characters from the cartoon above the bed.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Light neutral soothing atmosphere in the room full of small literal and numeric symbols

It is worth noting that if your child can quite clearly tell you about its preferences regarding the color or decorative elements and about its interests in general, the opinions have to be taken into account, since it will have to live in this room.

Your child loves butterflies? Paste wallpaper with huge colorful butterflies all over the wall at the head of the bed. This will give the room an element of enthusiasm and ease. If the kid loves adventure stories and dreams of becoming a traveler, so hang a huge map on the free wall and add decorative globes to the interior! These elements create a special atmosphere in the room, which certainly will not leave the child indifferent.


Kids room interior design ideas 2015 furniture

Another quite important factor that should be considered in the design of child`s room is a sufficient number of shelves and drawers for personal items and lots of toys. That is necessary to choose the right furniture to be as compact as possible and capacious at the same time. Of course, it is not always possible to put all the desired furniture in a room including hanging chairs, ottomans or soft sofa. But you should find the space for main furniture pieces. That is why you should pay attention to the multi-functional models. The bed with drawers where you can store bedding, clothes or toys would be very comfortable in a small room. Many mothers agree that to store toys in a constant order is simply impossible. Even if they are placed on the shelves, during the day all cars or dolls turn into one big mountain in the middle of the room. And if you do not have enough time to manage this activity and to arrange all the toys on the shelves, you should not resort to the furniture with plenty of open shelves.

To arrange some books, dolls, teddy bears or the aircraft couple of shelves will be enough. All the other cabinets is better to make closed. To ensure the child’s safety the cabinet door shall not contain glass elements. It is easy to settle down a small box with cubes, meccano, toy cars or dolls behind deaf fronts of the cabinet. Thus, it will be easy to keep childrens room clean with less effort.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Slanting wooden beemed ceiling gives the look of neat cave

The ideal solution for a small child`s would be a corner cabinet. Using this spacious piece of furniture, you can provide the most rational distribution of space of the room. Speaking of rationality we can`t speak a word about hanging shelves. Child’s room is the place to experiment with furniture. Here, as nowhere are appropriate hanging shelves of intricate forms. They can be placed at the bed or the table. The original location of the toys on such shelf will set a playful mood throughout the room and will act as an original decoration.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Neutral white trimming and the gaming zone for the baby

Color for children’s room

I think every one of us more than once have read that color can affect the psycho-emotional state of a person, regardless of age. And more than one article was written with recommendations of how to arrange the colors of a child’s room. Psychologists one and all recommend to use calm tones and does not use aggressive tones in a child’s room. However, following these guidelines you can ensure that the interior become faceless and dull. Of course, it will calm the baby and unload it on an emotional level, but whether it will be attractive to it? To make the interior of the children’s room truly harmonious you need to balance the bright and quiet shades skillfully. In order to make the room both exciting and intimate, and produce positive impact on the child.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Red neat ambience for younf lady

The most important thing is to be guided by one simple rule – the color must be natural! If it is green – it should be the color of the first grass. If it`s red – then the color of the tulip. If blue – the color of the sky, burgundy – the color of ripe cherries. Even if these colors will abound in the room, their naturalness will not irritate the eyes. In the background you can choose the color of ivory, shades of beige or sterile white. When making a children`s room in white then you should properly incorporate color elements not to make the interior bland.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. A lot of open shelves to accommodate all kids` stuff and personal things

In a room with white walls and ceiling furniture and floor of light wood color. This tranquil base is ideal for location bright ottoman, sofa or floor mats in it.

Niche with shelves on either side of the bed, painted in saturated celadon color will also look great.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Turquoise bedspread

Beige color will be the perfect backdrop for both girls and boys nursery interior. All shades of beige are considered neutral, therefore they can be combined with absolutely all the colors. And you can just not only combine bright colors but also shades of beige. By resorting to this technique, inconspicuous ledges in the room may become its highlight. For example, if  you planned an interesting design with plaster imitation of a cliff near the head of the bed, so the niches in the corners of the room can be plastered with wallpaper of darker shade to emphasize the sublimity of the structure. Speaking at the artificial rock is best done contrast. The bedspreads and the pieces of furniture in the same color will create an interesting and harmonious ensemble of the room.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Interesting cliff imitation of plaster in the ownership of younf rascal

Of course we should not forget about the mentioned above rules of the distribution of the color regarding baby’s sex: girls – pink, boys – blue. This does not mean that all elements of the interior of childrens room must be solely in these colors. But as contrasting colors, they are ideal.

Girls will definitely love the idea with pink curtains, bedspread and pillows on a bed with different shades of red and pink. floral patterns with fabulous birds and butterflies will fit perfectly into such an interior.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Calm colorful tones combination in the girls room

And it will be suitable as background not only neutral shades but also quite, but quite independent colors such as turquoise or aqua color for this interior. But when choosing such a bold color combination you need to be ready to achieve a very bright room.

Сhildren`s Room Interior Design Ideas 2015. Aspid bright colors is not recommended

Naturalness is the main feature of the fashion trends in kids room interior design ideas 2015. And therefore the use of natural colors and shades, finishes, materials, furniture, use of natural fabrics will ensure a truly fashionable interior. And what role is played by ecology in our speed and half synthetic world, I think, I do not have much to say, because it is quite urgent and the well-known problem.

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