Kitchen in Modern Style

Interior in Art Nouveau is practical in the organization of space, so it is most suitable for kitchen. Inherent functionality of the style allows to make the kitchen in Modern style convenient, and harmonious from an aesthetic point of view at the same time. Such a style requires a lot of space, but in the scale-decorative design Modern is easy to apply for small kitchens.

Kitchen in Modern style and floral decorations


It is best to use not textured solid color material for the walls. In creation of the interior, the walls play the role of the main background, which should not attract attention, and should focus it on the basic color objects. The most common way is painting of walls, which can give you muted monochromatic. Before painting, it is necessary to make the required work of the alignment of the walls, so that would make a perfectly flat surface. One of the main materials of this style is glass that can serve as a lining material for walls. Modern glass textured wallpaper without pictures with a matte texture is perfect for creating modern interior. More practical and less expensive material for the lining is ceramic tile, which also satisfies the requirements of style. Direct angular forms can destroy the style, so it is important to maximize the monotony. Prefer ceramic products of medium size, without any patterns and necessarily use grout for ceramic tile. It is not recommended to use such cladding materials as plastic panels or mere wallpaper. Both of materials has a number of qualities that are contrary to the peculiarities of style.


gypsum plasterboard ceiling in neutral tones. Modern

Because of the abundance of furniture and dominant objects in the Art Nouveau interior the ceiling plays passive role, as well as the walls. The best option for the ceiling cladding is a complete merging with the plane of the wall. Classic Modernism requires soft lines, so when you create a style, you can soften the angles and joints between the ceiling and walls by means of concrete and plaster. The choice of material depends on the cladding. Staining the ceiling in the same color of which were walls painted is the best option. However, it excludes the possibility to establish a comfortable lighting. For more competent placement of lighting you can use suspended ceiling of color and texture which should also blend with the walls. The transition from the walls to the ceiling can be mitigated by using ceiling moldings, painted in the background color of the walls or ceiling. Plastic panels, wallpaper coatings and multi-level structure are not suitable for finishing the ceiling. Each of these materials has a very expressive texture to attract too much attention to the plane of the room.


Floor is not an active element in the interior too. Its color can blend in with the color of furniture or with the general hue of the background design – walls and ceiling. Plain leveling floors perfectly fit into the style of kitchen. It is strong and durable material, with wear-resistant characteristics, which does not require special care. Elite granite facing material can be used for the kitchen in a modern style only if it has not any picture. Granite color should fully comply with the kitchen furniture. Monotonous wooden floors, such as parquet or laminate, successfully used to form a full-fledged Art Nouveau for kitchen. Color of the tree cover should be in harmony with other parts of the decor and furniture made of wood. Coating color is chosen as opposed to the background: the lighter background, the darker floor. Lighter shades of wood also possible to use if the walls are of the same hue. Ceramic tiles are often used for floors in the kitchen, very difficult to fit into the interior. It creates an imbalance due to the sharp rectangular shapes. It is also not recommended to use linoleum.


Contenporary kitchen in Modern style

Kitchen furniture in the Art Nouveau style should be located exclusively near the walls, with one central object if the space allows it. According to the laws of style all furniture should be placed in the center, kitchen sets disguised as part of the wall. They should have a simple geometric shape and a color. In order to emphasize the stylistic features of modernity with the mean of furniture, you need to choose a headset model with soft lines without direct, square shapes. However, kitchen furniture should not have complex lines, which are inherent to modernism. To achieve the merger of the working area with the overall style of decoration, you can using self-colored furniture ornaments with crinkly lines. The central object is a table, as a rule, is a massive countertop with elongated and thin legs. Table is selected in the color of the floor or as an active element of color. Classically styled chairs, upholstered and complex patterns complement the central part of the interior.

Windows and lighting

Lighting and window light in the interior in Art Nouveau style

Kitchen lighting should be of two types: background and on purpose. Ambient lighting is evenly distributed on the ceiling. Task lighting should be installed into the kitchen set. If the kitchen is not large, you can use ambient lighting only. According to the requirements of the style,  the window should have blurred rounded shape, but it is not easy to achieve. To do this, you must change the engineering of the building and to order a sophisticated window designs. A simpler way – frameless glazing, geometric shape of which can be corrected by means of curtains.

Accessories and decoration

Spacious Kitchen in light colors of Modern style

Interior creation in the Art Nouveau style in the kitchen is achieved with the help of colors and features of lines and shapes. Decoration and accessories are used in small quantities and thus are the final link to the integrity of the overall picture. Straight rough curtains a few shades darker than the walls will finish window design. Giving harmony to basic color elements is possible by means of small accessories located in the centre of the dining table. Vivid supplements are better placed at opposite ends of the kitchen and connect them with a large color object. In the form of accessories can be used any items related to the kitchen: dishes, complementary furnishings, artificial fruit or flowers.

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