Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors

Kitchen space is one of the most important in any home. It is especially important to design the kitchen in a functional, comfortable and practical way. Despite the wide distribution of various food outlets – from small cafes with takeaway products to chic restaurants of the author’s cuisine, traditionally people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Not only daily family dinners, but also gatherings with the closest friends and relatives are held in this multifunctional room. However, the design of the kitchen becomes a stumbling block for many owners of apartments or private houses, who decided to make a global renovation or a small alteration. Too many dilemmas to be solved, many important questions will require answers. And not the last of them will be the choice of relevant design. So, what changes in the interior design of the kitchen space are facing the nearest few years? What innovations can be to the taste of majority of homeowners, and which ones will remain just a trend of virtual design projects?

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Unique modern large space decoration with functional recess

New season Trends

The fashion for interior design is not changing as rapidly as many of its areas related to our daily lives, for example, trends in clothing, shoes and accessories. And yet, every year, designers try to find solutions that would help us make our homes more beautiful, more comfortable and functional. They take into account various nuances of layouts, climatic and national features, tactfully intermingling them with global trends. Manufacturers of finishing materials, furniture, household appliances and decorative items are looking for new solutions to create not only affordable, beautiful and practical goods, but also environmentally friendly raw materials, energy-saving options that meet the needs of modern persona.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Dark finishing of the open space with black pendant lamps Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Absolutely white glossy interior with backlight of the island with round bar stools

In the freshest design of the kitchen, there are several characteristic trends (which can be a guide for creating a project, but are not a dogma when planning to repair or renovate a particular kitchen):

  1. Space and light

Creating the most spacious and bright room for any purpose is an unconditional trend of the last few seasons. Unfortunately, this feature of modern design is quite difficult to apply for most small kitchens. In the apartments of a standard layout, the kitchen rooms have a small area. Often, the owners try to solve this problem by combining a kitchen with an adjacent room – a corridor or a living room. Panoramic windows would be perfect for creating the feeling of spaciousness, even in a small room. But their installation is not always possible (especially in apartment buildings built last century).

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Dark faux concrete panels for Contemporary styled room Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Gray kitchen furniture cabinets and pantry in the modern designed space Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Simple white finishing of the minimalistic area with black lamps over the countertop

If there are no constructive changes with a small kitchen, there is only the use of light, color and shape can help visually expand the space. And in this case, to achieve the goal, all means are good. You can use a light palette to decorate and furnish kitchen space, use mirror, glass and glossy surfaces; minimize the use of furniture and equipment (installation of multifunctional models), additional and decorative elements.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Hi-tech designed large area with central island Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Dark glossy floor and steel framed island

In order to make the room appear larger than it really is, it is important not to overload it with interior elements. Of course, it is impossible to deprive the kitchen of such important elements as a stove, refrigerator or sink. But by reducing the number of kitchen cabinets or replacing the upper tier of storage systems with open shelves can help to visually make the look of the kitchen easier and more modern. This technique is especially relevant in the layout for corner rooms with two or more windows.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Stairs right to the galley kitchen in white&pastel colors Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas: most Trending Interiors. Small fresh interior design with touch of ethnic rusticality

  1. Color palette in cool colors

In the last seasons, designers most often suggested us turn to nature for inspiration in choosing the color scheme for the kitchen room and stick to warm, natural shades. But today’s trends are aimed at using mostly a cool palette of shades. The active use of white in the design of the kitchen is a trend for all times. All shades of white help not only to create a visual increase in the volume of space, but also to make the room an ideal “clean sheet” for applying a completely individual design of your kitchen interior. White color creates a clean, light image of space and blends perfectly with any shades. Combining white with any tone can be applied by even non-professionals.

White designed large kitchen with stairs in the private house Large colorful backsplash and the island in the center for modern kitchen

As for the cool shades used in the design of modern kitchen, their popularity has quite explicable roots. With other things being equal, a cool color palette almost always visually makes a room larger than when using warm colors to decorate and make furniture in the kitchen. In addition, modern household appliances and kitchen accessories, which are performed by a lot of chrome, tinted and steel surfaces are incredibly harmoniously combined with cool tones in the design of the kitchen space.

Gray designed hi-tech kitchen with an island

But the cold colors are not dogma. If your small kitchen room is located on the northern part of the building and has poor natural light (for example, trees cover most of the window opening), then it is better to use light, but warm colors in its design, despite all the recommendations.

White chairs and round glass table for successful kitchen remodeling and design Gray glossy furniture for modern kitchen with alder imitating laminate

The use of contrasting combinations in the creation of modern kitchen design projects has not lost its popularity. The clear, dynamic and structured image of the room, the interior of which is a change of dark and light surfaces, attracts many modern owners of small kitchen rooms and spacious rooms. Creating a trendy and at the same time practical kitchen design using only two tones – light and dark, is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Competent selection of dark color dosage (black, dark gray, dark chocolate, graphite) among light surfaces can help not only to create a modern and practical look, but also to emphasize the advantages of architecture, hide its imperfections.

Gray and white original interior of the kitchen with enlighted work zone in the recess of furniture Black island and white furniture set

  1. Eco-friendly Materials for Modern Kitchen

The fashion for the use of environmentally friendly materials for finishing the premises and the execution of its furniture is not new. Raw materials that do not harm humans and the environment have always been a priority. But if earlier the difference in the price of items produced according to environmental standards and their artificial counterparts was more than significant, nowadays all segments of the population can afford goods that are safe in terms of toxicity. Of course, we are not talking about the choice of rare and expensive types of wood, stone and other natural materials. But to find your best in composition and value type of goods for the arrangement of the kitchen is possible with any kind of design and renovation budget.

Marble imitating kitchen island and the black wooden chairs Wooden kitchen furniture for Casual styled large open space Sun lit kitchen at the modern cottage with white furniture

  1. Embedded Household Appliances

No kitchen can do without household appliances. In modern design projects, kitchen appliances play an important role not only in terms of the formation of the functional space, but also its appearance. Modern manufacturers of household appliances offer us a wide range of products that are different in many ways – choosing built-in appliances of the required size, which perfectly fits into the kitchen layout, will not be difficult. At the same time, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of energy-saving models that help to save the resources and wallets of the owners.

White walls, wooden laminate at the galley kitchen space with gray furniture Gray wall panels and the dark brown furniture at the kitchen with dining zone

The use of home appliances performed in Retro style has not lost its popularity. But, if designers in past seasons recommended the installation of retro-models in a bright design which are not just create a color accent but also become central elements of the interior, then the current trends are associated with the use of instruments in a quiet color spectrum, more traditional colors.

Pastel colored kitchen interior with decorative plant and bar island

  1. Textured Surface in Focus

The desire to create the most efficient, functional and practical interior leads to the fact that its appearance is inevitably simplified. The decor and various additions fade into the background. Not only color becomes the object of main attraction, but also a texture. The use of heterogeneous texture in the design of modern kitchen is becoming one of the main trends. At the same time, the focus is on both the finishing of the room and the choice of furnishing. The use of natural or concrete imitating surface (“faux concrete paint) or brick does not lose its popularity. The natural or bleached color of the brickwork looks spectacular in the interior of the kitchen of almost any size. The brick can be used for fragmentary decoration of surfaces (for example, a kitchen splashback) or creating a whole accent wall – everything depends on the size of the room and its layout.

Black designed kitchen furniture with white walls and ceiling for ultramodern kitchen interior Narrow kitchen in modern design with steel surfaces

Not less popular is the use of concrete surfaces. At the same time, the concrete can be natural or imitated with the help of decorative plaster, vinyl and liquid wallpaper, wall and ceiling panels. Despite the obvious adherence of concrete surfaces to the industrial theme, it is possible to apply this type of finish in other styles that are close in concept.

Modern kitchen with Loft toucj and black stools at the large countertop of the island White kitchen interior with black floors and island with books

The use of textured surfaces is associated with the choice of furniture ensembles, dining groups, and even kitchen countertops. Broached wood with a pronounced texture becomes a hit of the season. Easy “aging” of the material gives charm not only to the piece of furniture, but also creates a special atmosphere in the whole room. Of course, for textured surfaces a little more difficult to care for, especially when it comes to a room with a special microclimate and the level of soiling of the surfaces. But the spectacular appearance of furniture with textured surfaces pays more for all the costs of caring for it.

Skylight and gray laminate for Ethnic styled kitchen Gray designed kitchen furniture set and wood trunk imitating table

  1. Efficient Storage

Kitchen space is, above all, functionality. Performing all work processes with maximum comfort is the key to making an effective design. At the same time, not in the last place is the issue of solving the storage of myriads of the items necessary to carry out these work processes. The phrase “storage systems do not happen much” is perfect for kitchen space. After all, you need to store a lot of different devices, dishes, textiles, appliances in this multifunctional room. And it is important to locate them so that the search for the desired item and its use should be as comfortable and fast as possible.

Folding box with functional designed storage

“Smart” storage systems are not just a trend of recent seasons, but an important necessity for saving space in small kitchens. Various sliders, swivel and rotating shelves, dividers for instruments and plates help to streamline the storage process as much as possible. The initial increase in the cost of storage systems through the use of modern devices pays off pretty quickly.

Cabinet for pans

  1. Multifunctional and Ergonomic Kitchen Accessories

In such a versatile and most popular room in the home as a kitchen, every detail is important – from the choice of material and design of the mixer to the functionality of sockets. If earlier many household devices were hidden from view, made less visible, then in the light of new trends, they become equal participants in the formation of a picture of the interior. Various devices often act as highlights of kitchen design, increasing not only the level of comfort and functionality of the room, but also the originality of the decoration.

Window sink and gray vanity Middle-level open shelves for pantry of the gray designed kitchen Corner located sink for additional liquids

  1. Stylistic Choice

The peculiarity of modern kitchen design is that the design style is very rarely found in a “pure” form. Most often, designers suggest using intermediate, transitional versions of stylistic concepts. For example, to meet the classics and even the neo-classics in the kitchen room is not easy – it will be rather a transitional variant from traditional to modern motives. And not only because ultramodern home appliances are used in the interior, which no one else hides behind kitchen fronts, but also because the design concept itself is focused on a modern style, which is practical, functional and even minimalistic.

White ceiling with built-in lights and gray furniture set Gray designed kitchen with dinign zone at the round table

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