Laconic Contemporary House Interior Design

When decorating a private house located in the country, many homeowners are willing to bring the spirit of the nature by using of natural materials. But the majority of owners of private houses willing their homes to be not only functional and practical, but also have a modern look, in the spirit of the time. We present small photo compilation of laconic contemporary house interior design, which has become the harmonious correlation of practicality, comfort and design conciseness. Designers have managed to create a comfortable, convenient and not stuffed interior decor with the help of proper materials` choice of, models of ergonomic furniture and restrained decoration.

Living with a laconic but cozy interior

The modern style of living room in a private house has much in common with the motives of the Scandinavian style. Space and light are also serve as the main components of the interior. With an abundance of natural light, the room looks bright and easy even with so active use of wood as a surface treatment. Colours solution successfully compensate each other. Gray shades of natural stone imitation in the space near the fireplace brings coolness. Laminate flooring and a wooden ceiling panels create warm hints of natural comfort. Concise selection of furniture allows you to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable as well as the other members of the household and your guests. And meanwhile, the room does not look overloaded.

Second floor and the prospect of the stairs down

The spacious kitchen-dining zone with universal design

Large kitchen-dining room in a country house is the dream of any housewife. Especially if the design of this incredibly functional premises meets all rules of ergonomics, practicality, comfort and visually appealing. Many people think that the process of creating a design for a large kitchen is not difficult. Small, cramped kitchen causes a lot of problems concerning the layout and the choice of furniture, colors and materials. But to decorate the very spacious kitchen is not so easy too. It`s because you need to arrange work areas so that the hostess (or host) should not “wander around” between the stove, refrigerator and sink. The easiest way to use the “triangle rule” is when you have an angular arrangement of kitchen units. Spacious kitchen can afford to increase the amount of storage and work surfaces by installing a kitchen island – stand-alone module that can accommodate integrated appliances.

Close-up frame of the kitchen zone

Selection of a color palette for kitchen facades was not accidental. In order not to detract from the sumptuous natural pattern of wood, it is more logical to use neutral colors – gray facades for kitchen cabinets and white for glossy tabletops. The kitchen area has a smooth continuation to the spacious dining room with a dining table and a video area.

Laconic Contemporary House Interior Design. Wooden sloped ceiling above the dining zone of tight studio floor


Laconic Contemporary House Interior Design. Bedroom

Key components in the bedroom decoration are the choice of colors and comfortable furniture. It is necessary to create an atmosphere that will be comfortable, easy and safe for the hosts. The neutral color palette of bright hues and nice wooden shades will help not only to prepare for the night, but also to feel peace. Comfortable bed with upholstered frame and absence of sharp edges is the perfect choice for the organization of a berth for a couple. Suspended bedside tables, which equals to a small cabinets by the capacity, will not only be a great place for storage, but also simplify the process of cleaning the room for sleep and rest.

Laconic Contemporary House Interior Design. Bedroom with eco light wooden window frames and same material bedside drawer chest

Bathrooms with a “smart” plan

The principles of simplicity and functionality, dressed in an attractive shell in the utilitarian rooms is stronger than in any other room. It`s important to not only create a convenient layout of sanitary ware and accessories in the bathroom and storage systems for it, but to arrange everything with a high level of ergonomics. Plumbing and furniture location should be arranged such way to make owners spend minimum of their time to sanitation and water treatment in the morning and comfortably relax in the evening after a hard day.

Laconic Contemporary House Interior Design. White and wooden mix in the bathroom

The space under the sink is used with maximum practicality. It is ready not only for easy placement of all the necessary bathroom accessories, but also minimize the time and effort on finding them.

Nice shelf for the bathroom appliances

The use of ceramic tiles for finishing a shower is the most practical and aesthetic option. Even ceramics of neutral colors looks spectacular. Especially if you use a combination of products of various sizes and shapes. The combination of large and small “Metro” tiles on the walls and mosaics in the form of a honeycomb on the floor and in the niches has created an interesting design of the functional segment and the bathroom as a whole.

Bathroom design with the grau tiles and minimalistic setting

When making a toilet you can not restrain yourself in the surfacing materials with high moisture resistance and use your favorite color and texture finish. For example, the cool dark emerald green shade of the walls, which looks luxuriously along with the gloss of steel interior elements.

Nice high sink with cozy small tap and unusual color of the wall decoration

Practical design of auxiliary facilities

Hallway is no longer just a location for the walking of households from one room to another. It will become a small home library if you equip it with built-in bookshelves. Such efficient use of storage space will not only solve the problem of books storage, but also increases the degree of uniqueness of the interior of the auxiliary building.

Nice shelving in the hallway with the sliding doors

Sliding doors, same as in a coupe, is not only original element of the interior, inevitably attracting the attention. It is also the ability to save valuable space of the corridor, especially if the room is not differs with big width or one of its parts have already reserved for the furniture (as in our case).

the mechanism of the vintage sliding doors

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