Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design

How to fill with the brightness the interior space, decorated in light, neutral colors? The easiest way to do this with the original and colorful decor is bright textile for cushions in the living room or the bedroom curtain, unusual lighting, and even vintage items of bright colors. We offer you to visit with us a light interior and bright decor apartment design project, which has found a middle ground in the creation of a quiet, but non-trivial atmosphere of the living spaces. We begin our acquaintance with the modern private home with the most spacious room, living room, which includes the functions of the dining area also. The room with a bay window decorated in bright colors – white ceiling decorated with stucco on the perimeter, goes over the light-gray walls with white moldings and wide skirting. Parquet flooring of light wood completes the finish. Only black spot stone of the fireplace stands out in this light idyll.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Empty room without furnishing but already finished

Room incredibly becomes hardly recognizable after the installation of furniture and decor. The contrasting combination of texture and original solutions create a non-trivial, but herewith a comfortable environment for family rest and entertaining. There are no barriers between the living and dining areas. Thanks to the open layout space does not lose its sense of freedom and space, despite the relatively high load of furnishings and decor items.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Furnished room appears as complete concept

Ideal choice of upholstered furniture for the living room of similar shape and size is a corner sofa and a couple of comfortable chairs. Such arrangement of the upholstered recreation area allows you to create the largest number of seats with the least loss of usable space in the living room. Many cushions provide comfortable accommodation of household and their guests.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Large number of cushions on the sofa for guests

If the living room has a fireplace it usually turns the center of attraction for all views. But a focal and coordinating center of the room interior became a coffee table with an original bottom and transparent glass top. The unusual design with futuristic motifs worthy of a closer look, so the living room`s rest area will enjoy the same success.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Absolutely unusual glass table in the stand of the motor prototype

The design of the living room in this apartment is a vivid illustration of how easily and without much financial loss you can turn neutrally colored interior into an interesting and colorful design of the room. Dosed use of bright red colors becomes the highlight of the living room. Textiles for sofa and chairs, lighting elements and decorative elements with a colorful touch of red is literally transforming the interior of the family room.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Little dining or rest zone at the bat window

Another distinctive feature of the space design in an urban apartment becomes the use of vintage decor. Reproductions of the posters of the last century and original use of branded boxes as storage systems allows creators not only to bring notes of originality in the design of the living room, but also to create an occasion for pleasant memories.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Real creative fantasy can use even coke boxes and box gloves

The dining zone also provides a contrasting choice of furniture. Table for meals has been selected according to the shape of bay window, which houses the dining group. Its stone countertop is in common kind of material with lining of the fireplace. It creates a harmonious combination of two functional zones located within the same premise. The four comfortable chairs with backs are supplemented with mini armchair with bright burgundy leather upholstery. Just one colorful item in this functional segment raises the degree of the whole dining area.


But let`s move into private rooms from the common areas. The first bedroom is modest in size, but more contrast of decor. Decorating of the room for sleep and rest largely repeats the design of the living room, but in this space the issue of creating contrast is solved with the help of a very dark shades. Almost black shutters, headboard and decorative pillows are accentual spots in the bright palette of space.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Table near the bay window

The issue of creating atmospheric lighting in the bedroom is solved in an original way – wall lights with brilliant shades are attached to the soft headboard. This setting allows you not to take place on the bedside table for table lamps and thus create a sufficient level of illumination for the time of going to sleep or reading in bed.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Light finished bedroom with swooden shutters of unusual form

Original bedside tables in the form of a transparent glass boxes literally dissolve in the interior of the bedroom. Practical, but non-trivial approach to storage design near the bed has allowed to bring flavor to the whole image of the room.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Bed pillows are the only contrasting element of the room

The second bedroom is decorated in a more spacious room. But here we see the use of the same color palettes and finishing techniques, as in the rest of the premises of private apartment. The combination of white with light gray tone looks easy, retaining freshness and nobility of a neutral palette.

Light Interior and Bright Decor Apartment Design. Glass chest for personal things near the bed

The sleeping area is located in a shallow niche, flanked with white built-in storage systems. It’s a great way to use a sufficient amount of free space in the bedroom to complete practical and visually appealing storage. The white surface with built-in lighting niches and shelves look easy, in spite of the massive structure.

Unusual headboard of the snow white covered bed with the quilted gray headboard

The lighting system in the bedroom also provides a central chandelier and two wall sconces, arranged symmetrically on both sides of the headboard. Small lamps with white fabric shades provide the required level of illumination for the possibility of bedtime reading. Books can be stored here, next to the bed either.

Decorative houses at the bedside table for the vivid perception of the room Unusual decorative elements in the bedroom for the austere design

The original design of suspended chandelier echoes the motifs of frame for the mirror execution which is located above the unusually painted chest of drawers. Such elements of furniture and decor bring notes of magic to an austere view of the room. The fabulous motifs in the interior of the room to sleep and rest do not depend on the age of the owners of the premises.

A large number of the cushions on the bed as in the living room

Auxiliary rooms are decorated in the same way with the interior of the whole apartment. They have similar bright finish of the surfaces and contrasting elements of the interior, including furnishings and décor. But at the same time, the functionality and practicality of the furniture is becoming of paramount importance.

Hallway of the gray decorated apartment looks charming

Dresser of a simple and concise form with a absolutely smooth facade is complemented by original thematic decor. As a result, the corridor is equipped with a composition that not only properly fulfill its responsibilities, but also decorates the space.

Absolutely gorgeous stylization of the Che Guevara portrait as the installation on the wall above the chest of drawers in the hallway

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