Living Room Furniture Trends 2016

Upholstered furniture

No one will argue the furniture is the face of any living room. Almost every time, the whole image of the living depends on the appearance of sofas and armchairs, their design and colors. But not only the aesthetics of upholstered furniture should be on top in the living room furniture trends 2016. To create a modern practical and comfortable room you need to select the functional and ergonomic shapes. Comfortable sofas and armchairs which will be able to accommodate comfortably not only the households, but also the guests of the house, should be also easy to clean.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Simple and effective design in the tight modern space full of light

Large corner sofa is the undisputed leader among the options of soft recreation area arrangement in a modern living room. There are plenty of models of such configuration – consisting of modules, sliding for the to hosts or their guests may have extra beds with drawers for storage at the bottom of the frame, with level control and backrest with removable armrests.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Coffee and cacao tones in the color palette are also trendy

Using puffs with a rigid frame and upholstery allows you to extend the functionality of the soft living room recreation area. You can use puffs as footstools stands and even coffee tables in case of family gatherings. And to expand the number of seats for receiving guests.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. White interior and the contrasting set

Typically, we see soft furnishings of plain colors in the living rooms design projects of recent years. But furnishings with colorful upholstery is quite applicable for areas with a total light finish. The original ornament or a bright pattern of the textile is capable to radically transform the boring and even sterile atmosphere of a snow-white living room.


Living room furniture trends 2016. Storage systems

Modern living room is multifunctional space, which is frequently used and as a library. Most organic storage option in this case is an open bookcase. Combined systems which upper parts have open shelves for storing items that the owners are willing to show off, and in the lower tier are located closed lockers for items that they want to hide, looks originally.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. White space with neat storage wall system

There is a great way to organize storage not by expense of precious square meters in the living room of the small size. You can position the built-in closed cabinets under the ceiling of the room. If storage systems facades will be executed in bright colors, their presence and solidity will not be evident. Of course, this method is suitable for spaces with ceilings higher than the average.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Outboard white cabinets for the calm interior

In most design projects of the living rooms the low storage chests or closed cabinets modules act as storage systems. Typically, these items of furniture are placed under the TV. Continuing this logic, you can arrange cool wall built-in storage system to allocate all your need in the close distance.


Also, there are comparatively new trend for storage things borrowed from the bedroom design. You can order or find the sofa with extra-storage compartment under the seat for compact and cozy storage of the most necessary things.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. soft corner for the large space in the private house or studio apartment

Fireplace in modern living room is a fashionable tribute to tradition

Coziness and comfort of the living room is always associated with warmth and coziness of the family hearth. That is the atmosphere brought by the presence of the fireplace in any room. The real fireplace is able to not only warm the household, but also to bring the traditional aesthetics to the interior of the living room. But, like any element of design, appearance and functionality of the fireplaces are modified over time. Electric fireplace becomes an essential attribute of living in apartments where the organization of real fireplace with chimney is not so easy.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Electric fireplace for eco spacesLiving Room Furniture Trends 2016. Gas fireplace in the partition between zones in the studio apartment

The presence of a fireplace and a furniture and attributes located symmetrically with respect to it brings a modern interior of the living room echoes of the classical style. The coffee table in the center, similar sofas on the both sides of it, symmetrically arranged floor or table lamps – the traditional layout of the recreation area gives fashion design rigor and structure.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Molded fireplace

Influence of high-tech style imposes its imprint even on such a traditional element of living interior as the fireplace. Modern materials, coupled with the processability of execution of the interior elements create modern hearths for any living room design.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Nice rustic design in the grandeur atmosphere of the private house with open fire

The decor and lighting. Skillful dosage rules

The lighting system is not only playing , its main role (ensuring an adequate level of illumination of certain areas of space) for a living , but also serves as an element of decor and zoning. Each segment of the living room needs a certain level of lighting that allows not only to carry out certain actions, but also to create the necessary atmosphere. That is why the lighting system of the family room is not limited to  the central chandelier or lamp system built into the ceiling. Especially it concerns the living room with the other functional areas of the home – kitchen, dining room, study or library.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Unusual contrasting design solutions of the spacious room with contrasting lamps

The large luxurious chandelier with a lot of decorative elements is able to transform even the most neutral and inconspicuous interior of the living room. But, given the conservatism of some modern style, we must have only one colorful and spectacular thing in the interior.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Black table and TV-set spot, angle sofa and original golden chandelier

Modern lighting fixtures are often used in the design of projects in the living room as a decoration, in addition to its main purpose. Not only very beautiful chandeliers but also original floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces are able to transform the interior of the room.


You can find completely neutral palette of furnishing and trimming in the modern living rooms so often as to the space just need a sip of juicy and bright color. People does not come up with a better option than the use of the living plants in small pots and massive tubs to dilute the color and create more intimate atmosphere of the living room.


Combining multiple functional areas in living room

The living room, which with the help of an open layout unites with the kitchen and dining room is a frequent design method, which is applicable for city apartments as well as for country houses. Such an arrangement of functional segments allows you to put on a minimum number of square meters of maximum working areas while keeping the feeling of freedom and space.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. coupling a few zones together in a studio apartment is not new trend but it still develops and claimed

As a rule, living room integrated with kitchen and dining room has a finishing option that combines all the space in a single unit. It is fashionable to use the accent wall method and place one of the surfaces of the living room in a contrasting, colorful version in order to obtain color zoning of the premises.


The original method of isolating one of the functional areas of the combined room is removing a glass segment. As a result, one of the zones appears on the outdoor terrace and the owners of the apartment have the opportunity to have meal at the fresh air and to see what is happening in the living room or the kitchen at the same time.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. glass partitioning of the zones is becoming a new design trend

Placing the study room in the living room area is also often practice in contemporary design projects. Often people have no opportunity to allocate separate room for a home office. To design the workplace it is necessary to allocate a bit of usable space in the living room. It is best to take a space near the window for the organization of a mini-office.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2016. Licing combined with home office

In the modern design of the living rooms window decoration either absent, or presented in subtle, translucent versions. Light snow-white tulle or linen simple cut curtains, cotton textiles, striped version – these are the most common variants of windows decor.


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