Loft Styled Hallway: How to Combine Decor and Furniture Harmoniously

The location of the hallway is very important for the whole house. On the one hand, a small space is reserved for this room in most living spaces, where decorative interior elements negatively affect its functionality. On the other hand – the hallway is the showcase of the whole house, so it should be attractive. Loft style can be an excellent solution for organizing a corridor. Why loft? What furniture corresponds to this space? And the main question for loft styled hallway: how to combine decor and furniture harmoniously?

Industrial looking apartment etrance in dark gray tones Wooden doors and fllor for stuffed entrance Gorgeous design of the open layout apartment with staircase Loft Styled Hallway: How to Combine Decor and Furniture Harmoniously. Minimalistic boxed layout of the hall with wooden decoration and concrete floor Spacious area of the hallway with brutal wooden doors and ceiling Large LED-lit mirror in the hall with whitewashed brickwork Spacious gray toned space with complex ceiling lighting

Interior of the hallway in the loft style

The Loft style is a close relative of the industrial design, and as the name suggests, it originated from attic spaces. In both styles, aesthetics should be combined with functionality and minimalism. That is why industrial style can be a source of inspiration for you when you begin to design an entrance hall in your house or apartment. The photo gallery will show you how to change a very attractive corridor in accordance with a harsh but stylish design that will please all your guests.

Nice play of gray shades for modern hallway with open ceiling Steel open ladder to the next floor and wooden trimmed entrance zone in loft apartment Whitewashed brickwork walls for narrow corridor Loft Styled Hallway: How to Combine Decor and Furniture Harmoniously. Dark loft styled hallway with complex lighting and modular cabinet Rough treated wooden sliding door to the home office Gray design of the hall with brickwork accent wall White and yellow color combinstion for successful loft styled interior

Hallway in the loft style in the apartment

High, spacious interiors decorated with raw materials and equipment directly from the manufacture is the first representation of an apartment in loft style. And this is so. But how to create an industrial dwelling with materials and equipment from construction stores? Yes, it is definitely easier when we have a real post-industrial interior, which is more and more available for use in modern apartments. It is more difficult to get an industrial character in a typical apartment, but it is possible.

Narrow corridor at the entrance with the stairs up Unusual advanced modern hall with complex latticed ceiling lighting Black frame wooden chair and open hanger for clothes Nice idea of organizing space in the hall with mirror, pouff and open hanger Open massive wooden stairs and complex architecture of the hallway Loft Styled Hallway: How to Combine Decor and Furniture Harmoniously. Vintage seats and light wooden door frame in the loft styled apartment

Furniture for a hallway in a loft style

First of all, in the industrial hallway there should be a place for furniture, on which you can:

  • hang a jacket, coat, scarf or umbrella;
  • arrange shoes;
  • to sit.

Gray colored minimalsitic hall with black furniture Multifunctional hallway with table, cabinet and even refrigerator Concreted walls and wooden accent wall with mirror Dark framed mirroring surfaces and light wooden hanger wall

Remembering these functions, think about how to include them in the interior, corresponding to the loft style. Choose rough treated wood furniture, which is characterized by minimalist colors and simple drawings. The ideal solution will be a narrow closet for the hallway, combining the functions of various furniture, including shoe cabinets or a container for scarves or hats. A chest of drawers from untreated wood will perfectly fit. Visible abrasions and irregularities are adding attic atmosphere to the hall, and the walls of brick or rough plaster will look amazing. It’s worth it to hang a mirror above the white chest of drawers of a simple form. Its massive teakwood white frame will be an excellent addition to the loft styled lobby.

Long narrow corridor with concreted floor and brickwork White interior in the hall with storage rack for footwear Amazing idea of drawing wall in the hallway with latticed wooden ceiling

Loft style and accessories for the hallway: how to choose?

Finally, you should think about what decorative items can be installed in the loft hallway. Consider two basic rules:

  • they should not take up much space;
  • it is better that each of them has a certain functionality.

Panoramic window at the cottage interior with brickwork finish Fancy design of the modern loft hallway with steel structure as the wall decoration Planked loft hallway Open hangers on the wall and the dark floor for modern interior Long narrow corridor with built-in storage and peculiar design of the wall

Handmade items made of wood and vine

A good idea is to buy furniture with small dimensions, but of a very original style. It can be made by hand from exotic wood, which due to its irregular shape will perfectly fit into a slightly careless attic style. Pay attention to the original hanger, which looks like a tree branch. Due to its irregular shape, this accessory will stand out on a plastered, untreated wall. In the loft style hallway you can also install a library or arrange a miniature gallery, not forgetting about the moderation.

Wooden decor and floor in the modern loft corridor

Vintage Accessories

If you are closer to a strict aesthetics in loft style, think about choosing a vintage stool. Its rough appearance immediately attracts attention, as it contrasts well with white minimalist furniture from the collection.

Couple of different types of brickwork and round mirror for loft hallway

Small hallway in loft style

An efficient, well-lit corridor can be created by the correct arrangement of fixtures. In a typical apartment, the corridor is often quite dark and narrow. Typically, these rooms increase by painting the walls in bright colors, and choosing appropriate lighting. Consider the placing of a large mirror. Depending on the chosen style of accommodation, it can be framed in a traditional, richly decorated frame, or occupy the entire surface, even the wall, referring to modernist architecture. In the corridor, there must be a place for clothes and shoes. The impression from the hallway often arises from too much furniture and small items. Shoes and clothes are good for storage in cabinets, comfortable shoe cabinets and built-in niches are also convenient. In the hallway there is often a seat, which makes it easier to put on shoes. A practical solution is a chest on which you can sit and store small accessories inside. Ideally is when the case of a chest or cabinet is not too fancy. Furniture with simple shapes works better for small rooms.

Dark colors to decorate modern hallway Red accentual spots on the entrance door of loft styled hallway Loft casuality in the white colored hallway with bluish floor

White walls increase the space and create a good background for the whole area. However, when choosing this color for the wall and floor, you must add an element of rough material, for example, a brick wall or a ceiling made of untreated wooden beams. Loft style can perfectly get along in the hallway.

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