London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Did you ever contemplate about how to combine elements of the rustic and eclectic styles with modern furnishings? How to impregnate the apartment with cherished favors and not clutter it? How to equip a home with comfort, considering fashion trends, but to incline them to your taste? See how successful it turned in the London flat resulting effort of homeowners and designer. A very eclectic interior is mesmerizing by its individuality. It attracts with warmth and comfort of modern home, equipped with great comfort and the latest technology. We begin our photo review of exclusive London apartment eclectic interior design ideas with the largest and most central room, which combines living room, dining room and kitchen features.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Broad multifunctional living room with relaxing zone

London apartment eclectic interior design ideas. Living room

Obviously, the perfect background for an eclectic interior, which is saturated with various pieces of furniture and all kinds of decorations, will be white walls and flooring of warm shades of wood. The open plan of three functional areas helps to maintain a sense of spaciousness and freedom to keep free passage. Zone of the living room is highlighted by the sofa from the one side and by TV on the other. Functional segment is located in the dining room oriel and has a very conditional zoning – only by means of a dining group. The kitchen area is located in a recessed space and fenced by the bottom row of the kitchen cabinets.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Unusual mix of styles in the large living room

Country elements in a modern interior are occupying a key place. For example, a large oval table and small stump-stools, carved out of logs, have very organic look in the snow-white dining area. The ​​country theme in the living area continues by the original decoration of a coffee table with a gap-toothed wooden top and expressly rough edges.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Rustic and eclectic desorative elements

Decor in a London apartment is paid special attention – small sculptures, works of art and photos of the owners in frames are located literally everywhere. The same applies to the textile design – bright cushions, bedspreads handmade carpets in the form of animal skins imitation.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. "traveler`s" corner with lots of decorative stuff in the living

The kitchen area is not only partially separated from the common space of the room, but it also has an individual finish. Light design of the kitchen furniture helps to create a light and fresh atmosphere, not to mention about the visual space expansion.


London apartment eclectic interior design ideas. Kitchen

U-shaped layout of the kitchen storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces is excellent for compact arrangement of the zone with no need to accommodate a dining group. The absence of top-tier kitchen cabinets allowed to create an easier way of cooking segment. It is only a hood above the stove is decorated as the locker.


Open shelve on the perimeter of the kitchen area is not only the opportunity to place a collection of family photos. It is also a surface to mount built-in lighting. Obviously the light from hanging lamp is not enough for working surfaces. The additional lighting is necessary for the normal operation of kitchen processes.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. veneered kitchen cabinet

The kitchen sink located near the window is the ultimate dream for some people. Well, some of the British citizens are so patriotic that they can do the dishes looking at the portrait of the Queen.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. U-shaped multifunctional kitchen in distinct eclectic styleLondon Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Eclectic kitchen in detail


London apartment eclectic interior design ideas. Bedrooms

Next we move on to a private room and will review the interior of one of the bedrooms. The complicated geometry of the space dictates the special finish. Not surprisingly the white surface design was chosen as the core. It is no wonder that there are a lot of accents in the room for sleep and rest. Especially considering the affection of homeowners to eclecticism, usage of DIY things, antique furnishings and utilizing multifunctional components. Bright textiles, colorful ornaments, unusual bench, original lighting fixtures – everything in the bedroom is sent to the creation of a unique and interesting image.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Bright eclectic crimson decorated bedroom with white finish

Of course, it is more logical to arrange the room with so many books using bookshelves. But a chaotic pile of stacked books themselves can serve as a highlight of the interior, acting as an art object.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Joyful youngster`s and a little bit rasta eclectic design of the bedroom

The second bedroom is decorated in more soft colors with a cool palette. But this room is not devoid of interesting interior, unique decor and original textiles either. Of course, the central element of the bedroom`s design is the bed. Soft pillow, pleasant turquoise color sets a good mood of the interior. And textile design of the bed decorated with the same tone effectively completes the image of the focal center of the room.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Alternative soothinggreenish colors of the second bedroom

Once again, the snow-white palette for the walls was the winning design for this room. A small room area needed a visual expansion. And unusual wall decor needed a perfect background.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Nice turquoise headboard of the classic double bed in the second bedroom

A light touch of turquoise-blue palette is present in the wall decor, in the design of the low bedside table and even in a carpet`s design. The attractive highlight of the bedroom`s interior became an ensemble of additional items of furniture. Carved seating and mirror frame made in the same manner look impressive, attract attention and are an ornamentation of the space design.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Low-key lighting and silver framed boudoir in the bedroom

Paper pendant lamp shades in the oriental style and unusual wall decor are rounding out the image of a small sized but interesting in terms of design bedroom.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Relaxing bedroom finishing is not devoid of the country elements

London apartment eclectic interior design ideas. Bathroom

The bathroom in the British apartment is a passage room where you can get from one of the bedrooms or from the hallway space. Everything in this non-trivial room is utilitarian, interesting and unique – from the location of the plumbing to the color palette.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Original dark decor of the eclectic bathroom

Unusual for bathrooms chocolate color of the walls can afford, perhaps, only large enough room. A pleasant natural shade has become an excellent background not only for the snow-white sanitary ware, but to the original decor as well.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. Pink decorative antlers is a zest of the bathroom design

Even in the space of a bathroom apartment owners, together with the designer, did not miss an opportunity to bring an eclectic style to the interior. The rooms are full of country stuff,  the original decorative favors and, of course, functional objects.

London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. White bathtub against the black chocolate wall looks very appetizing London Apartment Eclectic Interior Design Ideas. contrasting wall and ceiling of the eclectic bathroom diverts the attention from the stuffed sink counter

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